How is Spiritual Depth Provided? Alpha Teta Stage

How is Spiritual Depth Provided? Alpha Teta Stage

How is Spiritual Depth Provided? Alpha Teta Stage

Those familiar with the studies of parapsychology have often heard the expression of going into deep trance. Isolated from external stimuli, the state of trance, with a deep sense of peace and lightness, is a point that we should be able to reach easily in order to develop, strengthen and make better use of our perceptions.

The meaning of the word means the phase of contact with the soul, ecstasy, sighing, disconnection from the world perceived by conscious or unconscious sense organs.

Spiritual Depth and Brain Waves

In our daily lives, while we are awake, our brain is in beta and when we are in extreme activities it spreads gamma waves. The Trans stage begins with the propagation of Alpha waves. Under normal conditions, Alpha waves begin to spread when the person is asleep and ready to dive. Theta waves occur in the deep sleep phase. In fact, the trans stage, which is part of the normal life of the human, allows us to completely isolate from the outside world with the theta waves in the alpha and psychic depth stages, and to awaken to a new day in a more energetic and rested way. This is the reason why subjects who sleep under hypnosis feel themselves well rested despite sleeping for a short time.

Natural Spiritual Depth and Conscious Depth

The natural trans is a part of our daily life accompanied by the brain waves mentioned above, which is the biggest difference of consciousness and the biggest difference of conscious trance. I’m not saying that it’s completely closed, because when there’s physiological needs and possible vital situations in sleep, there is a door gap left to allow the consciousness to be reopened.

In the conscious trance, because the person has entered the alpha and theta stage by his own request, if he does not surrender, consciousness is still active and spiritual contact is much more intense than in the beta phase. Astral Travel, Telepathy and Time-of-perception experiences can be experienced more intensely at this stage. In this phase, communication decreases due to external stimuli between the body and the soul and the transition from material perception to spiritual perception is achieved.

Spiritual Perceptions and Spiritual Perceptions

How is the trance passed and the trance passed? Today, material and material life are kept in the foreground and all systems are designed accordingly, but the most important spiritual links remain in the background. This is the reason why people who do not experience the deep trance state perceive the world much differently and positively once they experience this state. Previously, they perceived the details they could not perceive and jumped in a spiritual way.

In order to live the deep trans state consciously, we must move from the level of matter to the spiritual level. The parasites / thoughts / debates / confusions / concerns / stresses transmitted by sensory organs and the level of negative perception that upset our lives should be eliminated. In order to get rid of a stressful life and to have a peaceful life, it may be possible to remove material pressures first. Although it is not easy to leave the world behind us for a moment, it is not always easy, but once it is done, it will always be waiting for you as a wanted port of peace.

Spiritual Deepening and Techniques

There are many techniques used to get into a conscious trance. It is important for the person to find a suitable technique or adapt the techniques. Not all techniques, especially meditation, may give the same result or reach the same depth for everyone. I tried the technique, but it didn’t work, and the reason for the discourse is that these differences are ignored. By looking at an object, visualizing the object in mind, listening to music or giving all attention to breathing, you can go into trance. Whether you are visual, auditory or tactile will greatly affect the benefit of the technique you will use.

The main element of transa trance is to minimize the external stimuli by concentrating attention. How can we go into deep trance despite all the chaos in our lives? When we are isolated from the external world that we perceive with sense organs, the inward orientation starts. This phase, which extends from alpha waves to theta waves, is captured in less time as we practice, and our spiritual perceptions expand. Each work allows us to reach depth in less time than before. After a while, just as long as I count up to three under hypnosis, you can sleep as effectively as your command.

Points to be Considered in Transa Transition

We can list the points you need to pay attention to in studies,

Prepare yourself to mind. Before starting work, determine what you want, what you expect, and what you want to do with this work.
Select the environment in which you will work. Let this environment be as quiet and as dimly lit as possible.
Your working environment should not be disturbed at all times. As your work progresses, it will not be pleasant to make sure that you come to yourselves suddenly at a certain depth.
Your working environment should not be too cold or too hot. Your body should be comfortable.
Never leave negative thoughts in the work environment. Try to be as positive as possible.

Be neither too hungry nor too tough before work. Start your work by meeting your physical needs.
Make sure that the hours you start to work in peak periods of silence.
Try to minimize the light if possible because the light will affect the melatonin secretion. Even in a dark environment you will get better results. When you reach a certain level in time, you can get the result you want, even if you don’t meet most of the conditions.

Suggestions should be said in the mind and the muscles, lips and tongue we use during normal conversation should not be moved. The ideal level begins from the moment you start to speak entirely from the mind. This is an important step for telepathic communication in the same time.
You don’t need to build a new house to meet all the requirements. If you wish to reach the bed at night you can create all the conditions in your mind.


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