Peganum Harmala Seed, Usage, DMT Effect, Benefits and Harms


Peganum Harmala Seed, Usage, DMT Effect, Benefits and Harms

Peganum Harmala Seed, Usage, Peganum Harmala DMT Effect and Diet.

Peganum Harmala seed and DMT effect. How to use peganum harmala seed? In which dosage you should use it? Which nutritions should not be consumed while using peganum harmala seed? How to prepare peganum harmala seed tea and how to use it? What are the points you should pay attention while using peganum harmala seed? For which diseases is peganum harmala seed useful for, are there any benefits or defects of the peganum harmala seed? What are the functions of it during spiritual deepening and DMT interaction? Can peganum harmala seed be compared to the Ayahuasca in terms of effects? Which substances have what kind of effects in the peganum harmala seed?

In this article, we would like to share the results of our study conducted for almost 3 months mainly regarding peganum harmala seed and DMT effect. At first, we performed our work with reed grass and peganum harmala seed and then continued with only the use of peganum harmala seeds. We conducted a study with 5 individuals in order to evaluate the effects of different dimensions. Peganum Harmala, that many people have never heard its name, but known as the Evil Eye Weed in society, really surprised us with its active ingredients, its DMT connection, and its effects.

Usage of Peganum Harmala Seed and the Aim of Our Study

It is a proven fact that spiritual work is affected by almost everything we eat and drink. If every substance that penetrates our body also affects the soul-body contact, we tried to reveal that how positively this influence may be used in Peganum Harmala Seed, Epiphysis and Dmt triangle, what doses can be taken without risking our health, and what are the variations in the innate effects that can be changed individually.

As we have mentioned on various subjects, the existence of today makes it very hard for people to elude the material level and reach spiritual levels by trance. We started to investigate which plants can make a contribution to paranormal studies by testing the effects of plants, particularly the Peganum Harmala Seed and its effects, as an accelerating factor in defeating the wall constructed between ordinary material life and Spirit.

Each of the studies involves friends who have experienced certain trance levels in meditation, respiratory exercises or in similar activities. They have natural DMT experiences in spiritual studies. We did not aim in this study to experience and convey spiritual experiences by using Ayahuasca, which is the first thing that springs to mind about the DMT, or by using some high-dose mixtures. We don’t want you to expect that in this direction.

Nearly anyone who goes into deep trance will discover that they have encountered similar experiences to Ayahuasca‘s when conducting research on DMT. It requires no extra work.

If you do not have detailed information about DMT, you can read our article What is DMT? DMT Effect and Spiritual Dimension

In the last part of the article, you can find information about our achievements and the use of peganum harmala seed which is tested and how much to use.

Warnings Regarding Peganum Harmala Seed Usage

Please Do Not Use Peganum Harmala Seed Before Reading The Whole Article

Each person may experience different symptoms. We never know how it will work in each metabolism. Those with allergies and reactivity, in particular, should not try obviously. What we publish about the use of peganum harmala seeds is never recommended, treated, or prescribed for. Drugs that you use, herbal products, nutrients that you take and alcohol use can trigger side effects in plants like these.

Our intention is to express just what we have learned about its spiritual dimension. The biggest risk is the body’s sensitization to a great number of chemical reactions after mao inhibitors used to stimulate high DMT rates. When sufficient doses and formulations are not used, the outcome can pose life-threatening consequences.

The use of peganum harmala seed is not suggested because of the active compounds and the consequences of its interaction with the exception of professional advice and supervision. As a consequence of oral intake of 3 gr of Peganum Harmala seeds, it has been observed to causing of dizziness, nausea, vomiting and central nervous system changes.

It is recorded that the use of long-term or high doses of peganum harmala seeds may cause poisoning, damage to the limb functions and central nervous system.

Can Peganum Harmala Seed Be Used Continuously?

Can Peganum Harmala Seed Be Used Continuously? How long should it be used?

As with all other herbs the use of peganum harmala seeds requires caution. Greater attention should be provided to plants that influence the nervous system, such plants as Peganum Harmala seeds. The impacts of the active substances in long-term usage are not clear. Like all plants, Peganum Harmala may be used by taking a break. Like using 2 weeks and not using 2 weeks, using 2 days, not using 1 day, using 20 days and allowing two weeks break. Results will vary according to the food consumed and the metabolism of the individual. The ideal is to consume it, through a doctor or specialist’s supervision. Always keep your doctor informed before using the risky group of plants.

You’ll begin reading more and more posts about the use of peganum harmala seeds on the web. One thing we are paying attention to is that there is not enough information about the side effects and the harmful results that the ingredients may cause. First, I suggest you read the relevant chapter below in Jim DeKorne’sPsychedelic Shamanism” where he shares his experiences sincerely.

Peganum Harmala DMT Page. 178

It is important to stress that the MAO inhibitor is an incredibly important principle of human metabolism, which anyone who wants to explore Ayahuasca or similar substances must understand thoroughly. The explanation is: monoamine oxidation (MAO) is an enzyme generated in the human organism that acts as a chemical version of our white blood cells; therefore, its function is to disintegrate and render possibly toxic amines existing in our nutrients. Monoamine oxidation can be regarded as an active ingredient, in a somewhat‘chemical immune system’ that helps to regulate metabolism and keep a healthy hormonal balance of our systems.

A monoamine oxidation inhibitor (MAOI) is any element that prohibits monoamine oxidation from having a defensive role. (If we think of a metaphor, it could be envisaged as a short term’ chemical AIDS virus’ immobilizing the chemical immune system.) Many chemicals have been recognized as MAOIs, yet they all fall into one of two categories: reversible MAOIs and irreversible MAOIs.

