How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed in Spiritual Development

How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed in Spiritual Development

How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed in Spiritual Development

Does the third eye open? Does it contribute to spiritual development? Yes, it opens the third eye, increases the activity of the third eye, accelerates spiritual development. How the seed seed increases the third eye activity, how does it contribute to spiritual development? This is not merely a matter of concern. There are issues that need to be considered and improved. The issue should not be considered one-dimensional, it should be evaluated as a whole in terms of spiritual development. The focus should not be placed on the focal point of development.

The pineal gland weeping our balance between the substance level and the spiritual level, especially today, cannot perform its function in a healthy way due to wrong nutrition, unbalanced sleep periods, stress, an ambition that requires more and more, unceasing rash, depression, hormonal balance and many other reasons. revenue. At this point, the use of chemical drugs, chemical cleaning products and the amount of fluoride used in toothpastes, including an electromagnetic environment that flows through an electromagnetic wave that is flowing all around us, is very valuable for those who wish to have a spiritual life, such as the function of the pituitary gland and the pituitary gland and therefore hormonal disrupts the structure.

First of all, in order to restore the hormonal balance, we must pay attention to healthy and natural nutrition. It is not possible to establish the balance of soul and body unless we know what we eat and how the substances in our food affect us. So if you get to the market without reading the content of the products you will get your physical / hormonal direction will remain half. What is the Third Eye? link.

What stage can be used?

The error of many of them is to try to reach beyond the material by using direct and similar nutrients or substances without any preparation. This is similar to a long journey without any preparation. Opening the third eye or improving its activity How to Open the Third Eye? As mentioned in our article is an issue with different sizes. Whether you want a different or a different item, you can reach what you want, but the point; The first will never be long-term and will be dependent on the substance or nutrient it uses, and the latter will bring with it problems. You can imagine someone who does not know how to drive short-term unconscious activites at a time with a car that goes 300 km / h.

If you have been doing meditation or trans studies for a certain period of time, you will reach the opening point, which will bring you from the item level to the spiritual level. However, if the epiphysis does not reach enough dmt ratio at the hormonal level, or if the pineal gland does not have sufficient activity, it can be used at this stage. We can compare this situation to someone who climbed the top of the mountain and came to the door of the treasure room but didn’t have the key to the door. Here is the candidate to offer you this key.

You can open the door and get inside. However, if you want to get a key in your hand without going to the top of the mountain, this will not make any sense. It is mostly trying to open the door with a virtual / metaphorical key to get to the top by taking a large amount of it. This will create major imbalances and risks in terms of both health and the course of spiritual development.

I use Peganum Harmala Seed but I can’t get the results I want?

Development is bidirectional. Physical and spiritual development should be considered together. You may be doing meditation or trans work for years, or you may be careful to drink for years. But if you can’t take both together, you shouldn’t expect to be successful. If you’re doing both and you’re not successful, there’s something missing. Or you may not have reached the required depth. If you did not reach the point you want to do everything you can do, there may be use.

Does Peganum Harmala Seed Result?

It shows you the necessary care, learns the risks related to your health and moves if you act accordingly. However, at this point, attention should be paid to the fact that nutrients / substances are not brought into the main focus of development. On the top of the summit, and the last step, and the last step where you can not find a way to think of as a final step.

If you cannot reach the depths you want, you may have made the following errors.

 You may be applying the wrong methods. The methods you apply are not for you or they don’t have the ability to carry you deep. Remember that each method and technique may not yield the same results for everyone.

 For a long time you have done everything so perfectly that the point you have reached has been sufficient. You didn’t need to ask for more. But you stay so long at the point where you come; Now that you are used to seeing life from that point onwards, you may have started to perceive it as no change.

What you have done may become a recitation

  Anything you do may be memorized and monotonous. You do, but what you actually want to do is not what you really want to do. Everything stays on the surface. You will not be able to fully achieve your soul. You may have started making the same movements every day in a mechanical way.

 You may be dependent on the substance level to touch your soul. Your mind is constantly engaged in what you want to do in the world and you are not able to go deep into your soul.

 There may have been loosening of the purpose and purpose of reaching the facts. This is the benchmark; If you really want to do something, your wishes are integrated with your dreams. If you can’t see what you want to achieve in your dreams, you cannot reflect to your soul. This is related to the fact that the requirements bring together the substance level and the sub-material level. If you have not reached this point or have moved away from this point, your requests are only at the item level. So you talk to someone about your wishes and demands, but you cannot live with your soul.

Third Eye Opening with Spirit and Splash Point in Spiritual Development

You come to such a point that you begin to question the reality of life or the truth of what you think is real. After a while, it quits questioning and starts to accept everything as it is.

Your dreams are intertwined with your dreams. Your perception expands. Consciousness occurs at your level of consciousness. You start to see everything through the spiritual window. When you are in the trance, you actually begin to feel that you are a whole with everything. You feel that every breath you receive comes in and out of your entire body. You see that all of your energy points / chakras are in a state of vibration. But you can’t go further from this point. You’il be stuck here. You can’t know where to take the last step you will take. This situation causes you frustration and coldness. At this point, you need a catalyst to accelerate everything.

Clogging, after a while boredom, not being able to pass after a certain stage is not a problem with your defect. Parapsychology The relation of astrology and the Psychological Ability Locations on the Birth Chart are different from each other’s ability and opening points. Some people may have at birth the points you’ve struggled to overcome for years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want. You just need a little more effort.

