Psychic Ability Locations on Birth Map


Psychic Ability Locations on Birth Map

Psychic Ability Locations on Birth Map

The birth chart, or horoscope, is like a map that reveals the general characteristics of our horoscope. We can see our character, what kind of structure we have and the effects we take by looking at this map. The birth maps show us which signage we have, along with the planets and house locations. We can see what paranormal abilities we have in addition to our personal characteristics and the effects we have on the birth maps revealed by different computational techniques. In this respect, we can also call the birth maps as “psychic birth maps” or “spiritual birth charts“.

I would like to state that you are in great error if you consider astrology to be fal. If you have doubts about this issue, first of all, I suggest you read the article “Parapsychology Astrology Relationship and Paranormal Capabilities” on which the importance of astrology and birth chart is emphasized.

Telepathy Ability on Birth Map

Premonition Strong Intuition Ability Locations on Birth Chart

General Elements in Horoscope

Although not directly indicated on birth maps, the horoscopes are handled in different categories according to their characteristics. The zodiac signs are composed of 12 signs and are divided into four main groups: Fire, Air, Water and Soil. They are also expressed as Structured, Fixed, Variable and Leading.

Which group belongs to Which Zodiac?

They are located in the following groups.

Fire Group Signs: Aries – Lion and Sagittarius Marks (Intuitive, Sudden Movement)
Air Group Signs: Gemini – Libra and Aquarius Signs (Intellectual, Physical, Superficial)
Water Group Signs: Crab – Scorpio and Pisces Horoscopes (Emotional, Spiritual)
Earth Group Signs: Taurus – Virgo and Capricorn. (Sensory, Tactile)

How is the density of the elements in the birth chart?

To find out which of the Fire, Air, Water and Earth elements are in you more intense, you can check the signs in the houses on your birth chart and see which element is more intense than the distribution given above. The intensity of the water group (Scorpio, Crab and Pisces) has a great influence on spiritual abilities.

natal wheel

Fixed Signs: Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius Signs (Fixed, Traditional)
Variable Bushes: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Change, Harmony)
Leading Zodiac Signs: Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer (Leader, Leader)

natal aspect grid

Apart from these, there are 12 house locations and planets as factors on the map. Although the main factor is the sun sign, the rising and the excess of other variables together with the moon signs can cause people in the same sign to have different characteristics. Each home location has an effect in a different area. In other words, the fact that a human being is a ram does not mean that he will have a ram sign in every field. Each house has different aspects that affect people.

Home Locations and Domains on the Birth Map

1. Home: Personality and Character (Aries – Planet Mars)
2. Home: Money and Values ​​(Taurus – Planet Venus)
3. Home: Social Life and Education (Gemini – Planet Mercury)
4. Home: Family and Society (Crab – Moon)
5. House: Love and Luck (Lion – Sun)
6. Home: Daily Life and Health (Virgo – Planet Mercury)
7. Home: Marriage and Partnership (Libra – Planet Venus)
8. House: Sexuality, Death and Beyond Matter (Scorpio – Planets Pluto and Mars)
9. House: Religion, Higher Education and Journeys
10. Home: Discipline, Career and Occupation (Capricorn – Saturn Planet)
11. Home: Technology, Mind and Friendship (Aquarius – Planets Uranus and Saturn)
12. Home: Dreams, Inner World and Spiritual Activities (Fish – Planets Neptune and Jupiter)

Planet Zodiac Home Locations

All of these features are shown by taking into consideration the time, latitude and longitude degrees as can be seen in the sample pictures I added. Although the accuracy rate in calculations is higher in the personal calculations, it provides us with sufficient data from the programs in general.

Spiritual Talent Locations on Birth Map

In our study, we discussed the intensity of spiritual sensitivities in two main headings. Bushes and Planet Locations.

Bushes with Spiritual Sensitivity

In terms of parapsychology interest and the intensity of paranormal abilities, Scorpio, Horoscope and Pisces, which are the Water Group Signs, have a more intense activity than other signs due to both their emotional and spiritual depths. This density is not a privilege. Each horoscope group has a different place and importance in life and each one completes a shortage in life.

Pisces: Because of the greater sensitivity and internality of people who are under the influence of Pisces or have a Pisces sign in certain household locations, the rate of emergence of paranormal abilities is higher. However, if they cannot control these depths, they are likely to experience mental problems.

Cancer: Pisces is closer to the level of the substance than the level of the problem and they are less likely to experience problems, but according to the effects of the sign of Pisces in the sign of this horoscope is also seen in those who.

Scorpio: It is like a combination of Pisces and Cancer. It is the bridge between Matter and Spirit level. It has bi-directional control between substance and substance. It can be defined as the reflection of the depth of the fish and crab in the material size.

Planets and Locations Affecting Spiritual Abilities

Especially Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune Planets and 8th and 12th houses are the places where paranormal activities increase. The proportions and weights of these positions on the map show a great deal of paranormal abilities in a human being, which may or may be improved.

The angles and the effects of the planets’ positions can facilitate the emergence of abilities in some people and the difficulties of later acquisitions. This situation can be compared to the obstacles placed in front of the light. For those in this situation, a disciplined and intensive effort may be required to identify or control the capabilities. The bush effects are like magnet effects that attract and attract each other. These effects must be overcome in order for a talent to be revealed or developed, which requires long-lasting effort and patience.

Paranormal Talents Home, Planet and Horoscope Locations

Moon and Spiritual Talent Locations

Month 12. At home and Cancer: Strong intuition, Intense spiritual experiences, People’s inner world to see and Psychic Features
Month 12. At Home and Pisces: Psychic Characteristics, Strong spiritual perception and intuition can understand what people need spiritually. If the hard angles and intensity are not controlled, mental problems can be seen.

Month 1 and 2 At Home: Strong Hunches
Month 3. At home: Strong and effective intuition, Imagination, intense depth and trans state. Effective dreams. Premonition, precognition and spiritual receptors. Clarification of telepathic effects.
Month 7. At home: strong hunches and psychic effects.
Month 8. At home: Telepathic ability, spiritual depth and sensitivity, intense interest beyond substance and unknown, Ability to analyze psychologically.
Month 9. Home: Psychic characteristics, strong spiritual intuition and premonition effect, clear dreams and strong sense of feeling.
Month 11. At home: Strong intuition.
Month 12. At home: Strong hunches and intense mental sensitivities.

Moon in Cancer: Premonition property, Spiritual sensitivities, Conscious dream phases can be seen. Imagenation capabilities have improved.
Moon in Scorpio: Spiritual depth, Spiritual abilities and Premonition properties.
Moon Pisces: Psychic feature, Beyond matter and interest in spiritual issues, Spiritual receiver sensitivity.
Moon Aquarius: Interest in supernatural issues and beyond substance.

Chiron, Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Spiritual Talent Locations

Chiron Psychic Ability Locations

Chiron in Pisces: The ability to manipulate the energies of others by regulating their energies. Ability to treat with bioenergy.
Chiron 12. At Home: The psychic feature. Preincubation, the future events in the dream to see a great extent. Sensory perception and interest beyond the matter.

Mars Psychic Ability Locations

Mars in Pisces: Strong spiritual perception and intuitions. Premonition effect. Strong image effect. Mystical abilities.
Mars in Scorpio: Exceeding the wall of fear in trans-legal issues. High internal energies. He can control his energy by directing his emotions. It can express energy with its eyes. Gives telepathic effects. You can reflect your feelings with telepathy to the opposite side.

Saturn in Scorpio: Spiritual density. Psychic abilities and mystical depths. They have intense interest in unknown subjects.

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