The irreversible monoamine inhibitor is any chemical that really eliminates monoamine oxidation within the body. Even though this result is said to be ‘ irreversible, ‘ it is not ‘ infinite, ‘ because synthesizing the new MAO in the metabolism requires two a time around weeks.

Peganum Harmala DMT Page. 179

As its name implies, a reversible MAOI is shorter-acting and potentially useful when cleverly paired with any delusive tryptamine. The harmala alkaloids (harmine and harmaline) detected in Banisteriopsis caapi are reversible MAOIs with a lifespan of about 6 hours, with an average length of Ayahuasca trip in the human body.

Here what happens:The harmala half of the Ayahuasca mix prevents the function of monoamine oxidation in the system and thus, helps the elixir to connect the DMT half with the brain neurons.

Consider like this; harmala helps the DMT, which is controlling the game by blocking others, to score a goal. However, this blocking action is not selective; it helps everyone to score. For this, the organism is susceptible to many potentially hazardous chemical reactions when the MAO defense is disrupted. Obviously, the key problem with using any monoamine oxidation inhibitor is that it might easily lead to death if this chemical is not used intelligently, i.e. in the shamanist way. Hence, limiting nutrition while swallowing an MAO-inhibiting substance is necessary.This is a practice that is exclusively practiced by all South American shamans who use Ayahuasca.

Peganum Harmala DMT Page. 180

Serious MAOI intoxication can be very hazardous. Symptoms of intoxication often do not show up after consumption for up to 11 hours or more. But illogical hypertension is the main feature of overdose. Increased blood pressure can cause an increase in pulmonary edema, blood circulation distress or intracranial bleeding.

A serious, non-typical headache is always the first warning and may be a manifestation of a potential brain artery crisis that can lead to unexpected death. Hypertension signs include headaches, palpitations, sweat, nausea and vomiting, light phobia and sometimes high fever and pulmonary edema. A major issue is foods involving high tyramine. This is a chemical fermentation by-product. Every nutrition including the “aged protein” should, therefore, be avoided.

The list of banned foods involves but is not limited to cheese, beer, wine, salted herring, snails, chicken liver, brewer’s yeast products, figs, raisins, pickles, sauerkraut, coffee, chocolate, soy sauce, cream, and yogurt during the use of peganum harmala seed. “Substances that inhibit monoamine oxidation work together with many pharmaceutical substances and sometimes may trigger a hypertension crisis.”

Prohibited Nutrients to Consume During the Diet with the Usage of Peganum Harmala Seed

The list of things that should not be eaten and consumed when using peganum harmala seeds

  • Shellfish,
  • Salted herring,
  • Snail,
  • Brewer’s yeast products,
  • Beer,
  • Wine,
  • Products containing alcohol,
  • Banana,
  • Liver,
  • Chicken or Beef Liver,
  • Avocado,
  • Beans,
  • Chocolate,
  • Coffee,
  • All beverages containing caffeine
  • Tea,
  • Cream,
  • Yogurt,
  • Cheese,
  • Fig,
  • Raisins,
  • Apricot,
  • Pickles,
  • Sauerkraut,
  • Soy sauce,
  • Salami – Sausage – Bacon,
  • Dark green leafy vegetables,
  • Rocket,

(Grapefruit can be included, as it leads to poisoning when consumed with a large variety of drugs, as well as for neural drugs. I don’t have any precise information but attention should be paid)

* All foods containing aged protein.

* Foods containing Tyramine.

What is Tyramine? “The amine that happens due to modification (such as salting, brine) or nutrition contamination”

Consider a diet about the designated food items for a given period of time before you begin using the peganum harmala seeds. Examine the effectiveness of all the drugs you’re going to use with peganum harmala seeds, and as long as you’re using peganum harmala seeds, you can’t use any pharmaceutical drug, herbal food / herbal treatment, etc. without guidance from your doctor. Have dietician advice on this subject and be sure to share information with your doctor.

Alternative Nutrients

You can shift to alternative Calcium and Protein food products. For instance, those who are not allergic may consume tahini (sesame paste) for calcium, and eggs for protein. Neither did I encounter negative results for both. (The results in each digestive system may be different, it is nice if it is first tested with low amounts. Or allergy testing can be applied)

The results will always be affected by the short and long term use of peganum harmala seeds, the quantities used, the users ‘ active life and their metabolic attributes.

Drugs That Should Not Be Used With Peganum Harmala Seed

Drugs That Should Not Be Used With Peganum Harmala Seed

Use with Peganum harmala seeds What are medically disturbing medicines? What medicine should not be used for health?

If during the time you use peganum harmala seeds you have to take medicine, be sure to inform your doctor you are using peganum harmala seed. If your doctor is unfamiliar with peganum harmala weed or seed, tell them they are MAO inhibitors and chemicals such as Harmin, Harmalol, Harmaline and Harmol exist. Many drugs and antidepressants (such as fluoxetine), which are particularly effective on the nervous system, should not be used without the advice of a doctor and the duration of use and breakage should be monitored.

  • Stimulants,
  • Sleeping pills,
  • Some tablets for flu infections,
  • And all other medicines that may have side effects when used with the peganum harmala seed ingredients.

Who Shouldn’t Use Peganum Harmala Seed? Who cannot?

Those who use antidepressants together with the medicines mentioned above (You should tell your doctor that the peganum harmala weed or seed are used)

  • Patients with stomach disorders (Usage of peganum harmala seeds should be consulted with a doctor)
  • Those with liver failure or disorder (Doctor advise should be taken)
  • In hepatitis diseases (Doctor advise should be taken))
  • During pregnancy
  • The people working in requires attention,

Should not use or consult their doctor.

