Telepathic Transfer over Different Objects

Telepathic Transfer over Different Objects

Telepathic Transfer over Different Objects

Parapsychology treats the spiritual aspect of communication with telepathy. Telepathic communication has very different norms and this area is wider than it is thought. The thought can be voiced, directly transmitted, or reflected in objects in a free and targeted manner. Much of our life passes through unknown spiritual changes. Most of these changes are caused by telepathic effects transmitted through the objects we use and touch.

Negative Telepathic Transfer

As you continue your day in a very cheerful way, you have experienced a change that you cannot know why. You have had difficulty in giving this change meaning. What was the reason for your negative change? But everything was as it should be. You’ve never had a negativity. You didn’t argue with anyone. What was the cause of this negative current that was filled in all of a sudden while distributing positive energy around you?

You didn’t notice it, but your colleague had just opened the door and the storms were breaking, and when he held the door handle completely, he said angrily, very harshly. After a while, you walked in holding the door of that door and that unintended negative energy transmitted to the door handle was reflected in you.

Positive Telepathic Transfer

Can positive or negative energies be transferred to another?

You didn’t understand what was going on, you couldn’t figure it out, and you had to keep the day more tense under the influence of the negative energy that someone else has transferred to you. When you get on the bus to meet your friend, you have felt an indescribable happiness. You can’t fit in you. The negative energy that just overturned your spiritual structure was replaced by positive energies.

You didn’t notice it again, but the young man just got off the bus and was very happy with the message on his phone. He was sitting where you sat when you lived that moment.
While you were going to the café where you were going to meet your friend on the road, your friend was dreaming of the years he wanted to spend with you. When you came together you had a very nice time and you were very happy with the gift for you. When you were opening your evening gift, you started to think that your friend might fall in love with you and want to marry you.

Yes, he was really dreaming about how much he loved you while he was preparing your gift and dreaming about you getting married.

These examples are constantly occurring in different ways in every moment of our lives. The spiritual changes that we do not know why during the day are constantly repeated depending on how open we are to our spiritual structure and external influences.

You heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s scientific work on ice crystals. Water was crystallized in different ways according to the words said when frozen. We are living this and similar situations with telepathic transmissions on a spiritual scale.

Telepathic Transfer of Thought from Objects

This transmission is experienced in two ways. The first is conscious transmission. We have emphasized that thought can be transferred consciously on issues related to telepathy before, every thought added to it can be targeted and serve a certain purpose. Secondly, as I have mentioned in the above examples, they are mostly unconsciously made transfers.

Telepathic Conscious Transmission of Thought

If thought is created only by a specific person; such as anger, love; it will only be effective in that person. In this case, thoughts are related to a certain name or image. Messages to be translated; the face of the intended human being and the spiritual moments of the human being. Since the effect will be related only to that person, there will not be a sense of meaning.

When the thoughts are conveyed to the target, the messages conveyed along with the spiritual moments, face and name that you lived with before will be felt at the spiritual level. This transference is also related to the emotional bond and the donor activity between two people.

How Can We Transfer Our Thoughts Through Objects?

Thoughts have higher effects in terms of intimacy and intensity. You may have difficulty expressing your feelings in words, in which case you can transfer your thoughts in different ways. Before you give him the gift that you value and give to a person you love,

Close your eyes with your hand,
Try to live intimately with all your sincere feelings about him,
Imagine your feelings and thoughts accumulated on the gift you received.
Tell him about your feelings and thoughts in a light whisper.

Telepathic communication does not need to be voiced, but it is effective in consolidating and intensifying emotions. Since voicing the thoughts creates a certain consciousness frequency, it will increase the efficiency and intensity of the message to be transmitted.


In advanced levels, telepathic transmissions may occur in the form of pre-cognitive images. In people with telepathic sensitivity, this situation can be experienced with clairvoyance. These transfers can be caused by touching the objects used by others, when entering a house where others have lived before, or when others are using them. In the emergence of such situations should not necessarily be a consciousness. Positive and negative spiritual densities can be reflected on objects such as words reflected in water crystals.

Conscious awareness, the words that dissolve the negative energy while touching and receiving, and the conscious actions and conscious actions will prevent us from facing unexpected situations.

Doctor Masaru Emoto and Water Crystals

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