Before You Sleep Astral Travel

Astral travel in the transition to sleep. Astral Travel is the moment of diving out of the way. There are a lot of techniques to travel out of the body, but one of them is that if you can catch that point, the exit will be much easier. Just as soon as you mention this moment of departure, it may be more jarring when you are prepared without mentally preparing yourself. It’s about how ready you are to get out.

The moment of transition to sleep

If you remember the moment you fell asleep (diving), you know very well what you are like as you struggle to fall asleep while watching a movie. Melatonin starts to secrete, body warms up. The muscles relax and a whimpering down relieves the person down. The same happens when you go to the transa or do breathing exercises. You love this moment, and if you have stopped, you know what you are trying to catch the moment of transition.

Often it results in a deep sleep and consciousness disappears. The spirit is free, but you do not know what’s going on because the consciousness is closed. If you are studying astral astral travel, you can find yourself in the middle of the dream, but usually when you come to your consciousness you will be both physically and emotionally awakened. In some cases, if the moment of transition is split for any reason (discomfort, door stolen, telephone voice), you will try to come to yourself with tingling tingles and vibrations.

Why do consciousness disappear when you fall asleep?

In order for people to be able to live their lives in a healthy way, interrupting their connection with the outside world during sleep and subconscious must be evaluated and reprogrammed during the day. If you do not program this process consciously, everything will be maintained automatically, and that’s what should be. However, if your goal is to go out of the normal life form and go out to different sizes, you need to consciously carry out the sleep dive.

What can be done to capture the moment of transition?

You can use the suggestions you will prepare yourself for this. “I live consciously in a sleepy dive, sleeping and I do not close my consciousness, my body sleeps, but my consciousness remains open”. You can also do this yourself with breathing exercises before you fall asleep in the same way. Doing meditation, doing auto-hypnosis exercises, drowning in thought, hypnotists taking hypnotic auto hypnosis keys, all of which allow you to consciously live your sleep dive and make it easy to get out of the way. Sun’s frequencies are ready for this, but the natural process is better.

To catch this moment, try not to consciously observe that moment when you are lying. You may find yourself awakened for a long time in the morning, but you will begin to live the moment with the suggestions you give. Your consciousness will be in place when your body sleeps. You will not know whether you are in the dream or in real life, but over time the transitions will become clearer and conscious dreams will increase and you will start to live the true exits.

Astral travel in the transition to sleep

March 20, 2017 –


Man is limited to things he cannot do unless he loses his soul. The AMA is so selfish, lazy and egoistic that it cannot abandon what it must give up to reach the limit.

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