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Formation and Transmission of Telekinesis

Formation and Transmission of Telekinesis

The source of the real power reflected in the material level is Thought and Imagination. Thought stimulates the neurotic bonds through the nervous system and the matter emerges as kinetic energy in the world. The brain activates the mechanism necessary to reflect what we think, what we imagine, and the real life.

And there comes the energy that starts from the psychic floors and leads to the matter with the neurons. As the system is repeated, it begins to become automatic. This mechanism is at the core of the sentence, “Whatever you think, you will be.” Imagine, run the spiritual mechanism and reflect it to the dimension of Matter.

Mechanism of Energy to Matter

The process that begins with the activation of the spiritual mechanism continues with the current produced by the neuron cells. The energy produced in neurons is transmitted through the eyes or hands, as if they were radio signals, condensed at a specific wavelength. Air has conductivity in this direction. It is a “captive” substance that is smaller than the atom that occupies the whole universe.

The distribution of the signals emitted by electronic devices can also be this. All activities that occur in our brain are actually emitted by signals, such as a radio transmitter. Thus, we can have a conviction about his mood in a telepathic way. Impressions are taken not only by gestures, but also through signals emitted from the brain. When these signals are intensified and channeled to a point of energy, the resulting energy is called telekinetic energy.

Telekinesis Application Study

Loosen by crossing or lying on your back. If you have intense thoughts in your mind don’t fight them, start after they are completely loosened. Or convince yourself that you are strong enough to disperse those complex thoughts. Place the object you want to influence in a suitable place.

When you have a clear idea and all the muscles in your body are relaxed, which one is your most used hand (Right or left – this is due to continuous use) – Extend your hand and wrist forward comfortably (You can rest your ankle) Close your eyes See in your mind that an energy emitting lights from your brain is coming down from your arm to your hand and accumulating in the palm of your hand, shining through a strong current.

When you do this, the current will start and you will feel the vibrations. Imagine enough energy in the palm of your hand. After a while, point your hand to the object that you are aiming to imagine that the energy in the palm of your hand strikes the object and the object is destroyed by the effect of this energy.

If you really do this with a sincere and strong enough desire and you are free of hesitation in your mind, keeping your eyes forward and holding the palm forward, the object will be destroyed when you send energy to the object. The important point here is to release energy after release. The energy will not reach the target unless it is released.

How long should telekinesis be worked?

Repeat this twice a day for 40 days. Continue with the same faith and perseverance. Don’t let negative thoughts like “I can’t, I can’t” keep you busy. Remember, what you believe and how, everything is shaped by it.

[*] The reason why many things are not immediately available is not the incompetence of people. The adaptation process of the body to such studies varies from person to person.

Telekinesis Psi Wheel Study


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Formation and Transmission of Telekinesis

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