Which Plants Inherit DMT?

Studies have found that DMT exists in all plant types. However, in some plants, the DMT rates are higher than in others, and also when interacting together they increase the pineal gland’s DMT secretion. Several plants allow DMT to come into effect.

Plants that Inherit DMT  (Plants have a higher concentration of DMT)

  • Reed Canary Grass (Psychotria Viridis),
  • Lady’s Garters (Phalaris Arundinacea),
  • Chickweed (Phalaris),
  • Locust (Acacia),
  • Arundo Donax

Plants containing DMT such as above listed are among some of the familiar plants which are used in externally obtaining  DMT.

How to Increase DMT?

With the proper activity of the pineal gland, a natural increase of the DMT level is probable. In brief, increasing the amount of natural life, natural diet and spiritual interaction will be sufficient to increase the DMT. Additionally,

  • Avoiding unnatural foods,
  • Consumption of herbal foods grown in a healthy and natural environment,
  • Living a natural life,
  • Exercising for spiritual deepening (breathing exercises, trance exercises, contemplation, meditation, etc.)
  • Staying away from all artificial foods

Will be effective in increasing DMT amount.

Use of External DMT and its Effects

As we discussed in the previous article, the pineal gland excretes the DMT, and with spiritual studies (deep trance studies, breathing exercises, meditation, etc.) the intended effect could be obtained gradually without any need for external influence. Triggering the DMT rate by raising it with outside interference ends in having the desired outcome in a short time and unexpectedly. To sum up, DMT usage with plant mixtures offers the years of climb in just a moment. I suppose you can imagine those who are not prepared for spiritual exposure might be negatively affected.

The individuals who are seeking spiritual experience could obtain not very good results if they go through this road without expert guidance and only focus on the information found onthe internet and influence other people’s personal stories. DMT is the most powerful substance known as far as now in psychedelic drugs, and overdose of it can cause irreversible effects.

DMT secreted naturally at its highest level:

  • At birth
  • At the point of death and
  • During sleep, the dreaming stage

In other words, it is secreted at high rates when forming a bond between the material realm and the extra-material realm. This is the reason why by importing significant amounts to the body, it provides experiences like birth, death and surreal encounters for humans. What is coded in our soul is the experience of lived and to be lived. Most individuals can not cope with this uncontrolled experience since the use of DMT externally opens the doorbeyond the substance world uncontrollably.

Use of Arundo Donax and Peganum Harmala Seed

It is a combinationthat is performed in shaman mixes together. The Arundo donax is used as a source of DMT, and the Peganum Harmala Seed is used as the Mao inhibitorwhich is necessary to activate DMT. If the appropriate formula is not followed, it can pose a risk.

For 7 days we continued our research with Arundo donax and Peganum Harmala Seeds. Of course, we haven’t experienced similar experiences to Ayahuasca since we haven’t tried high doses. On the 7th day, we applied the highest dose but we saw no substantial difference between the doses. We noted that only the rise in peganum harmala seeds affected the outcome from 1st day to 7th day, the Arundo donax fluid only adjusted the effect duration.

The condition would certainly change in a total implementation of the formula, but none of us had anticipated the peganum harmala seeds to be so successful in a spiritual shift. How can the peganum harmala seed used against evil eye and witchcraft, which is one of the medicinal herbs, be so effective?

The effect’s origin is concealed in the compounds which it involves. It is a mysterious yet dangerous and poisonous combination that goes beyond content.

Making of Shaman Elixir and Why Usage Should Be Under Surveillance

Prepared with Arundo donax, acacia, and peganum harmala seeds; so-called Shaman Liquor or Spirit Vines in old-language has a recipe that has been passed between generations (spiritual heritage) among shamans. It is highly risky for those who do not practice it under the guidance of a shaman who is competent about this subject, as well as for those who only want to test these issues by researching them on the Internet. We may claim the end outcome is similar to the subconscious that is completely openunder deep hypnosis.

Your emotions, what you hold in your mind, the energy of the environment and the telepathic signals and spiritual energies that people spread around in your environment, and the things they’re speaking about can have a positive or negative impact on humans. If the journey you are going to take is only to satisfy your curiosity, it can bring you irreversible problems. When you can’t avoid your curiosity, it’s more reasonable to find a shaman with expertise in this context.

The Content of Peganum Harmala Seed

The Content of Peganum Harmala Seed

There are Harmine, Harmalol, Harmaline, Harmol, glycosides, oil, dyestuff used in red paint, vitamins A and C.

Source:ANALYSIS OF HARMOL, HARMALOL, HARMINE AND HARMALIN ALKALOIDS IN THE PEGANUM HARMALA SEEDS BY HIGH-PRESSURE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY (HPLC) M. Kartal, ML Altun, S. Founder – Herbal Peganum Harmala Medicine Raw Materials Meeting, Papers, 29-31 May 2002, Eskişehir, Eds. K.H.C.Baser and N.Kildirimer 228-233


This functions as a reversible inhibitor of MAO (monoamine oxidase inhibitor), which activates the immune system’s central nervous system. In such a case, the enzyme MAO-A is blocked, but similarly, effective MAO-B enzyme is not inhibited. It can cause hallucinations and nausea. It’s effective in activating DMT. (Harmin – Department of Pharmacology, University of Liège, Sart Tilman, Belgium.)


Harmalol is a bioactive beta-carboline and a member of harmala alkaloids. Harmala alkaloids are known as prohibited substances in Table 9 under the Standard of Poisons (October 2015). An article in Table 9 substance that may be exploited or misused by the Community, except for scientific or medical study or for the consent of analytical guidance or training; its manufacturing, property, sale or use is could also be forbidden by law. (Sarkar S, Bhadra K (2014) “Binding of alkaloid harmalol to DNA: photophysical and calorimetric approach.”. J Photochem Photobiol B. 130: 272–80.) 

