Is Astral Travel Dangerous

Is Astral Travel Dangerous

Is Astral Travel Dangerous? Does it hurt?

Is it dangerous in recent times, especially when it comes to fashion that has become “fashionable”, “didn’t”, “can’t”, “doers”, “can’t do”? Does it hurt people? Although there are some confirmed events related to non-body travel, it is not seen as scientifically proven. Is there any harm or danger of astral travel for those who do and think? There are many theories put forward on this subject. We’ll try to address the issue medically.

People always try to prove themselves by doing what others cannot do. This effort is an effort that should be made in terms of human development, but when it comes to a subject that is not common in our normal life, it becomes imperative to be informed and take necessary measures.

It is a situation where people can go and come to different places without using their physical facilities, go to places they can never go, have extraordinary powers that are not in others, and caress the ego of others. However, every difficulty of the boundaries brings about some consequences that may adversely affect human metabolism.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous? Does it hurt?

Is Astral traveling dangerous? Actually, human damage or death is not caused by “astral travel“. In other words, direct astral travel does not harm or kill people. Because we make the same situation unconscious every time we sleep. However, in the beginning of the study without adequate research about astral travel; the desire to experience astral output as soon as possible with sudden outbreaks can cause high excitement and heart palpitations.

Research shows that high trauma, hypertension, panic attack, heart and brain disease during the astral travel of the previously unidentified and unseen visuals as a result of the high excitement and extreme fear experienced with the possibility of experiencing some trauma is always present. It is useful for those who have the aforesaid diseases to think once more before starting the astral travel studies.

Acquisition of Consciousness in Astral Travel

One of the most common problems during or during the studies is as in the case of cataleptic contractions called land pressure; Depending on the inability to control consciousness after the exit trials without adequate preparation and information; it is a problem of not being able to return to the body for a certain period of time or physical control after return to the body. In these cases, especially heart rhythm disorder and heart disease is the risk of heart attack due to excessive excitement.

What should we do to avoid damage?

Do not attempt to apply every technique you find on the Internet as if you had found a magic formula. Astral travel or other paranormal studies are not just techniques. You need to have knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields, from nutrition to being alone for a certain period of time, to become trans and to learn about wavelengths.

Learn all the details about Astral travel. Read the detailed articles on this site carefully. Do not understand the issues you do not understand.

If you have a panic attack that cannot remain calm, you must first solve these problems. Try to control yourself with Deep Trans and Breathing Exercises. Get psychological help if necessary.

In general, the idea of ​​how you should follow the road, astral travel will be useful to you in your work.

Inform Your surroundings before Astral Travel

Tell your family about your work. During the work in the trans while the opening of the door suddenly, you can cause excessive excitement at that moment because of your high precision. If possible, hang a post in the form of “Do not disturb doing work” to your door before working.

Before you start your studies, think carefully about whether astral travel is really necessary for you. You can spend your time more efficiently. If you don’t have a tendency to do so, you should remember that you will need to work for a long time to succeed. (Months or years) Spiritual Talent Locations on Birth Map

Spiritual work is not the work done to make your ego ceiling and prove yourself. This is one of the biggest reasons for failures. Explaining your achievements in your spiritual studies for your ego to be cared and showing off; your mental, spiritual and physical focal point in this direction will pull you will make you fail; it will cause more problems. Because trying to achieve a moment ago and everyone to tell everyone will make too many mistakes.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous

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April 6, 2017


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