Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams

Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams

Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams

When you start working for Astral Travel, you begin to experience some changes both mentally and spiritually. Man has a great mechanism and one of the main tasks of this mechanism is to adapt to all changes that may occur. From the moment you start the Astral Travel work, the things you will experience are the results of this adaptation process, and one of the basic structures of this process is the conscious lucid (clear, clearly visible) dreams called Lucid dream.

What is Lucid or lucide dream?

The word Lucide is used to indicate that the dream can be seen clearly. The word Lucid means “clear” in English. To integrate in the sense of our subject; means dreams that can be clearly and clearly seen, guided by consciousness.

Why Conscious Lucid Dreams in Astral Trip

Astral travel is an event that occurs outside the material level, and the adaptation process must be appropriate. Conscious, interchangeable, but outside the size of the item … As a whole, outside the material life of people to do what they want to experience similar situations in the past must experience. Conscious lucid dreams provide us with a perfect environment for this. You can even go straight to the Astral Travel.

One of the most challenging factors during astral travel is the moment of exiting and the sudden retreat. There may be sudden tingling, uncontrolled, convulsions, unexplained mental conditions and sudden changes in human beings. During the opening and closing of consciousness during the dream, similar situations are experienced at lower levels, as the experience increases, it becomes possible to control them and the out-of-body journey that you will consciously experience as the process progresses will not give you a great shock effect.

How to Open Consciousness in the Dream for Astral Travel?

Under normal circumstances, if you start a serious study of Astral Travel, conscious lucid dreams begin to emerge spontaneously. The reason is that as the simple spiritual layers grow, you approach the distances where you can consciously follow dreams. If you want this process to last long and accelerate – you can let it be done with a simple technique (Waiting to be that natural which is always good).

Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams

Conscious Lucid Dream Technical Application

Heavy sleep -Remise your universe. (Dreams are seen in this phase)
If you don’t know your Rem universe, use between 03:00 – 04:00.
Set your phone’s alarm clock to your rem clock or at 3:00.
You can use the following suggestions in two ways. When the alarm sounds, you can take the phone with you and read it as a note or directly as a voice recording (you can use it as a ringtone.) In either case, you should change the suggestion depending on the situation.
Save this suggestion to your phone “When I fall asleep I can control my dreams the way I want to. I’m programming my consciousness to open in dreams.
You can use the suggestion to program yourself before bedtime.

Points to consider.

If you will read the suggestion as a note (this will be more effective to keep you awake between sleep and awakening) You have to adjust the sound of the phone to wake you up.
If you are listening during sleep, use a loud sound before you play the recorded sound (Fracture, multiplication, loud ringing, screaming, etc.)

Management of Conscious Lucid Dreams for Astral Travel

If you are new to conscious lucid dreams, your first attempts may result in waking up or falling asleep. Just watch and not intervene for a while when your consciousness is turned on during the dream (program this phase before in your mind) Make small interventions when you see that everything is in order. Suddenly everything will blur the water and either consciousness will be fully opened or unresponsive will shut down consciousness. Evaluate the first attempts as a test drive and meet the results as usual. As you gain experience, you will be able to do astral exits very easily.

Is the Lucid dream of Astral travel the same thing, if not, what are the differences?

Both are basically like parts of the same category. In short, we can describe lucid or conscious dream as the first phase of astral travel. Astral travel or astral projection is the extracellular activity of the consciousness or out of body travel. Spiritual activities can also occur outside the body. In the Lucid dream, spiritual observations and activities take place in the body. However, since we can take astral travel from the lucid dream, we can consider it as the other 2 of the result.

You are a water fallen; or you fall asleep, or you wake up to the surface. Look at you being fixed without splitting between the two, and be prepared for small surprises.

Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams

Astral Projection Travel

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April 9, 2017


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