This may cause anticipation, anxiety, cognitive dysphoria (loss of desire), euphoria (uncontrolled pleasure, excitement), excessive intensity, headache, eye weakness, and muscle seizures.


Harmaline is a psychoactive alkaloid from the alkaloids and beta-carbolines harmala group. Harmaline is a stimulant of the central nervous system and an “inhibitor of reversible MAO-ASince harmaline is a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A, in theory, tyramine in combo with serotonergic, catecholaminergic drugs or prodrugs can generate both serotonin syndrome and hypertensive crises. Harmaline plants and tryptamine-containing herbs are used in brews in Ayahausca.

Precautionary effects on monoamine oxidase allow dimethyltryptamine (DMT), the critical psychoactive chemical in its mixture, to pass by metabolism; it allowsa psychologically active quantity of the chemicals to remain in the brain for a detectable time.

Harmalinetransforms the anabolic metabolism of serotonin to normelatonin or n-acetyl serotonin, and then to the melatonin which is the body’s sleep-regulating hormone and a powerful antioxidant. (Peganum Harmala: The Hallucinogenic Herb of the American Southwest by Albert Most Venom Press Copyright 1985 Albert Most – Shen, HW; Jiang, XL; Winter, JC; Yu, AM (October 2010). “Psychedelic 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine: metabolism, pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, and pharmacological actions.” – Massaro, E. J. (2002). Handbook of Neurotoxicology. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press. p. 237.)


Harmol is isolated β-carboline from nature. It has a key role in suppressing the degradation of dimethyltryptamine in the intestinal and inhibiting monoamine oxidase in a reversible manner by rendering it to a psychoactive state.(on oral application)

Some beta-carboline can be generated biologically in the human organism, particularly tryptone and pinoline. B-carboline is an inverse agonist of the benzodiazepine receptor, and thus may have some delirium, anxiogenic and cognitive effects that improve memory. (Abe A, Kokuba H (2013). “Harmol induces autophagy and subsequent apoptosis in U251MG human glioma cells through the downregulation of survivin.” –  Venault P, Chapouthier G (2007). “From the behavioral pharmacology of beta-carbolines to seizures, anxiety, and memory”. ScientificWorldJournal. 7: 204–23.)

Substances contained in peganum harmala seeds are sufficient to explain which effect mechanisms this seed has and for which reasons.

Peganum Harmala Seed – Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca) Comparison

The peganum harmala seeds contain slightly different amounts of many other different harma alkaloids. Just a few of them are inhibitors of monoamine oxidase A. It was stated in a research that the alkaloids’ total weight has at least 5.9 percent of the peganum harmala seed’s dry weight.

Harmane: % 0,16
Harmine: % 0.44 (It is said that the coatings of the seeds have large amounts of harmine.)
Harmaline: % 0.25
Harmalol: % 0,6
Tetrahydroharmine (Tetrahidroamin): % 0,1
Vasicine (peganine): % 0.25 <
Vasisinon: % 0.0007

Banisteriopsis caapi (used for making ayahuasca, also known as caapi or yajé) is a type of family Malpighiaceae raised in the forests of South America. This includes the following percentages: harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydro mine:

Harmine: % 0.31-8.43
Harmalin: % 0,03-0,83
Tetrahidroamin: % 0.05-2.94

Tetrahydroharmine: Tetrahydroamine has no impact on monoamine oxidase A inhibition. Rather it weakens serotonin reuptake. It has been documented to trigger dreamy euphoria, fun tingling feelings and various psychedelic effects at dosages of 200 mg.

Vasisin (peganine) – Vasisinon:  It is a quinazoline alkaloid. Justicia adhatoda, laterly named.

Both of the alkaloids are stimulants to the respiration. Vasisin has a cardiac depressing effect, while vasisinon is a weak cardiac stimulant; by combining alkaloids, the influence can be normalized. Reportedly, vasicin has a stimulating effect on the uterus.

Source: 2013-0973-7847

Note: By brewing the seeds, the concentration of “Harmine” in the outer part of the peganum harmala seed, the result can lead to a more intense “harmine” impact on the people who drink it as “peganum harmala tea.”

Doses Used in Peganum Harmala Seed and How to Use It

Doses Used in Peganum Harmala Seed and How to Use It

How to Use Peganum Harmala Seed, How to Prepare Peganum Harmala Tea?

An average teaspoon of peganum harmala seeds weight in 2 grams. It’s reported as a risk, using more than 4 grams a day. According to those measures, you will decide your needs.

Peganum Harmala Seed which is one of the medicinal herbs should be used very carefully. Why you should be cautious is related to the ingredients in it. We did our research by putting a maximum limit on the daily recommended amount of two teaspoons. (İbrahim Saraçoğlu Benefits of Peganum Harmala Seed As a Medicinal Plant) We have stated that the measures as a quarter, half and full teaspoon wordings since precise measurements will not be available to everyone,

In general, Peganum Harmala seeds are used as a medicinal herb by brewing or swallowing directly. Nonetheless, we saw that when it is absorbed by chewing and when it is exceeded the amount of a teaspoon, the pretty fast impact begins to show up. They are thrown entirely undigested when the seeds are swallowed as a whole without chewing. Those who studied Ayahuasca’s subject had seen that the plants boiled for a long period of time. If the peganum harmala seeds are all brewed or swallowed as a whole, they do not disintegrate.

In order to Increase the Effects of Peganum Harmala Seeds!

