How to Make Astral Travel? Astral Travel Techniques

How to Make Astral Travel?

What to do when going on an Astral trip and what are the symptoms of getting out on an Astral trip? What techniques should be used for the astral exit? Astral travel techniques and applications, how to return from the Astral trip? What should be done before Astral travel, the moment of Astral Travel and the important points to be considered?

In this article, instead of constantly repeating techniques, what I should do for those who really want to do astral travel, how to make astral travel the easiest and what are the easiest techniques for astral output, exact output for pre and post with all the details I want to transfer my own techniques.

In our previous article, we talked about the definition, content and types of astral travel, and we talked about what a real astral travel should be like, so I’m going over what part of the astral journey.

Spirit is not bound to matter boundaries

Man is not just an entity composed of matter. The soul that constitutes the original is not bound by boundaries such as matter. While the article is limited, temporary and limited, the Spirit is unlimited under the permanent and divine rules. When the sovereignty of matter on the soul is lifted during sleep, it can go beyond time and space. Because this transition is unconscious, it leaves us with sadece memories of astral exit ık about the future we remember only as we live.

When it is done consciously, it is possible to go anywhere you want, not to be limited to time and space within the limits of the soul, and to discover different realms. They are more advanced than telepathy, telekinesis and other branches. It transcends the boundaries of the article and allows you to discover the entire world. However, discoveries are limited to one’s ability to cross borders and to have spiritual contact.

I would like to touch on the details that should have been missed, but which are often skipped before moving on to the technique and practice section of how to make Astral travel. Following this information, I will give a sample application at the end of the topic and you can start your studies by examining the astral travel techniques that I applied myself.

Things to do before Astral Travel?

Must-Know and Apply for Astral Travel

How is Astral travel done? Preparatory Stage

If your mind is constantly busy and complex with everyday things, it will not be possible to avoid this complexity and go beyond the matter. A life that is constantly busy with matter and material phenomena will break the spiritual ties of the human being and shake the connection with his soul. For a moment it is necessary to capture a frequency range close to the alpha wave level with a stagnant mindset to leave the world and everything that exists within it and reach the spiritual dimension.

You can do this either by meditating, breathing exercises or by deep trans studies. Whatever you say in your name, whatever the name of the work you do, you need to go to the spiritual contact by being alone with your own self from a moment of everyday life. Once you have accomplished this, when you discover the beauties of your spiritual realm, once you enter through that door, nothing at the material level will begin to appear as too ordinary and superficial to give you taste.

Hunger and Selectivity for Astral Travel

How is Astral travel done? Weaken Substance Level

Get times when you’re hungry. Hunger facilitates contact with the soul, and the matter provides the balance between the body and the spiritual body. It’s up to you how to catch this point. You can eat less, you can fast, you can remove lunch, you can reduce the amount of food you eat. Hunger and Spirit’s Rise in Spiritual Development

Try not to consume foods that prevent you from reaching your spiritual levels. Stay away from animal foods, fruits and vegetables that do not leave during the season, frozen foods, foods that contain preservatives. Can’t you succeed if you don’t stay away? You’ll certainly, but it may take longer, or you may not be able to exceed stage 1 in the Astral exit. In spite of all this, your contact with your soul is always strong and if you are not fully integrated with the item size, your chances of success are always high. I would recommend that you read “True Medicine” by Aidin Salih on this subject.

Avoid unnecessary conversations and media that make your mind busy. If your mind is constantly engaged at the end of the day and you are busy with the provisions given to you, it will be difficult to reach your goal. Watch out for as long as you do the work.

Get Ready for Astral Output at the Level of Thought

How is Astral travel done? Being Ready at Thought Level

Prepare yourself in mind before you start your Astral travel work. If you are stable, you will surely know that you will succeed. You can prepare yourself by giving suggestions to yourself before starting the work of the Astral. Have detailed information about the subject. The preliminary phase of the journey to the Astral will make your steps more healthy and increase your belief that you can achieve it. Adapt Astral travel techniques to yourself. Try to improve yourself. Test the techniques in your mind before you start your studies. A technique, the success of the owner, but if you do not add something to the technique, it will not be easy to get results for the astral exit (You can review the techniques at the end of the topic.)

How to Be the Environment for Astral Travel

The working environment should be low-light, if not possible. Thus, melatonin secretion will begin and it will be easier to reach the trans state between sleep and wakefulness.
If you are sensitive to the sounds coming from outside, the place where you will be working should be a place where there is little sound.
Keep the ambient temperature unobtrusive.
Make sure that you do not have unannounced entries in your work environment. If you can’t be sure, try to do your work when everyone else sleeps. It will not be nice to come to yourselves by being startled in the case of trans or in the exit.

Bodily preparations for Astral Travel

Do your work on your back. This position will ensure that the energy flow is healthier.
Wear comfortable clothes that won’t bother you.
Meet all your physical needs.
Don’t be so hungry and distracted.
Be careful not to use a pillow that is too high to be parallel with your back. Do not use pillows if necessary. A pressure on your neck will distract your energy flow.
Leave light spacing Do not join your feet.
Keep your hands on the sides without touching your body.

How to Make Astral Travel in Technical Level?

