Parapsychology Astrology Relationship and Paranormal Capabilities

Parapsychology Astrology Relationship and Paranormal Capabilities

Although parapsychology and astrology are seen as two separate areas, the presence of human beings in the center of these two fields brings together Parapsychology and astrology in common. While parapsychology is concerned with human spiritual abilities, the mechanisms and effects of these abilities; Astrology deals with the cosmic effects of human exposure and the consequences of these effects. We can examine the causes of astrology and the results and factors with parapsychology.

Astrology provides us with important information about a person’s personality, their characteristics, what he likes or dislikes, how he will live to a certain extent, his attitudes and attitudes, his tastes and his perspective on life. However, the information we will obtain with the help of astrology is not limited to these. Using astrological data, we can also obtain important information about one’s paranormal tendencies.

I would like to present our work in two articles. In this first article, brief explanations about the topic, and the other article will be presented by specifying paranormal capability points, Horoscope, Planet and Home locations. As the studies on this subject are very insufficient, I hope that it will be very useful for friends who have studies in the field of parapsychology, who are interested in this field and who want to improve themselves.

I would like to express my sincere and sincere thanks to my friends who have devoted their time to this subject in certain periods over a period of more than one year. (Especially my devoted friend who divides the summer holiday into this issue)

The Use of Astrological Data and the Importance of Birth Map

Findings related to astrology and parapsychology can be used to combine missing parts in difficult to explain subjects because they are not supported by known scientific data. When it comes to human and spiritual characteristics, it is difficult to obtain scientific data. Because soul and related issues are topics that cannot be addressed scientifically.

Why are some people not at all seen in some people while paranormal abilities are intense?
Why are spiritual sensitivities more intense in people born in certain months?
Why are those who are influenced by certain astrological positions more interested in paranormal phenomena?

You cannot clearly explain the answers to these and similar questions, no matter which method of science you use. Because the results are not fixed, vary from person to person. Differences in time and space affect the results; sensory organs, experiments and observations do not give fixed results. There are many factors that change the result.

Astrological data helps us to get results on issues that science cannot identify. What paranormal abilities can be seen more intensely in people born on the date, by examining the astrological data can be revealed.

Evaluation of Astrological Data

Due to the large number of variables, all data does not reach 100% accuracy, but the overall parts can be used to obtain accurate parts. In the data we obtained after a long study, we found that people in certain astrological positions were more psychologically sensitive, and because of these sensitivities, paranormal abilities were higher in these people than in others. We can examine the paranormal tendency under two main headings,

1- Congenital Paranormal Abilities (Mental Sensitivity Intensive)

2- Paranormal Subjects (Those who Develop or Improve Capabilities)

We can also deal with the three factors under the influence of the emergence of paranormal abilities,

1- Birth Information of Person (Date, Time and Place)

2– Effects of a Person’s Birth at Birth (Home and Planet Positions)

3- Family, Environment and Education

They have a more intense impact on the horoscopes and attractions they will be covered in detail on the next subject.

These substances can be increased or decreased, but we can say on a par with ordinary lines which paranormal abilities can occur or which paranormal abilities they have, and what level of interest they may be interested in looking at the date of birth, time and birth.

Why are the results of this information important?

Unless skills are evaluated, it makes it difficult for a healthy and productive life. The lives of people who have a high degree of spiritual sensitivity in a substance-based life are like the great and unintelligible loneliness in the crowds. As the reasons are not known, it is tried to maintain accepted lives by loading symbolic meanings to all results.

IQ tests in a system based on mathematical data The majority of these people who remain in the background because they cannot measure spiritual data, are left alone with a meaningless life. As the system is based on sensory organs and senses, these people with high mental sensitivity face the necessity of adapting themselves to the system because they cannot reveal the potential within them.

When the visions of people with intense psychic sensitivities are considered to be broader and more unusual, they can offer alternatives with different perspectives from cinema to writing and from art to technology to production and medicine. The perspective of the spiritual plan is as narrow and limited as the material plan;

The secret and mysterious school allegedly founded by Elon Musk is just the way we think of the systems we have discussed and the systems developed for the evaluation of people with high interstitial expansions.

How consistent is the astrological data?

Although astrological data provide important clues in determining paranormal abilities, it is not completely reliable. The large number of variables can greatly change the results. It can be carried to the next generations with spiritual characteristics and spiritual effects, such as the transportation of bodily features to the next generations through the gene.

Diseases, severe traumas, environmental factors, the quality of education, family education, methods used in the calculations and other factors that can be added influence the results. While the data to be obtained are not definite and clear, they help to reveal the general lines.

Capabilities are like an electronic instrument with all circuits prepared. Discovering, charging and operating the battery belongs to the person who carries that circuit. Doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Astrology, Origin and Religious Dimension

In the Western world known as Hermes, the name is actually Idris Prophet given him astrology. The origin of the Hermes teachings is also the information that the Prophet Idris conveyed to the people. It is difficult to understand that astrology, which is a prophet, has become widespread and is perceived as “fortunetelling“. Astrology is an important science that enables us to understand the reasons for the recognition of human beings and the consequences that may occur.

It allows us to find aspects of the questions that go beyond the matter such as “Why am I like this“, “Why I can’t always change“, “Why I can’t change“, “Why I can’t change today“, “Why can’t I do what I want“, “Why can’t I be happy“?



Parapsychology Astrology Relationship and Paranormal Capabilities

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