If you want to have a specific and direct result, either wait for it in warm water for a while and take it from the blender or chew it until it is smashed fully, hold for a while and then swallow it. The gums will very easily move the substances in the peganum harmala seed to the metabolism, which directly affects the brain. The first shot will be the last one for many individuals, because of its taste and smell.

If you are having trouble using it this way, you can brew it as a tea, insert some lemon or drink it as one, but when you ingest it as a whole, the benefits that you seek will appear in a very long period of time.

Those who plan to use it as mentioned above may use a quarter teaspoon per day. Because the activity period is long, increase the amount asa quarterly portion and with a few days break, without exceeding 2 teaspoons. Before start to using it, do not forget to take the allergy tests via the steam that are articulate under the Benefits of Peganum Harmala Seeds

If consumed on an empty stomach, it will have a stronger, faster and longer-lasting impact. Those with vulnerability to hypertension and to the stomach should be very cautious.

How to Prepare Peganum Harmala Tea?

Preparation and Usage of Peganum Harmala Seeds

For the peganum harmala seed tea, add 1 teaspoon of (2 grams) peganum harmala seeds to a glass of water and boil for 5 minutes.

Test the effect on you and increase the amount of peganum harmala seeds to 1 dessert spoon. (You can increase a dose every day)

The quantity of peganum harmala seeds and the brewing length will affect the impact strength. Typically, though, 5 minutes will be enough.

You can also prepare the peganum harmala tea by adding the peganum harmala seeds to a boiled glass of water and let it brew and rest for 5 minutes.

〉〉 The use of peganum harmala seeds and peganum harmala tea can cause dizziness and loss of attention because of the existence of harmine on the outer part of the seeds. For works requiring high supervision and care, care should be taken to its use, and in such situations, peganum harmala tea should not be used if possible.

When should Peganum Harmala Tea and Peganum Harmala Seed be used?

Since each body responds uniquely, each should modify their times of use based on their individual nature and what they are using.

If you are working for a company that needs intensive care, use it after work. If you’re staying at home for a long time, if there’s no trouble in your stomach and digestive system, using it on an empty stomach is more efficient and its impact will be greater. Use after extracting lemon and cooling it, if you really are sensitive to its taste and smell.

Additionally, if you’re going to try astral travel studies you can do that at any time of the day, just half an hour before you start studying.

If using peganum harmala seeds raises too much energy, do not use it shortly before going to bed. In some bodies, peganum harmala seed causes instant sleep, while in others it causes higher energy production. This is most likely to be due to metabolic function, nutritional behaviors, psychological factors, nervous system cycles, and sleeping patterns.

As per the sleep cycle patterns, the natural DMT release hours are around 2-3 nights. At these hours the use of peganum harmala seeds enhances the effect and the interaction with the material. The outcomes are therefore related to the user’s spiritual framework.The influence of those who have been doing astral travel, conscious vision, imagination, clairvoyance, through third-eye operation, telepathy and other similar studies for a long time, of course, will be different from those who would like to try it for once.

Consciousness and spiritual processes shift as they are influenced by what purpose we are working with.

Peganum Harmala Seed Usage and Side Effects, Points to Pay Attention

It starts showing its impact in a very short period of time when it is used as crushed, chewed and held in the mouth for a while. Those who are fragile and responsive to the fragrance and agony may have nausea.

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Burning in the eyes and feeling weight in the eyelids.
  • Numbness and attention loss.
  • Change in taste and loss of appetite
  • Apathy and nonchalance
  • Amnesia according to the amount used and sleep patterns

It was one of the consequences we have experienced. Results vary between person and person, and the quantity been using. Specifically, if you’re going to do something that needs attention, if you’re going to walk in locations that pose a risk for a long time if you’re going to drive a vehicle and if you’re going to use a device in the risk group, stepping away from pegnanum harmala seeds will be safer. Or the time periods and the amount that has been used must be controlled appropriately.

Note: We should not eat manufactured goods during the use of peganum harmala seeds. Throughout this time stop overeating. Try to avoid food which is artificial. As the implications are directly linked to what you consume and your consumption levels, the outcomes can be very unique.

Do not consume it in cigarette form together with tobacco. In this respect, people who experience a loss of consciousness as a consequence of consumption of peganum harmala seeds with cigarette form have been reported by email. It is not medically known what type of brain damage it causes when it is consumed as a cigarette. Nevertheless, some studies have found that it reacts negatively with excess nicotine.

Peganum Harmala Seed Usage and Known Positive Effects

The sense of happiness and excitement which emerges from Harmalol’s material. This sensation is close to meditation and being immersed in a trance with everything, disassociation from everything, high self-sense. The sensation is similar to being away from physical attachments and feeling freedom.

Physical body lightening feeling. It feels like a total relaxation after meditation breathing exercises and trance exercises.

A deeper and cozier sleep We’ve all had beneficial effects on sleep. It enables a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

Feeling relaxed. It offers relief in the nervous system, as well as psychologically.

Because it eases physical stresses off people, navigating from outside to inside and inside to outside is easier. Through distraction, however, focus decreases when the rate is exceeded.

We didn’t add the findings that aren’t seen in all or most of our colleagues. Generally speaking, we have not encountered discomforts that are widely recognized by those using peganum harmala seeds, because we are on a peganım harmala diet. Symptoms varied depending on their current state of mind in some groups. Not all findings were seen simultaneously, but there is usually a spiritual relaxation after using peganum harmala seed.

An experience that involves a mild trance state, separates people from the physical dimension and helps them to have a more relaxed mood. The results vary based on your current state of mind, or directly related to continuing cognitive activities. Shifting to trance is smoother. In an average of 3 minutes, you can reach a mood that can be achieved in 10 minutes under normal conditions.The depth increases in a shorter time efficiently; particularly in meditation, religious activities, and trance studies.

