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Telepathy and Imagination Studies

Telepathy and Imagination Studies

How does a remote effect with telepathy occur? How do you connect and communicate with the people you want to influence with telepathy? If you want to establish telepathic communication with someone else in similar situations, you have to connect with imagination if you don’t have an innate open mechanism. It can be carried on the images created in the mind in the thoughts such as the transport of electricity on wires.

We explained the scientific reality of telepathy under the title of ik Imagination and Parapsychology leri under the category of image. Therefore, I do not want to mention the meaning and scientific aspect of telepathy. Those who wish can reach details from the articles under the Telepathy category.

The Relationship Between Telepathy and Imagination

Under normal circumstances, people cannot influence each other with telepathy, but this can become possible thanks to consciousness-laden images. The loading of consciousness is not enough, the images should be strengthened and communicated. All the details in conscious images, sounds, colors, smells and tones determine the severity of the message to be transmitted. In short, the stronger the image, the stronger the transmission. We can compare this situation to the perception threshold in our senses. The violence required for the realization of the perception also applies to the spiritual perceptions.

Breaking Telepathic Resistance and Imagination

Telepathic messages are difficult for people with strong emotional attachment and difficult for people with emotional attachment. One of the factors causing this difficulty is the receiver’s evaluation of the incoming messages, though not aware of them, through various filters. When familiar voices, images, messages easily pass through this filter (as if the mother had the delusion that the child was speaking to her for a moment, the child did not call but had an inner inheritance that had some time ago to send a message to her mother), all unknown data were disabled. This stage varies from person to person.

In sensitive people (susceptible to telepathy, and prone to hypnosis), the screening process is weaker. In order to deactivate this stage, the process by which the message will be sent can be overcome by establishing a spiritual connection or by screening with familiar data. (It is exemplified in the application section) The easiest way to do this is the image. Using conscious images, data can be transmitted to the opposite side in a healthier way. (How you evaluate this part depends entirely on your imagination.)

Telepathy and image studies. Preparing for Telepathy

If you have been doing regular work for a long time, you should be ready for this kind of work in the spiritual sense. The process, which starts with alpha waves and extends to the Theta waves, will be an important factor both for us to be ready in the spiritual sense and to have a high efficiency in non-sensory studies.

Since I’ve mentioned many articles before, I also don’t want to write about how to transpose again in the preliminary stage. How is Spiritual Depth Provided? They can look at what they need to do in the preliminary stage of the article. If you are doing this type of work regularly, we can start working on Telepathic Image by opening your energy channels.

Telepathy and image studies “Implementation Phase”

Your physical posture is important until you reach a certain stage, so you can rest in a position where you are sitting or sitting, but always continue to perpendicular. This is important in order not to interrupt the flow of energy. When you reach a certain stage, the mechanisms will be solved, so you can only think enough.

1- Think that there is energy covering your body. (You can go into the details to increase the effect. Energy or light is fluctuating, even when it fluctuates, sounds low tones, the color is light blue, dark green, as if it is in constant motion)

2- Considering that the energy concentrating from this point extends outwards, giving your attention to the middle of your forehead. (You can see that the energy that surrounds your body is darker than the color of your body)

Think of the Man you want to impress.

3- Think about the person you want to influence. (If you have an emotional attachment at the beginning, try to know where your mother or brother or a friend you are very sincerely aware of is in the house.) Imagine that in your mind the energy goes in and goes to his forehead. (You can animate when the energy enters the forehead to enter the detail)

4-Let the energy go through the forehead and cover the whole body starting from the head, and that the body is covered with an energy like yours. (If the color of the energy in your details is the same color, animate your energy or light in the same way as you revive the light)

Telepathy and Spiritual Integration

1- Try to feel his feelings, to become His soul. (Providing integrity that is important in the reverse direction can also animate)
2- Try to feel the heartbeat, feel the flow of blood in your veins, blinking, breathing. (You take the breath of the breath in detail, the eye you wink, your heart beating, your blood flowing in your veins)
3- Try to integrate as spiritually as possible so you can find different details for yourself.

4- Now you have created a whole and then continue with this thought.
5- What you want him to do, just as you guys do it, the words you want to say just as you say imagine it in your mind.
6- Do not continue as soon as the transmission is finished. The most common error occurs at this point. Don’t persist, do not do it over and over again, animate things you want to do and end the work.

Telepathy and Imagination Studies “Outcome”

Almost everyone who is working comes to the last stage regardless of the severity of the message, but the result is that the energy is not released in the final stage. Do not grapple with such thoughts as, “Did you happen?”, “I was able to do it”, “I couldn’t display enough”, “I didn’t do what I wanted, I didn’t do it again”, “He didn’t open the door and he didn’t go in there, I guess”.

If the message is transmitted and the energy is released, the message will be processed if the severity of the message is insufficient and the defense mechanism of the receiver has not shown resistance and the process will be carried out between 1 minute and 5 minutes.

Although this time may vary from person to person, usually within 2 minutes the transmitted message is performed. However, the general results should not be taken into account in the initial phase. Do your work without going into any expectation. This is a learning process, you learn a different detail in every work you do, spiritual learning is personal and you continue to add every detail you learned to your next work.

Telepathy and Imagination Studies Issues to be Considered

This is the first article you read about telepathy in this article, you have seen what you think you have missing. You need to know how to get into the trance and the subtleties of the Imagination. Take care not to fall short of this shortage and “Do it now” error. See such work as a special door and experience to open to your life.

Try to make it as pleasant as possible. Do not engage in such work with feelings of vengeance, anger, hatred and hatred. Excessive desire and excessive emotion will force people to get a quick result, which will cause you to remain largely inconclusive and to give up with the words “I can’t do it, not for me”.


Telepathy and Imagination Studies


Original Article:

July 22, 2017

Bukra Tarık Dora

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