2020 Vision Looking Forward Experiences, Experiments and Beyond

2020 Vision Looking Forward Experiences, Experiments, and Beyond

2020 Vision Looking Forward Experiences, Experiments and Beyond

2020 Vision: Looking Forward – Experiences, Experiments, and Beyond

Because we are expecting a large number of submissions, this conference will focus more on posters and panel discussions than on individual speakers. Many of the primary topics will be presented as posters and panels, and everyone who provides a poster will have time to share their ideas with attendees and explore other posters. Special sessions are planned where submissions presented as posters will be featured for further discussion, with the poster author part of a team leading a group discussion on topics related to the poster.

All submissions will be evaluated as both posters and presentations, but most will be accepted as posters.  If you do not want to be considered for one of the speaker spots, you can specify that you would prefer to provide a poster presentation. Each submission must be presented by the author or a representative at the conference.

Submissions and Proposals will be accepted through March 15, 2020.

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Author Guidelines

All individual submissions should be provided as long abstracts (500 – 1200 words), written in professional language, as an MS-Word document between one and three pages in length using this template. Proposals for panel discussions should include an overall abstract and may include short abstracts for the participants.

Proposals related to completed research should include information about the hosting organization, a brief methodology section, a brief analysis and results section, and the interpretation and implications of the results. Research briefs describing unfinished research should be submitted as posters. Though not required, proposals can include a brief description of how the topic relates to the theme of the conference.

Both the Society for Scientific Exploration and the Parapsychological Association encourage student participation in the conference, with limited funding opportunities available. SSE students, see the guidelines for the Aspiring Explorers prize.  PA students, read about the Robert L. Morris Student Travel Fund.

Start here to submit a paper to this conference.

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