Peganum Harmala Seed Usage and Spiritual Achievements

After the work we did, the primary concern for us was what we would accomplish spiritually, and we think we got the results we aspired. Spiritual consciousness was a typical acquisition even though the results are distinct to everyone.

  • The sensation of relaxation after a short meditation, even if there is no additional study
  • Precision in dreams and easy remembering
  • Increased vibration around the head, particularly in the area that extends from the neck to the front part
  • Increase in those vibrations during meditation, praying and spiritual activities
  • Increased telepathic perception.
  • Increase in intuitions.
  • Positive change in spiritual perceptions and positive changes in perspective.
  • Increase in the level of awareness, perception, and consciousness.
  • Increase in the concentration of imagination works

Exploding head syndrome” has been identified in raises in dose in the group “Parasomnia.” A sudden and violent blast sound can be heard inside the skull during this exploding head syndrome.

Personal Differences

Since the results were assessed with variables such as food awareness, less feeding, less sleep, and less speech. This procedure was continued without the use of peganum harmala seeds for some time. Eating less, eating less, and speaking less induces improvements in mental attitudes without further research, but when we use the seed of peganum harmala, we have seen these effects rise.

A key point is that the outcomes can vary according to the personal perspective and mental activities of the particular person. Unfortunately, we were unable to add the notes, details, and comparisons that we actually had to add, in order to enable the study to have a scientific level of quality, due to lack of time, lack of laboratory studies performed and because the information based mainly on individual acquisitions.For this reason, we do not wish to extend the topic so muchby introducing extracts from pages of documentation and diaries here. The fact that the substances involved in peganum harmala seed and the studies on these substances are documented is the aspect that can be scientifically acknowledged for us.

We did not find it necessary to include all the data and findings, because we felt that adding all the information we collected would not be scientific in order to make the topic more interesting or not to detach it completely from the topic.It is certain that there are too many variables influencing the outcomes on a personal and spiritual level, the lack of examination in a laboratory environment and since it is a topic that can affect health, led us to be doubtful as to whether or not to release this article until the end. We suggest that you look at the content as preliminary information about peganum harmala seed and DMT.

Lastly, I would like to include the benefits we’ve encountered while studying about peganum harmala seed and the section we also deduced.

peganum harmala dmt

Benefits of Peganum Harmala Seeds

What are the benefits of peganum harmala seeds? For which diseases peganum harmala seed is useful for?

Stimulates the central nervous system.

  • It is an expectorant
  • Beneficial against hair loss
  • Useful against watery eczema and malaria
  • Good for stomachaches
  • Good for Parkinson disease
  • Regulates the sleep pattern and good for insomnia
  • Removes intestinal parasites and bacteria
  • Positively affect the healing process of hemorrhoids.
  • Good for menstrual cramps.
  • It is good for rheumatism, varicose vein ve headaches
  • Good for heart-throbbing and difficulty in breathing
  • It has a protective effect against cancer with its antioxidant and antitumor characteristics.
  • Especially inthe colon, lymphoma and breast cancers. (Source and content updated at the end of the page)
  • It has an aphrodisiac effect.
  • It provides spiritual relief.
  • Good for depression.
  • It has an antibacterial feature.
  • Used in epilepsy and neurological disorders (source added at the page end)

* When it is burned, some people use it as an insecticide.

The benefit of peganum harmala seed can differ according to the person and metabolism.

Its tea can be brewed or roasted and then mixed with honey to eat. Overdose consumption can lead to vomiting. The steam of it can be beneficial against depression. If it will be consumed orally, at most two teaspoons can be consumed per day. More than two teaspoons are risky.

Allergy Test for Peganum Harmala Seed

You should perform your allergy tests absolutely for peganum harmala seed in order to prevent any kind of inconvenience.

For a simple allergy test for peganum harmala seed,

boil one teaspoon of peganum harmala seeds within a glass of water,

just as the water’s color begins to change, breathe in the steam that comes out.

If the steam you breathe creates pain and makes it hard to breathe then you should not use peganum harmala seeds. This testing is just the first initial step, you should certainly consult your doctor if you are considering the long-term use.

When the Peganum Harmala Seed Harvested?

Most of the herbalist stores have peganum harmala seeds. If you want to buy peganum harmala seed freshly, the harvest period is August. You should ask whether it is a new harvest or not.

The Difference of Effect between Old and New Harvested Peganum Harmala Seeds

I didn’t have the chance to test the old and new peganum harmala seed harvests. Lately, a fellow sent seeds he’s collected from. I could say one capsule of the newly harvested crop is worth a teaspoon of old seeds. Place of harvest, weather conditions and other triggers may also be effective.

Peganum Harmala Seeds and Psychic Effects

The evil eye which is categorized under psychic attack, it can damage all metabolism, starting from the spiritual layers as negative energy. The first influence begins from the aura and reflects the chakras as the discomfort due to negative energy flows to our bodies. Even it can cause various illnesses. Lack of sleep may cause some ideas to get trapped in mind, restless days, irritable and diminished strength. Also, we can call this a compressed telekinetic energy.

The relation between Peganum Harmala Seed and Evil Eye

The peganum harmala seed may have no direct impact on this energy, but since the peganum harmala is beneficial for the distress triggered by this negative energy, named the evil eye, the peganum harmala seeds’ relationship with the evil eye may be stated.Another impact on this matter is gaining emotional resilience against negative effects as a result of reviving the effectiveness of epiphysis with the use of peganum harmala seeds by increasing secretions of dmt, serotonin, and melatonin. Among those who used the seeds of peganum harmala reported that it was good against the evil eye. Which kind of interaction this cycle is going through, though, is not clear.