How is the astral output done with the right technique? No technique gives the same results for everyone. Affective, visual and tactile tendencies affect our perceptions in different ways. The technique where someone else is successful may not have the same effect as you. It is therefore useful to find your own technique and, if possible, to adapt and develop a technique to yourself. Start practicing before you sleep at night. After these applications, you can choose the techniques that you get the best result, so that you can get the result you want.

Example: If you have a visual perception, you will have better results when you imagine yourself outside your body or watch yourself from where you lie. If you have a tactile sensation, touching yourself or touching other objects, trying to feel them, pulling on a rope and quitting your body will be effective.

Once you have completed all the preparations and feel ready, start practicing. Be sure to consume all question marks before starting the application.

Horror Disaster in Astral Travel

Fear is the biggest obstacle to the exit

How to make Astral travel by defeating fear? Most of the failures in astral travel work are related to fear. As we are used to living at the level of the matter, leaving the level of the matter and opening up to different dimensions bring about the fears arising from not knowing what will happen in man. We can worry about what we are going to experience with astral travel as fears of a dark room caused by human beings.

There are two solutions that can eliminate your fears. When you burn the light of the dark room, you can read about it by reading (by learning) that there is nothing to be scared of, or to look at yourself by burning the light of the Dark Room, meaning by living. At this point, if you don’t trust your courage and you’re shy of going over your fears, you can be sure that what you will experience at the time of exit will make you more scared. Leave your fears to time and go step by step.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous? Who Shouldn’t Do Astral Travel?

This topic is skipped most of the time about how astral travel is done; The moment of the astral exodus brings with you high excitement, an increase in heart rhythm, if you have not prepared enough. If your heart is sensitive or if you have panic attacks (and similar disturbances), you may not be able to take the excitement. If you don’t trust yourself, you should postpone your studies and prepare yourself for a long time by doing breathing exercises, auto hypnosis and trans work. A psychologist who knows astral travel may be good for you. Your advice will make your work easier.

What are the Symptoms of Astral Travel?

According to your mental, physical and mental readiness, you begin to perceive the symptoms of different astral exits from your first study. We can list these symptoms as follows,

You start to experience awareness in the dream. So you enter into the conscious dream (Lucide dream). As your level of consciousness changes, you wake up in the dream and begin to control your dreams.

Before the exit, humming, ringing sounds, convulsions and internal bright lights begin to appear. However, after long-term studies, these symptoms will be unobtrusive.

Before and during the astral exit, the feeling of losing control, feeling of losing control, fluctuation, lightening, vibrations and tingling begin to be felt.

These symptoms may vary from person to person. Symptoms can become troublesome for you if you intend to make an astral exit in a short time. Don’t rush your work to time and hurry up. The most healthy astral output is obtained after long studies.

How to Return from Astral Travel

How do you get off the Astral trip? How to wake up? Is it possible not to return from the astral journey? Have you died during Astral travel? There are many questions like this and so on. First of all, it is not a problem to return to the body after the exit to the astral trip. I don’t know how the idea of ​​not going back after an astral trip was revealed, but I think it was always focused because the subject was very conducive to scare people.

If you’ve experienced a real astral exit, just return to your body for a return. Most of those who say they have problems may have experienced a sleep paralysis event, probably because they were stuck in the cataleptic phase. If you’ve had a real exit, just go back to your body or just think of it.

All communications and approvals at the astral level are made mentally and telepathically. So you just need to think through something. If you’ve never contacted someone in your dream before, or if you’ve ever dreamed of what the other person wants to say, this is similar to communication in the astral realm.

Astral Travel Kills?

It is not possible to have a death related to this incident during the Astral travel. “Will Astral travel kill?” You don’t die for going on an astral trip. As I mentioned in a headline, there may be a problem with high excitement for those with panic attacks or heart problems. If the unconscious astral travel begins with sleep, the sleep would have been the last for all of us though the astral exit resulted in death. Moreover, astral travel studies are deliberate studies, and in situations where there is consciousness, the brain is full of stimulants equipped for the continuation of life. Remember that what makes the Astral journey different is consciousness.

What happens if the silver cord breaks?

The connection between the soul and the body, called the silver cord, breaks only with the definitive and final separation called death. It is not possible to break this bond at the time of astral travel. However, if the person’s moment of death coincides with the time of an astral trip, this is not a matter of astral travel. This bond is not a link that can be broken by any activity. As we look at the universe from the matter size right now, we may be mistaken that we are attached to the soul from our substance body, but in fact it is the bond we call the bond, the Spirit is holding on to this realm with the body, and the spiritual activities will reverse it if it is thought to be a change that does not break.

Who Can Make Astral Travel? How Old Can Be Done?

Being aware of what it is doing, it can be done by anyone with a soul without heart and panic attacks. As long as the soul exists, it is made unconsciously by every age group. In the conscious phase, those who want to do astral travel can do it from the age of learning how to use the information. There is no age limit for this. There is always enough patience for anyone who has the patience to read this article, no matter how old they are. The important thing is to be aware of what people are doing, by acting accordingly.

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Man is limited to things he cannot do unless he loses his soul. The AMA is so selfish, lazy and egoistic that it cannot abandon what it must give up to reach the limit.

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