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Astral Projection Meaning Astral projection experience

Astral projection meaning – Astral travel

Did you have ever heard of out of body experience or astral projection? Do you interested in it and would like to learn it? In this article you will find information for getting started to astral projection.

What is astral projection experience?

In more than 50 cultures, there is the idea that the mind or soul can leave the body. Man calls this out-of-body experience (LFS) astral walk or out of body experience. This can either occur spontaneously or be deliberately initiated. The experiences made here are similar worldwide. Depending on the particular culture and its religion, however, these experiences are interpreted differently. In a survey, about 10 percent of people said that they had previously had out-of-body experiences of varying length and intensity.

Astral projection – Out of body experience

There is no sense of space and time and you can, for example, walk through walls or fly. Because the physical laws are no longer valid. In our physical world, we know the mass and gravity acting on us. The time is not influenceable for us. During an astral walk, these sizes do not exist. The consciousness (the subtle part) leaves its biological (gross) body, can even look at it from the outside and experience the world weightlessly. The spirit moves in the astral body in the astral world. It is even reported by a 360° panoramic view, painlessness and completeness in the case of amputated body parts.

Features of astral projection? – Astral travel

Time is changeable in the astral world. Projections into the past or impressions of the future are considered possible. You are not dependent on technical aids and you are not limited by the limits of technology. Astral projection through our solar system and even beyond it through our galaxy and our universe are possible.

In the astral travel, you are not bound to your different biological senses, your perception expands. As if in a dream, you are immortal during an astral walk. You can always leave the astral world and return to your biological body.

There are a lot of information about astral travel and you can find them on our web site. Just check out the site for other articles. So long for now.


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Astral Projection Meaning

August 26, 2018

Turhan Doğan

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