What is the Third Eye? Third Eye Chakra

What is the Third Eye? Third Eye Chakra

What is the Third Eye? Third Eye Chakra

The third eye is like a gateway between the trans-human world of man and the world. In one aspect, it is the center of spiritual perception that can connect the human to the world and in one aspect, it will enable the human to perceive the unknown and the unpredictable aspects of the matter beyond the matter. The third eye is the high perception center, which is called the am ajna chakra 3th eye, which allows us to see and perceive what is as it is. It is the point where the balance between the soul and the world is established at the perceptual level.

What is the Third Eye with Physical Equity?

What is the third eye in physical response? The third eye is located in the middle of the forehead near the level of the pineal gland in our brain. The spiritual position can be found in the upper or lower area of ​​the forehead according to the activity of the third eye. It takes the hormonal support from the pineal gland and pituitary glands. The pineal gland secretes dmt and melatonin and the pituitary supports the activity with the serotonin hormone.

DMT and Melatonin sleep and spiritual aspect; Serotonin represents the psychological aspects, the functioning of the nervous system, and the aspect of the human being facing the world. The deterioration in the secretion of hormones negatively affects both the spiritual perception and the aspects reflected in the world.

What Is The Third Eye – Third Eye Activity

The activity of the third eye greatly influences both our world life and our spiritual life. We can handle the activity of the third eye in two ways.

World Life and Material Perception

What is the third eye in the perceptual sense? The third eye has an important place in the harmony between man and earth. Third eye activity; It represents the spiritual acquisitions of man, how he views the world, his relations with people, his level of consciousness, his evaluations and evaluations of events, acceptance of world life and inner peace. The level of perception and form is related to how active the 6th energy zone, called the third eye, is active.

People with a high eye activity in the third eye have poor attachment to material life; Who likes to help others, to make others happy; are people who connect to giving more than satisfaction. One of the most important characteristics of people with high activity is the Heart Chakra, also called the 4th Chakra, and the 6th Chakras (the third eye). They handle life, people, and events in different dimensions and exhibit objective observation. The inner peace is the real living people.

Those with lower eye activity have higher ambition for life. Happiness is based on giving resources and not getting and getting. They are closer to the substance level. The expectations are based on ”I”. Because the saturation points are the substance level, they need more material saturation. They evaluate the events one way and pass them through the ”I” filter.

People with variable activity can be observed in both cases. The balance between the two could not be fully established. Behavioral disorders, mismatches, anxiety, pain, depression and similar problems can be observed in low activity. The ideal activity is the equilibrium in both directions.

Perceptions of Spiritual Life and Matter

What is the third eye beyond the substance? Since the third eye activity (Melatonin DMT and Seratonin balance) is high, the perceptual aspects of human beings are not limited to sensory organs because of their spiritual depth. The perception of the item size; If we think of it as a contaminated window, the vision is possible within the limits permitted by light and matter, the view is limited only to the surface of the window. However, the eyes of those with high eye activity are like a cleaned window. They can see both the surface and the back of the window.

Since material boundaries are eliminated in perceptions, they can perceive life in a two-dimensional way and interpret them in a multidimensional way. To better understand the subject, we can give the following example. Those with a low eye activity in the third eye travel in a non-glass vehicle, their opinions and perceptions are limited to the interior of the vehicle only. The third eye activity is high, and they travel in a glass vehicle. Their perceptions are also visible to the outside of the vehicle.

Commonly used in the wrong expression (people who are open to the third eye) For those who have the third eye open, there are no material limits in perception. They can perceive both the substance and the substance level in all aspects. We can compare the situation of those who cannot lift the perceptions that arise with unconscious activity increase, and the situation of those who make a hole in the vehicle without glass.

ajna chakra 6. Chakra and other chakras

Situations that arise with the increase of the third eye activity

Spiritual Capabilities Point

Telepathy, clairvoyance, premonition, pre-cognition and other features may increase in patients with increased activity. At the level of matter, senses can be perceived by sensory organs such as odors, sounds, temperatures, flavors and other elements. Transient assets can be seen in different ways, telepathic communication can be established. Dreams can be viewed with normal consciousness.

In Particle Size Point

People can be seen in spiritual aspects. The intuitive size of the emergence of such expressions as ler read the interior of people, see their inner faces “; It is the visual aspect that people are seen in different ways with the spiritual aspects.

As material boundaries have disappeared, people and other and trans-material beings can be perceived at the energy level and at different frequencies. There may be a real mess of reality. Such situations that arise after raising unconscious activity can cause big problems.

Involuntary and Natural Development in Third Eye Activities

The third eye activity is a process. Increasing the activity in a short time leads to negative consequences. The aim is to integrate with leri I boyut, to take the lead with ambition, and to bring about the third aspect of the point of view which is facing the item size and with the deliberative processes. This is similar to the operation of a 12 volt power tool with 250 volts.

The third eye activity should be considered as a process or a part of a holistic development that must emerge at the end of spiritual development. Increasing the balance of a single energy field in a short time will disrupt the balance of life with other energy fields, thus destroying the balance of life.

Increasing the activity should be considered in terms of intellectual and spiritual aspects. An external food supplement should not be used to increase the mental depth and to improve the third eye (3. eye) activity. The use of Peganum Harmala can be considered as a catalyst in non-vaccinated points, but the development will be directed towards similar purchases and the acceleration of development without any infrastructure will end with negative consequences.

Third Eye and the Heart of War

The third eye in Sufism represents the self. Negative progress occurs if the activity is related to ambition, self and wishes. The suppression of nephro, that is, of material demands, interrupts the 4th Chakra of the human, in other words, the exchange of the heart with the mana. If a person with a heart activity before the third eye gives weight to the aspect of material size will realize that a struggle between the two emerged.

For normal living; it must be in a conscious and accepted harmony. When progress does not occur with a positive balance between the two, one can start to dominate all the energy fields by giving a negative advantage to the other. Heart can overturn the whole life balance with emotional excesses, Exquisite material demands. It is ideal to incorporate two centers into a harmonious development in the process of spiritual development, far from the dır I in struggle.

Hormonal Equilibrium and Third Eye Activity

The functioning of energy centers is also related to hormones in our physical body. Hormonal balance The health work of energy channels; The healthy functioning of energy channels also supports hormonal balance. Since the subject is also related to hormones, healthy nutrition is of great importance.

Nutritional habits that do not adversely affect hormone activity support spiritual development. Basic basis; is the natural way to get what is needed. All foods that have been modified, modified, doped, and imitated the natural, disrupt the hormone balance and the functioning of the energy centers. Foods related to third eye activity are naturally produced foods. Foods that are not difficult to digest, especially fresh vegetables and fruits produced during the season can be preferred.

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What is the Third Eye? Third Eye Chakra

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