Did Mevlana use peganum harmala seeds?

What Mevlana said about peganum harmala seeds?

Peganum harmala sees is mentioned with Mevlana with his holiness. The reason why is the situation of openness to inspiration by the DMT effect. Those who do peganum harmala seed study have seen the Mevlana’s articles, he uses peganum harmala seeds and benefits from the DMT effect, as well as its exceptional DMT-related condition. Because it was not directly linked to our topic I did not find it necessary to attach it to the article, but since I came across queries and discourses in different contexts, I felt the need to add to this subject afterward.

The word of peganum harmala is mentioned twice Masnavi’s 2nd volume only.

1 Sprinkle fire as sprinkle seeds on the heads of the wolves; for those wolves are Yusuf’s enemies. Come on, Satan calls you “the heart of the father” so the traitor will fool you.

2 The Sheik said: “They poured my glass so much that not a mere seed of peganum harmala fit into it. Look ahead… Can one bit fit in here, even? You confused the term, you got tricked.

As is recognized, Masnavi is a poetic work with narratives and metaphorical stories that provide Sufi instruction. And frequently discussed narratives became a part of our culture. Moving on the basis of these two statements, I believe a theory of peganum harmala, reed, Arundo donax, and DMT arose from a misunderstanding. So far, in any poem written by Mevlana, I have not seen mention on the use of peganum harmala seeds. Of course, using it isn’t an issue, I just have to note it for those who are interested in this topic.

Effects of Peganum Harmala Seeds on Weight Loss

Does peganum harmala seed leads weight loss? Or it can support losing weight? This was not one of the goals of our study, but both the reviews we got from the users of peganum harmala and our findings suggest that this phenomenon has an influence. On the basis of our findings, we can list the results in weight loss and slimming as follows,

Feeling of Fullness: The substances inside creates a feeling of fullness. In this regard, less urge for eating is felt.

Psychological Relief: Depression and stress-based eating habits fade away with psychological relief.

Those who choose to use peganum harmala seed for dieting and weight loss must start this process with a doctor’s guidance as well as taking into consideration the cautions and mandatory diet mentioned throughout the entire article.

Is it Harmful to Eat Peganum Harmala Seeds?

Are there any side effects of peganum harmala? What are the side effects of peganum harmala?

There is also the fact that the peganum harmala seeds can be chewed and eaten. There is no specific damage as long as the diet is practiced, and not overdoed. Seed contents were included in the content. What is dangerous is not eating peganum harmala seed, but medical conditions that arise from raising the metabolism ratedue to all those compounds in peganum harmala seed.

The most severe of these threats are the interactions arising from increased consumption at amounts that differ from metabolism to metabolism. That is why the quantity taken should not be left to subjectivity and must be used as much as possible under the doctor’s supervision.

Among the side effects of peganum harmala seeds, there are dizziness, nausea, hypertension, and headache.

Do Peganum Harmala Seeds Cause Insomnia?

Peganum harmala will not cause insomnia if you pursue the diet listed on the first page before you begin using the seed. Nevertheless, in the first 6 hours when the influence is most intense you can feel more active and vibrant because of the “harmalol” effect based on your consumption quantity. Extreme sleep usually follows the cycle. For this purpose, adjusting your peganum harmala seed consumption to suit your sleep time is helpful.

You may face shortness of breath and hypertension, particularly if you regularly use caffeine-containing products such as coffee, if you do not pursue the diet you must follow while using peganum harmala seeds. These issues also refer to other things you should never be consumed. In this phase, sleep disorders will be unavoidable for you.

Notes and Updates about the Sources

The reference was not included in the Peganum Harmala Seed Use compilations and the benefits of the peganum harmala seed, since the main source was not mentioned. Similar data is also accessible on many blogs, posted on the web pages and For some usage of peganum harmala seeds and peganum harmala benefits mentioned on those pages, the related book sources, results of laboratory examinations or names of people are not defined as the source.

Mr. Saraçoğlu also stated some of those. Medications that are listed under the heading of drugs that should not be used together were first included in the site called in 2008, and several other sites appear to have cited the info without clarifying the citation. No technical information has been expressed on this material. The relevant site is today not deemed to be active.

For which diseases the peganum harmala seed is beneficial for

For which diseases the peganum harmala seed is beneficial for

For which diseases the peganum harmala weed is beneficial for?

Despite the lack of concrete information provided, there are significant developments for us to deduce it can be used in disorders such as Parkinson, specifically cancer.

Anticancer Feature

The research on the Anticancer effect of Harmine substance in the peganum harmala seeds can be reached via the link of Xanthomicrol is the main cytotoxic component of Dracocephalum kotschyii and a potential anti-cancer agent
– Harmine demonstrated cytotoxicity against cell groups HL60 and K562 and had been able to articulate the cytotoxic activity of this peganum harmala on those cells.

Peganum harmala was also used to treat diseases, including skin cancers, and to treat skin pain and inflammation.- Farouk L, Laroubi A, Aboufatima R, Benharref A, Chait A (February 2008). “Analgesic impact assessment of peganum harmala L. Extract from alkaloids: possible processes”. J Ethnopharmacol. 115 (3): 449-54. 10.1016 / j.JP.2007.10.014

Harmine, another alkaloid present in peganum harmala, is a significant influence in the removal of vesicular forms of intercellular parasites. [1 – 2]

Antibacterial feature

Al-Shamma A, Drake S, Flynn DL, vd. (1981). “Antimicrobial agents from taller plants, Antimicrobial agents from Peganum harmala seeds”. J. Nat. Prod. 44 (6): 745-7. Effect of Peganum harmala

Effectiveness on Leukemia

In this regard, it is indicated in a research conducted in 2015 that the use of peganum harmala can create hope.26540074

The Effect of Peganum Harmala Seed on Bones

It has been highlighted in some analyses that the harmine substance included in the peganum harmala strengthens the bone structure and helps to prevent bone tissue loss. (A Harmine Treatment)Eur J Pharmacol 2011 Jan 1;650(2-3):511-8. Epub 2010 Nov 1. Department of Nutriproteomics, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan.

