About Us Parapsychology

About Us Parapsychology

Our Aim

Our main aim is to better recognize Parapsychology, and to follow the developments in the world, by interacting with an objective approach, together with our values; is to present our researches and studies related to post-substance to the enthusiasts by creating our own terminology from today’s perspective.

Our Mission

Our work is done only by the willing and related friends on the online site, all site and domain costs are provided with advertising revenues. We do not have any donations or donations. No matter under what name our activities are; we continue without any association, foundation or organization. In this regard, we always advocate the individual’s independent initiative and development.

Our Support and Works

We recommend paranormal abilities that have congenital Paranormal Abilities but cannot receive education because they do not have the opportunity, by contacting educational institutions when they prove themselves. Thus, we support them to have reasonable educational opportunities. (We only report this issue by communicating, we don’t have any official link)

Articles published on the site are translated and translated versions of the articles on our website at www.parapsikoloji.net You can reach the original articles from this address.



About Us Parapsychology