Parapsychological Sensitivity and Living Problems

Parapsychological Sensitivity and Living Problems

We cannot determine what we tend to have when we are born. I sometimes compare this to the colorful flowers that end in the world. Billions of flowers in different colors, different scents, opening in different geographies of the world de The beauty that separates us from all other creatures is the beauty that actually makes us superior. Consciously, leaving our egos aside, to know, to discover ourselves, to use our capabilities to develop and to develop a common pot by evaluating all abilities.

We had finished our previous article with some keywords. If the words in the first group are more familiar and attractive to you, you probably have a tendency to have parapsychology related issues.

We finished our previous article with some key words. If the words in the first group are more familiar and appealing to you, then you probably have a predisposition to innate parapsychology. Paranormal Personalities and Non-Social Lives

Every Human Has Different Features

It is really nice that every person has a parapsychological tendency in a different area; every human being completes a lack of features. Just like small pieces of a big market. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems on the development of human being is the problems related to the abilities that come from the world with more or less parapsychological skills, but which arise due to the lack of proper education to be able to use these skills.

Every single thing that a person possesses together can be faced with some problems that must be overcome. The issues we have mentioned as a problem may be related to the fact that parapsychological sensitivities are not present in the family or in the education system.

Parapsychological Sensitivity and Problems – Some Probable Problems

The sixth sense is that people who are innately strong cannot live superficially because their perception levels are high and they do not know how to deal with it and how to control it. They may have to pay more attention to each step than they normally do.

People with telepathic abilities may have to move away from people because they perceive their thoughts to a certain extent.

The lives of those who see the sub-material existence due to the high sensitivity they have, can return to a nightmare and experience a process that can lead to the diagnosis of Paranoia.

Those who have an involuntary effect on objects may have the power known as the evil eye and may have the power to damage the objects and creatures in their environment. Because they don’t know how to control them, they can be recognized as a person with harmful effects that should be avoided in their environment.

High Spirit Sensitivity

Precognition, in other words, those who will see the future events, can have a particularly uneasy life and can be called “disaster-giving people” in their environment.

Those who remember their dreams clearly, involuntary astral travel (out-of-body travel) who feel themselves lost in life, lost their sense of reality.

What is frightening is the fact that the uninformed effects and the internal mechanisms that are unaware of the properties that are possessed by activating them as defensive psychology, and by a continuous psychology of psychology, the person starts to see himself as different and abnormal from other people. In this process, the idea of ​​being away from him and being like other people around him is the real breaking point of the human being. It is a serious research subject which should be done by triggering the psychological disorders which are defined in this process and effects.

What can be done about parapsychological sensitivities and problems?

As we mentioned briefly in the previous article, first of all it is very important to have knowledge, to investigate and to behave consciously. As soon as you become aware of the capabilities you have, try to make as much research as possible.

If you have reached a stage where you cannot overcome it, ask for help from psychologists who can link at least to parapsychology and psychology, who have knowledge about parapsychology. Never be shy about this. Go to the doctor doctor until you find someone to understand you. Keep in mind that professional assistance will help you get the job done. If your financial means are in good condition, a parapsychologist will be more helpful.

If you cannot find someone who can help you effectively, try to discover and get to know yourself. Strive to reveal the causes and consequences of the features you have with internal analysis. Learning the internal mechanisms and trying to solve them can reveal the existence of cause and effect relationships.

Try to understand what the features you have.

Knowledge is the greatest power!

Investigate and try to learn. You can find many sources on the internet. If you have the skills that you have in an uncontrolled way, focus on what you need to do to control.

One of the important stages of getting to know yourself is your journey to your inner world. Try to learn how to get into your inner world and deepen it. Try to improve your control mechanisms at alpha and theta levels through breathing exercises and deep trance transition studies.

Many people around you, including your family, may be far from understanding you. Take care not to enter into expressions that may leave you in a difficult situation. Life will not provide you with special facilities such as film frames. If your family listens to you and their approach is solution-oriented, it will be healthier to talk to them first.

Don’t forget to value yourself. Each person is special and carries a separate ore inside. Personalized training may be required to reveal these ores. If there is no such opportunity, the person should do it himself. Don’t forget to know yourself to discover, discover and learn more in order to feel how valuable and special you are.


Parapsychological Sensitivity and Living Problems

Parapsychology Education

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