How to Open a Third Eye? How is the Activity Increased?

How to Open a Third Eye? How is the Activity Increased?

How to Open a Third Eye? How is the Activity Increased?

How does the third eye open? 3. How to increase eye Activity? How can the vision of the soul be eliminated by eliminating material obstacles? There are many methods of this. Herbal mixtures, chemical contents, dhikr and the safest way systematic and programmed spiritual development work. Although it is very attractive for people to see everything by exceeding the obstacles, it will be necessary to take a step back after a while. We live in the dimension of matter and the existence of the middle way needs to be followed in a balanced process.

How to Open a Third Eye – Methods

The third eye opening statement is an incorrect expression. The third eye (3rd eye) is located in the area and is not closed, only the activities are different. Currently, the third eye is active in the activity of the person or the activity can be increased with the studies performed. 3. eye opening, rather than the expression of the third eye activity is more appropriate to the subject and I want to use the term.

A wide variety of methods are used to increase the activity of the third eye (eye 3). In general, the aim of the studies is to reduce the distance between the soul and the matter, in short, to return to the level in the childhood phase or to move to a more advanced level. In order to increase the activity in the normal process, a certain spiritual development process is followed. Meditation, spiritual deepening studies, prayer studies and mixed practices are mentioned in this class. Let us consider the subject under different headings in order to examine the subject more easily.

Voluntary Activity Increases

It is your wishes and conscious choices that have brought you here, which lead you to read these lines. Methods and methods are determined with the requests formed in this subject. How does the voluntary and conscious third eye open? How does the activity increase?

We can discuss voluntary activity increments under two main headings.

1- Short-term Activity Increases:

Today’s people want to get everything right now with the present-day human structure wants to decide whether to continue before everything and then continue. Opportunities and access to information make this a priority as it allows for short-term activities. Wondering and satisfying requests are prioritized.

Different substances, herbal methods, herbal and chemical compounds whose names I do not want to mention here are evaluated under this heading. The obtained results increase the third eye (3rd eye) activity for a certain period according to the method applied. Most of these practices, which are carried out without a specific step in the spirit, result in negative consequences and a return is required. However, all of the returns do not take place as it is thought and problems may occur for a long time.

2- Long-term Activity Increases:

In the monasteries built in high places, which we often see in films, it is in this category to live in a way that has isolated itself from the outside world or to provide spiritual development through the long-term periods of Sufism. The basic objective is to overcome the material demands and to develop a spiritual perspective. The subject is taken from the base and the main target is not increasing the third eye activity.

The third eye activity arises as a natural process because it is intended for spiritual development and is only as it should be. Activity follows a balanced course with spiritual development. So nothing unusual happens. Since the person is constantly working to achieve his true goal within and after the process, he is not attached to such activities. He knows that when he hangs his real purpose. It is very abject and unnecessary to deal only with the third eye activity in a target such as reaching the higher levels of the soul.

In addition, continuous meditation, deep trans study; no matter what religion, a natural activity increase occurs in those who sincerely worship. The person may not be aware of this, as the activation increase occurs with a natural development and the resistance points step by step over a long period of time. The angle of view changes; its approach to events, people and life changes. What they experience, what they see is actually specific to itself, but it may not be aware of it.

As I mentioned in the previous article, the important point in increasing the third eye activity is involuntary and not insisting on the activation of the third eye. When the subject is made part of spiritual development; selfish approaches will make a positive contribution to our lives when done without power and ambition.

Involuntary Activity Increases

Some of the long-term activity increases mentioned in the previous topic can be listed under this heading. How to open an involuntary third eye? The third eye activity occurs as a natural consequence of development. No active substance is used. Because the change occurs with hormonal and spiritual development, both people and life perspective develops in a positive way.

Apart from these, severe traumas, the events that deeply affect the mental structure, long-term hunger and troubles, transient interventions, telepathic interventions and some special studies may affect the third eye (3rd eye) activity. All activity increases do not arise with our will. Momentary fears, spiritual distress in the intensity of the human being, which distracts the human from the dimension of matter, and even the uncertainties, worries and love pains can raise people spiritually. All spiritual energy points can become active at a time.

How to Open a Third Eye How can the third eye activity be improved?

How is the third eye opened with the method to be determined? Briefly, what can be done in terms of substances.

Method Determination

How does the third eye (eye 3) open? The importance of method determination

As short-term activity increments will result in negative results, let’s take a look at what methods can be used as part of long-term increases.

Every person is private, you should be special in the way you choose. Your beliefs, your life, your perspective, your knowledge and your spiritual structure can determine the methods you choose. Every man will find his own truth in his own spirit world.

Meditation, Deep Trans Studies and the like

Regardless of their names, meditation and similar practices, which are used as an effective method in spiritual deepening, are among the methods that can be used in the journey of man beyond the matter. The technical part of the meditation that needs to be considered is that you can tailor the parts that are not suitable for your belief. You don’t have to do all the techniques with all the details. You can organize your techniques according to your thinking and belief structure; You can make special arrangements for you to integrate with your spirit world. You can develop meditation as a breathing exercise. When you work regularly, you will see your change and development.

Transa transition studies can also be performed by combining with breathing exercises. Trans studies that allow us to move away from the matter level and go down to alpha and theta levels can also be used in spiritual development and third eye activities.

In both studies, in addition to the general development, the third eye point, the third eye chakra called ajna, is also known as the 6th chakra (the energy field), which will trigger your development in this direction.

