Premonition Feeling Future Events

Premonition Feeling Future Events

How to Improve Premonition Prevention?

The prediction feature will be seen especially in places where the effect of Pisces is intense. Since this effect increases the spiritual interaction by its structure, it is open to positive or negative influences from all people. They have a structure that is suitable to take influence from the environments entered, from the people who are involved, and from all kinds of energies.

If you are not in a position to know what to do with the feelings that you cannot describe, the first thing you need to do is to be alone and to provide your spiritual integrity.

To Improve Your Hunch

Stay alone for a while

Follow the transa transition study given at the bottom

Try to focus on your feelings and the source of these feelings.

Try to create “consciousness” about your feelings. Focus on the concepts you will designate as words, names, days and months, and try to perceive the feelings without interfering through “free association” (monitoring without intervention).

Make a note of your feelings. At what times and situations, the feelings that are born to you are more accurate and try to focus on them.

Try to control your feelings with planned work.

To expand and enhance the features you have, you can review the techniques in “How is Spiritual Depth Provided?” and “Imagination category“.

Realization of the Mind and the Thinkers

Does everything come to mind? Can it be felt before an event occurs? One of the situations in which premonitions, ie those with intuition ability, often occurs iyor is that the feelings about the event will occur before an event occurs. Ine

Those with strong intuition skills are able to sense emotionally, they will be surprised, rejoice and saddened, and most of the time they feel this ağ I feel something that will happen ol, zaman I can feel it before önceden önceden, I know, I can feel. Some of them will know how the events will happen, what can happen, and how they will be affected. People in this category may also feel what their friends or contact people will say before they say something. This feeling can be reflected in the sense that if they have the ability of telepathy, the perception of the sentence passing directly through the mind, or the ability to “just say something”, is not the ability to telepath. Feelings occur not in the form of words or sentences but only in the form of spiritual sensations.

Properties of Prehistoric Premonition Capabilities

If you have some of the following features, you have the ability to hinder

Feeling that someone will be somewhere

To feel something in advance

Feeling that the phone will ring or the door will be played

To feel power cut or a tool break

Feeling the results of the event in advance

Feeling how your day will go

Feeling in advance what you tell people you see

Feeling good or bad before a good or bad event occurs

To feel an accident beforehand


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Premonition Feeling Future Events

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