Recordable Spiritual Awareness

We perceive our 3-dimensional life with our sensory organs and record it in our brain. Every repeated knowledge is learned and easily reproducible. Feelings, emotions and paranormal phenomena can only be recorded as spiritual awareness because they can be perceived in spiritual dimensions. Evaluate the different moods that you live consciously or unconsciously. Don’t waste your time to wonder and solve. Save and use it as a gateway.

Consciousness and Spiritual Awareness

One of the most important elements of the paranormal work is to be aware of the spiritual atmosphere of the moment, no matter what moment we live in our lives. Essentially, there is a consciousness in every moment, everything is constantly monitored and evaluated, but the points that will not be important to us and which are not of vital importance are constantly omitted. We hear, feel and see every moment of life both physically and spiritually, but most of them are ignored. In the flowing time of the material dimension, we proceed in such a fluid state that it is not possible to raise consciousness to hold on.

Only moments of conscious mental awareness can be created in a small part of our lives. Most of the awareness occurred is the sudden development that we do not consciously do, and we are experiencing an instant surprise. The record of these moments is about how tightly we are with material life. As our time to stay away from our soul increases, these moments disappear. A moment comes now that we no longer need to look up and look at the anaphor that we have entered into.

Spiritual Awareness and Importance

As our contact with our spirits decreases, our connection with matter increases or vice versa; As our connection with matter increases, our liaison with our soul decreases. Our spiritual awareness must always remain alive in order to improve the sensory perception. You can see the most vivid example of this in children. They live with everything they live in their souls, yet it is clear when they can have spiritual perceptions because they have not yet fully come to the material level. Life is like a clear water for them. Article – Since Mana ranges are not blurred, they live a paranormal life that they will not remember in the future.

Human life takes place between our childhood and our deaths between two childhoods. Our awareness of these two phases also determines how the last childhood phase will pass. It is either our material life that ends with a purely material or totally spiritual life. Increasing the awareness between the two phases is extremely important for the closure and development of our spiritual gates. Because these awareness is like the doors to our souls. As long as these doors remain open, we can find opportunities to open up to our spiritual dimensions.

Creating Recordable Mental Awareness

You realize the moment you live” like you have heard or read similar words somewhere. Recordable Spiritual Awareness can be used to create different areas. To make life more active, keep your consciousness alive, enjoy the moment you live, live a more peaceful and happy life .. If you are interested in parapsychology, you can use these awareness to improve your spiritual perceptions.

Spiritual Awareness is to direct your full attention to your soul at any time you live. Walking on the road, working, doing any work, sleeping, chatting while you’re at any moment in life that will not put you at risk, by cutting off all ties with your sense perceptions only to turn to your soul.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Imagine you’re alone anywhere in the universe,
Feel the energy flowing through your body,
Move away from all concerns, just focus on your soul.

An important issue at this point is that if you have a moment of spiritual relief under deep trans before, concentrate on what you feel at that moment. Imagine being a transparent image. Breathe with your whole body when you breathe. When you breathe, focus on the intense energy drawn from the universe. (You can improve this scene)

Before you do this work, breathe exercises, meditation or deep trans work with the peace of mind you capture, moments when you are integrated with your soul. To make this record, it is enough to suggest that you have recorded the moment you want to live again at any time of the day. If your learned negative thoughts are not strong enough, you begin to experience this recorded spiritual moment in the first application. This is almost the same as the mechanisms recorded under auto-hypnosis.

Recordable Spiritual Awareness Where is it available?

Happy and peaceful moments
Moments in which you are spiritually strong
Causes of energy elevations and enthusiasm for unknown reasons
Moments of spiritual intensity
High moments of trust
High moments of your spiritual perceptions
The moments of conscious dreaming
The moments you were close to the Astral exit and post-emergence moments
High telepathic perceptions,

You can use it in the save. In these moments, close your eyes and “I’m here right now, I’m living this moment and I’m aware that I’m alive. Even though you are not exactly like Auto hypnosis triggers in your first studies, remembering that moment will bring you closer to the current spiritual atmosphere. In some cases, the triggering happens so fast that you can apply any paranormal work directly without the need for techniques. (Fast transition to the conscious dream phase, as deep trans)

How each mental image and each thought has a telepathic link in the soul level, the same spiritual connection in the spirit world. The only thing to do is to activate the bond. You can use it to reinforce the imagination methods in the first stage. It is sufficient to think only in the level of learned spiritual awareness.

It is like a magnet with human thought and imaginative life. Whatever he thinks, what he conceives in his mind is drawn to him. We wish to keep our spiritual world alive at all times.

I stood and looked at the world for a moment, I thought I was going to fly.”


Recordable Spiritual Awareness

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Recordable Spiritual Awareness

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Man is limited to things he cannot do unless he loses his soul. The AMA is so selfish, lazy and egoistic that it cannot abandon what it must give up to reach the limit.

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