General Considerations

Repetitive words in the studies to be carried out as a whole are repeated by taking care of the third eye point and the vibrations of the repeated words are directed to that point.

Breathing is taken from the third eye point (Spiritual)

Consciousness is added to the actions taken. It’s not done in a way that doesn’t know by heart and what he’s doing. Breath shopping, deep thoughts, contemplation, transa transition and all other work are done by being aware of what they are doing.

Studies should not be hampered; they should not be confined to a certain time; they should be seen as a part of our life in a way that covers all life.

Difficult issues should be welcomed and patiently overcome, not with anger.

Ayahuasca and similar mixtures should not be used as it will disrupt the overallity of progress. peganum harmala seed and similar plants should not be made part of the continuity of development. DMT will naturally increase as needed.

Beliefs in development can only change the methods, but for man, development is unique to him / herself with universal qualities. In this regard, religious, intellectual differences should not be entered. As far as possible, development should be approached with a scientific approach and the mechanisms of development should be observed through a natural process.

Nutrition should be considered as little as possible and should sleep less. Non-natural foods should not be preferred. Issues to keep the mind busy should be avoided.

Accurate Evaluation of Differences in Development

Some people’s psychic structures are available for rapid development or they are ready for development in this direction with the effects they receive from birth. It is not a matter of making these methods and techniques better. Mez Better, more resourceful, better done, better worked iyi; they move faster because they are more suitable for development. Some people make slower progress, which is not about making things worse. It is related to the fact that there are more spiritual resistance points that need to be passed in order to have openness and development.

The development area of ​​each person is different and should be considered from this point of view. A person whose spiritual development is fast may not be successful at the material level. A good writer may not be a good seller; A good painter may not be a good musician. However, if they work longer, they can travel a certain distance. The issue of spiritual development should also be addressed in this direction, and everyone should not expect the same level of development, and should not enter into expectations that might adversely affect development in this direction.

A Short Technique for the Third Eye Activity

“3rd Eye Exercise” Study

There are a large number of exercises for opening the third eye, but since the majority are different variants of the following technique, the following work would be sufficient for opening the third eye in the first place.

Technique for the opening of the third eye (first stage opening)

Enter Deep Transa (How to Transa)

Give your full attention to the third eye area when the Alpha Teta is wavelength.

Breathe in that area, direct the vibrations of the words you set into that area.

When vibrations in the third eye area intensify, release yourself and watch for developments. Don’t be intrusive.

After a while, directing your attention to that point will be sufficient to start the activity.

How to Use the Third Eye

If you do not have a purpose, you will probably not be able to use your third eye in a controlled way. However, after deliberately prolonged work, you can only trigger triggering with imagination and thought control. Generally, if the activity of the third eye is increased in a healthy way, a thought-based expansion occurs, but in order for it to be used as a spiritual capability, it is sufficient to initially perform trans-image imaging for psychological triggering.

Initially, I want to give you an easy-to-implement image technique that will fit the phrase “How to Open the Third Eye“. You can develop transitions in advanced stages. What is important is that you have control over development, expansion and activity.

When you are deep enough to trans in the third eye region by applying the technique mentioned above.
When the vibrations intensify, consider that fogs are spread out in the middle of the center of your forehead or at the third eye level.
Pull yourself into the circle with your hands and just watch what you see.

What happens when the third eye is opened?

What happens if the third eye is opened? After the opening of the third eye, the visual systems of the brain begin to work like a x-ray that emits x waves. You begin to see the things you have never seen before.

How does the third eye technically open and how does this system work? Our brain works at 4 different frequencies. These are beta, alpha, theta and delta frequencies. Apart from these, there is the Gamma frequency, which is recently discovered and can be defined as the frequency of the human being out of the item size, in other words to the 5th dimension. Gamma waves emerge from the hypothalamus 1 and spread like x-rays. With their 3 rays open, or open to the eye, they are not only seeing the back of the wall and other entities that do not have a material body; because they gain a spiritual vision, they can see energetically. This view can cause people to be seen in different ways according to their energies.

Symptoms of the Third Eye

Symptoms of opening the third eye may vary depending on the activation increase, the method used and the individual. There may not be similar situations in everyone. However, the following are the common symptoms observed in the third eye opening.

Transition Symptoms

High perception in understanding the events and the environment

A sense of integration, sense of unity with everything that can be perceived

Increase in intensity and intensity

Recent events

Feeling, hearing, seeing and feeling with symbols in dreams before events happen

To perceive people’s feelings, to capture their thoughts and vaguely.

Symptoms to Open in Advanced Stages

Material vision barriers are removed. The vision is not through the brain but through spiritual vision.

People can be seen with their spiritual energies. People can escape from the images. Nobody may be asked to be interviewed.

Since the vision barrier between the substance and the substance is eliminated, it can be seen in other entities. This can lead to a difficult process for most people.

Uncertain explosions and sounds can be heard. Explosion sounds and different sounds can be heard in the brain during both the transition phase and the advanced stages.

If an uncontrolled and sudden development has taken place, the events may not be controlled; etc.

The life we ​​live in is required to keep our properties in balance. Disturbances in the balance can lead to a difficult process.


² The formation and origin of the Gamma waves are based on the description of Aidin Salih in his book “Real Medicine”.


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How to Open a Third Eye? How is the Activity Increased?

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