How to make telepathy over picture?

How to make telepathy over picture

How to make telepathy over picture

Can a telepath be done by looking at a photograph or picture? How to make telepathy with photography? Is it possible to make telepathy by looking at someone else’s picture?

Just think that telepathic communication is enough for us to communicate with the person we want to establish a telepathic telepathy with a different size of the picture will appear.

A single thought produces signals about that thought. When the idea is fixed on a subject, these signals start to repeat. However, since these signals are not targeted, they spread around and remain ineffective. Thoughts are now moving towards a single center when they focus on image or image.

Since telepathic communication is a spiritual communication, they reach their goals without encountering any material obstacle. An example of this is the experiments in Faraday cages, the mother rabbit and telepathic hypnosis, which are observed in brain waves when the offspring of the offspring are killed.

Looking at a picture, when we want to make telepathy, we actually show the other spiritual receiver that the signals must reach in our spirit world. In telepathy studies, which are normally performed with image, the receiver is detected not by image but by image.

Which cases can be made by looking at the picture?

It is not necessary to find pictures for telepathy, but in some cases it is effective in accelerating the process.

If you have difficulty in imagination, do not have enough time to improve your imagination

If you have difficulty remembering the face of the person you want to make telepathy

When you want to strengthen your image in telepathy,

You can try to strengthen your telepathic communication by looking at the picture.

The Effect of Looking at the Picture in Telepathic Communication

The human face is the reflection of your soul. All traces of his inner world are generally reflected on the face. Visually, the human face is like a spiritual path to the human spirit at matter level. For other beings, the mother’s name is used as the address, while those with a spiritual ability use the pictures for spiritual communication.

They will become concrete; The human face functions as the signal values ​​of a TV channel on satellite in spiritual communication. Looking at the picture, the spiritual connection is established. From the moment the picture is taken, the spiritual reflection of that person is taken to a square for that time period. After all the ongoing squares continue in real life, the period is sufficient for spiritual follow-up.

If you have a human picture that you want to communicate telepathically, then I think it’s not that difficult because of social media.

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