Additional Updates

Several animal research showed an increase in liver weight following toxic activity, with liver and kidney failure. The use of high doses of peganum harmala seeds has been documented to trigger stroke and hepatic degeneration due to toxic effects. 1

Use of Peganum Harmala In Pregnancy

It’s definitely not advised to use peganum harmala seeds during pregnancy. Studies on peganum harmala and pregnancy show that it is not recommended to take peganum harmala during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Marwat SK, ur Rehman F. Medicinal and pharmacological potential of harmala ( Peganum harmala L.) seeds. In: Preedy VR, Watson RR, Patel VB, eds. Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention. London, England: Academic Press; 2011: 585-599 – Shapira Z, Terkel J, Egozi Y, Nyska A, Friedman J. Abortifacient potential for the epigeal parts of Peganum harmala . J Ethnopharmacol. 1989;27(3):319-325

Use of Peganum Harmala and Stomach Diseases

Gastric Ulcer: Peganum harmala seeds include harmaline and harmine. Those substances can lead to complications in individuals with stomach ulcers due tothe use of peganum harmala seeds. (There are different views on this subject 28478808)

Effects on the Lungs and Liver

The harmaline and harmine in it can lead to other problems of various kinds. Peganum harmala seeds are not recommended for those with asthma and chronic lung disease (COPD). You should certainly discuss this with your doctor.

In some reports, liver damage has been documented due tothe long-term use of peganum harmala seeds. Those with liver problems and hepatitis, it will be safe to get a point of view from a doctor for the use of peganum harmala seed. Most of the reported problems here, were liver and kidney failures, which resulted due to the use of high quantities of peganum harmala.

Use in Urinary Problems

There are claims in peganum harmala seeds that harmaline and harmful substances can cause serious problems in individuals with a urinarystricture.

Peganum Harmala Seed, Neurological Diseases and Epilepsy

Peganum harmala seeds are used locally in Indian traditional medicine different diseases. It is used in areas such as stomach problems, urinary and sexual diseases, epilepsy, menstrual problems, nervous and mental illness, etc. They address phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, toxicity data and medical uses backed by scientific literary works study.

Scientific understanding of the plants has assembled from some sources, comprised of some ancient traditional ayurvedic and ethnopharmacological books. This article also includes the literature which has contained the pharma’s main pharmacological and significant reports for the last 25 years. Source

The documented pharmaceutical characteristics for peganum harmala seed have been compared to the ones which can be seen in modern phytotherapy. In modern phytotherapy, some of its functionalities have been verified, such as emetic and analgesia practices, and some have not been assessed in modern phytotherapy, such as their therapeutic¹ effects on stroke, epilepsy, and stupefaction.

This compilation provides proof to other researchers to use the Peganum harmala characteristics as an efficient natural alternative. Suitable preclinical and inter-clinical experiments to examine the safety and therapeutic effectiveness areadvised. Source

¹What is therapeutic: dose amounts needed to deliver the desired gain.

Usage of Peganum Harmala Seeds Before Surgical Operations

The use of peganum harmala seeds can influence serotonin levels. In theory, peganum harmala can come into contact with medicines used before and during surgery. It is suggested that to stop and pause using peganum harmala at least two weeks ago.

Compilations were made from the source links I previously shared. Even though the outcomes are not accurate and fair, conclusions have been made based on different observations.

Last Update 26th October 2019

You can find peganum harmala seed users’ comments and experiences below the page.

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Peganum Harmala Seed Usage and DMT Effect – utilized sources and those who want to investigate in detail: Psychedelic Shamanism – Jim DeKorne, Okyanus Publishing

The use of peganum harmala seed should be evaluated along with subjects in the types of DMT and Spiritual Advancement. The specifics are addressed in other articles, since this topic can not include all the specifics, including fluoride and mental impacts.


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Peganum Harmala Seed, Usage, DMT Effect, Benefits and Harms

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    The interaction of certain foods and drugs with the MAO inhibition brought on by beta-carbolines can be fatal!! The following substances must not be ingested within 48 hours before and after taking the brew: [A more complete list is available here]

    All amphetamines or related compounds, such as MDA, MDMA, phenylpropanolamine, ephedrine, etc. [add "smart drugs" to this category.]

    Any foods containing tyramine, or where enzymatic processes have been used: e.g., yoghurt, sour cream, aged cheeses, wines, especially port or Chianti, beer, fermented sausages (pepperoni), soy sauce, etc.

    Certain other foods, including: shellfish, bananas, liver, avocados, broad beans, chocolate, coffee and others.

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    Another common preparation method, which is easier on the stomach and causes less nausea in general, is to make a hot water infusion. Part of the active ingredients can easily get lost in the process of this method, so add 1 to 2 grams to the doses mentioned earlier. 150 ml of water and 50 ml of lemon juice per person is used. Simmer the finely ground seeds for 15 to 30 minutes on the lowest fire on your stove and strain the liquid, which is then ready for consumption.


    Peganum harmala contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means it can be very dangerous when combined with certain foods or other psychoactives that are totally harmless when taken by themselves.

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