What is Aura and how is it strengthened?


What is Aura and how is it strengthened

What is Aura and how is it strengthened?

What is Aura? Just like the magnetic field that surrounds the earth, it is an energy field that surrounds all living things and is like the atmosphere that protects the beings. The stronger the Aura, the stronger the life energy and the stronger the living.

In particular, it is very important to keep the aura strong for paranormal work because any negative change or attenuation in the aura will weaken the person and make it vulnerable to metaphysical pressures, threats and attacks.

You will feel more energetic, strong and safe as the aura strengthens after the work you do to strengthen the aura. You can strengthen your aura by following the following practical methods. The techniques are simple, but the results are excellent.

Light Tower and Light Sphere Technique

Aura Strengthening Technique. How can we strengthen our aura?

1 – Breathe deeply and properly. (Continue this in practice.)

2 – Loosen your entire body.

3 – Steady, smoothly while walking. Release your arms loosely. When you’re sitting and lying, you get your spine straight. Place your feet parallel to each other. Keep your hands on the buttocks with the palms facing down. If you do not have a serious health problem, you should always stand in your practice.

4 – Bring a long, elliptical, intense bright blue light surrounding your body. This light reaches your body more or less than 25 inches. It extends over your head and up to 40 centimeters below your foot. Your spiritual aura covers a larger area than this. In addition, it is usually revived in silver, but it must be blue according to your purpose of protection.

5 – Imagine a bright white light sphere just above your head at the top of the aura after you have brought the blue space that surrounds you. (You can use it on topic image)

6 – Focus your attention on this sphere. So it becomes white and brighter like magnesium burning in the form of cores! When you do, you just need to feel your presence. This light is really there. (Those who are hesitant to believe can look at Kirlian photos)

Aura and Positive Energy Loading

7 – The dense bright blue ellipse and the white orb above your head … They are already there, but as you concentrate on them, you increase the intensity of these energies.

8 – Allow the highest positive energies to fill your mind. Let these positive energies shake your whole self.

9 – When you feel ready, see that the dazzling circle is white. This light is filled with silver sparkles. First it penetrates into your aura and then vividly towards you.

10 – Now the outer shell of your aurah will be filled with a luminous glittering white light, while the vivid and bright blue ellipse. See this vision as a living and moving reality, as long as you can continue your concentration effectively. Brightness is constantly around you and flows towards you. It is endless because it is the source of everything. He’s always in your aura. It is shimmering, hard and sharp. Be happy in the middle of this magnificent sign of olun Divine Power ”!

11 – Be aware that your aura already exists, but now you are making a special effort to strengthen it.

What is Imaginative Aura? And In Which Situations You Can Use?

Once this work is done once a day, you will begin to feel better. Remember that everything in life begins in the world called imagination. You only experience what you imagine.

You can apply this work in an accelerated way in situations of anxiety, fear and panic. Perhaps it may seem like a placebo effect to you, but the reality of the aura is proven by the Kirlian technique. You can schedule yourself the next day before bedtime and start an all-day effect. You can use the same method in telekinesis and telepathy focused energy and message transmissions.

Relation between Aura Empowerment and Imagination

aura reinforcement

Thoughts dreams, Hayeller influences the facts“. Every image we create in our mind actually determines how the energy field that surrounds us and our environment will be. Remember that emotions and energies are contagious. In an environment where everyone is panicked or everyone laughs, all emotions change. Just like this, human energy can also be affected and reprogrammed by the image-related studies associated with the aura. What is Aura? Is it an external magnetic field? Or the inner mechanisms fed by spiritual connections?

Draw a picture in your mind, what would you do in a situation where everyone started to escape? How was your aura affected at that moment? What elements have come into play for the effect to occur?

Why can’t everyone succeed?

You can do the following to try to see how effective the imagination and programming is. For many, it is a work that will force the boundaries and patience of the simple and unexceptionable person. Only 20% of those who read this text do this work and only 1% continue to work until they get results. The secret of spiritual work is here. No non-material work is not sustainable. This is actually about the more dominant of our material aspects. Curiosities will see why they cannot continue until the end.

Do the work every day before going to sleep. At the lower wavelengths both suggestions and images will be more effective.

Daily Aura Programming

1- Imagine how you would like to see yourself the next day after being deepened.

2- You don’t need to do any color work because colors indicate results. So colors are an indication that you are happy or unhappy. Just concentrate on your mood.

3- Create positive and positive images about yourself. Friendly, cheerful and full of energy.

4- Change the feelings and images about the places you feel unwell and replace them with new ones. Do a more vivid, image work that overcomes all the problems and is happier in return.

5- Imagine completing the day with great pleasure. Imagine that you are happier doing this work the next day.

6- After each work, you should always rest in a deep and restful way.

Never Do This in Imaginative Aura Programming

Do not look at images that contain negative and negative elements. Don’t revitalize yourself as ambitious, annoying, irritable, angry. Be sincere, sincere and natural.

Do not aim at what others have to say. Your inner peace should be filled with positive energies and a strong aura should be more important to you.

Effect Time in Imaginative Aura Programming

Such studies are directly effective on the aura. There will be positive changes on the aura, even if you do not realize it. Your mind, your energy, your spiritual structure will all be positively affected. The duration of action is approximately 2 weeks. When you do this work regularly, the results are often spectacular. When you wake up one day, you find yourself a different person.

What is Aura and how is it strengthened?


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April 5, 2017


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