How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed

How to use it? It can be used by mixing with different foods, brewing tea or chewing. By not to overestimate the quantity, it can be eaten and brewed. For a healthy use two teaspoons a day is enough. This amount will be more intense when taken in the mouth by chewing. However, those who wish may also consume their tea. It can also be used in powder and mixed with honey.

How to make Peganum Harmala Seed Tea How?

Quantity: 1 teaspoon

Preparation of Ground Seed Tea: Two methods can be applied. It is a method used in joint pain for non-allergic.

Method 1

– The amount of a cup of water is added to the water with a teaspoon.
– Boil for 1-5 minutes. (Boiling time depends on the person and what it is used for. Longer boiling means more effect)

Method 2

– The amount of a glass of water is boiled
– Add a teaspoon of water to the cup
– This way you can wait and drink any time. You can continue to drink by adding hot water on it.

I tried a method of two teaspoons of roasted seed with a cup of boiled water is added to the water is drinking.

Onye Tea Effects: Light tea can make light drowsiness and dizziness according to the amount and duration of brewing. If nutrients that should not be consumed together, they may increase blood pressure. Effects may vary from person to person. The effect depends on the body and the nutrients consumed together.

Honey, Black Seed and Peganum Harmala Seed Paste


– 50 gr. Black seed
– 50 gr. Overgrowth
– 1 kg of honey

Preparation of the mixture:

Peganum Harmala Seed and black seed is crushed into powder and mixed with honey.

Consumption: (according to the sensitivity of the use structure)

A teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning (if you know that you are not allergic to it, you can start with a teaspoon to measure your congenial sensitivity and take it up to a dessert spoon)

Duration of Use: Two weeks will be used for two weeks.

Note: This method of use belongs to a friend who contacts the site. I didn’t use it as effectively or ineffectively. However, whether you want to be mixed with tea or other foods, consult your doctor first. Do not use high quantities.

peganum harmala seed

Who should use Peganum Harmala Seed?

 Those who have stomach / ulcer, heart, liver, kidney and urinary tract problems should not use or discuss with their doctor. It is stated that it is objectionable in the researches on this subject.

 It is not recommended for use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

 People with allergies should not use it.

 Any use of antidepressant or neural drugs should pay attention to the duration of drug use by looking at the package insert of the drug they use. The duration is usually two weeks, but some medications may increase this time. It should not be used before the time has expired. Ask your doctor about the subject.

 You can follow the diet and other issues that should be followed before and during the use of asterisk.

Is Peganum Harmed Seed Harmful?

Yes, it is a plant that has quite harmful effects due to its contents. Üzerlik; It is not a plant that can be used without obtaining detailed information. It is entirely up to you to be useful or harmful. You should not neglect to prioritize your health and not believe in every information you hear. You should keep in mind that every major impact can be large.

Is Peganum Harmala Seed Useful?

Yes, it is a plant that can both harm and benefit. Although it is not very common in our country, there are a lot of research on this subject abroad, and yet not all effects have been revealed. A plant with the phrase veri not enough data Bir on many issues. Most experiments were performed on animals and the results were presented accordingly. There are positive results in cancer, depression, pain, hemorrhoids, diabetes and insomnia problems, especially in Parkinson’s disease, but they are presented as r insufficient evidence,.

How do we use it to get the effects we want? You should use a strict diet before and during use and take care of what you eat and without exceeding two daily teaspoons. Foods that are kept and soured, food containing tramine, food containing protein, liver, chocolate, shellfish, coffee, fermented products, bananas and similar products must be avoided.

How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed Points to be Considered When Using Ones

Since the publication of the first topic, the most frequently asked questions were “how to use it”. It would be more appropriate to focus on what to use and what to pay attention to when using this rather than an answer to this question. However, we can briefly list the following,

 Do not use continuously. No plants are used uninterrupted. The reason for this is that different interactions with each food we take and the negative effects on the digestive system, especially the liver, with its toxic effects. Usage should be intermittent. Like two weeks of not using it for a week or using it for two days and not using it for a day. Use should be left when the desired effect is obtained.

 Do not use it unless you are allergic to allergies. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

 Always consult your doctor if you are taking medication.

 Do not risk yourself using high doses. You don’t have to go through 2 teaspoons a day. Start at low doses first. Remember that each body has different sensitivities.

 Use lower amounts on an empty stomach.

Has it contributed to my spiritual development?

I think this subject is to express in a different way, but a more detailed article on this subject over both sites with e-mail I would like to briefly come to that very question. Although we use it at regular intervals, we have used it for a period of uninterrupted daily use at doses that do not pose a risk to test its effects. Let me summarize some of the subjects that I benefit from.

 I noticed that nerve communication is accelerating.

 Deepening and increased transient perception. (This is important to me)

 I have started to perceive the issues I had previously perceived more clearly.

 I’ve observed that the extracurricular data called inspiration is more frequent.

 I’ve seen the energy points / chakras start working more actively.

 The visuals became clearer and lively.

 There were changes in perception of time. This may also be relative. It is a subject that needs to be elaborated on. Effects on DMT and Time Perception link with earlier had addressed this issue. More waffles are needed.

As a result, welfare increases the third eye activity that can be used in spiritual development, but you should be ready for it and know what you are using. Your goal shouldn’t have to be overwhelming.

For a scientific study about Preganum Harmala Seed, you can check the link below.

Medicinal properties of Peganum harmala L in traditional Iranian medicine and modern phytotherapy A review


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How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed in Spiritual Development

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