Loneliness in Spiritual Development

Loneliness in Spiritual Development

Loneliness in Spiritual Development

In today’s modern life, people become lonely as the possibilities develop. This is often expressed as a criticism, but in reality the isolation becomes a natural need. In an involuntary way, people have to stay away from the matter and remain alone. Just like the reflexes that our bodies give to protect our health, our soul also tries to strengthen the spiritual ties by attracting us to loneliness.

Although loneliness is often a negative concept, it is an indispensable element for spiritual development. The hustle and bustle of the necessities, the noise and the informatics network that surrounds us all cause us to engage in a continuous mental activity. As these mental activities cannot be solved during the day, we try to dissolve during sleep and as a result, we start a new day without resting either physically or spiritually.

As time progresses in our lives, this situation returns to us as stress, depression and chronic fatigue as a spiritual accumulation;

Imagine that all the factors that bind you in your life have disappeared suddenly, that the necessities have disappeared and that you are completely free. Imagine a moment where you don’t have to do anything, just make enough effort to meet your needs, and your spiritual integrity isn’t distorted.

Loneliness in Spiritual Development

If you are interested in parapsychology and want to improve your spiritual abilities, you should be able to stay away from the chaos of life by being alone with yourself. Loneliness is essential for spiritual ascension in all of the meditation and religious practices, including spiritual deepening, to increase spiritual depth.

Why Loneliness?

Mental confusion and intensity occupy people in the matter of substance. Take a look at the details that are already present in your mind about your life; concerns, frustrations, debates, frustration of expectations, expectations of others from you, plans made about the future and others diğerleri Because the mind is constantly engaged with these issues, access to Spiritual levels is very limited or you cannot maintain the intensity you have achieved for a long time. Somehow, a matter of substance size comes and takes you back to the item level.

The more frequent these draws will be, the more unfortunate your efforts will be. Those who can be obtained in a short period of peace in solitude may require years of effort in daily life.

Your mind is constantly being made, made, and engaged in dialogues, so you cannot go down into spiritual depth. You should at least periodically experience this experience and create recordable spiritual awareness.

Preliminary preparations before loneliness in spiritual development

If you want to integrate with your soul to develop or control your spiritual ability, there are some points to consider before you start.

Plan and Know What You Want

Set your goals and plan accordingly. Loneliness can turn into a big boredom when you don’t move. When you need to know exactly what to do. You need to know exactly what you want and what you’re working for. If you want to improve yourself on telepathy, complete it if you have any missing information, find out if you need to learn about it, determine how long you need, and decide whether you need monthly, weekly, daily or hourly loneliness.

Add the techniques you will apply and the work you do to this in your plan beforehand. Do not forget to adapt the techniques to be applied to yourself before testing.

Review all the details and make sure they are not missing. You should take care not to engage your mind with any detail in the timeframes when you are alone.

Tell yourself what you want to do

Before you start an activity, determining what you intend to do and focusing on you will focus your mind, body and spirit on a point.

– I’m staying alone for 3 days to improve my telepathy or to do astral travel.

The words of intention and activity will direct you to a goal as brain functions and spiritual mechanisms. Although we are not aware of hormonal activities will be organized accordingly, all of our metabolism will begin to act in accordance with this goal.

Identify and Supply Your Needs

If you have a home where you can stay alone for a long time, what do you need to eat healthy? Find out what you need and find all of these before you start.

You should keep in mind that you should eat less during your work. If you need hormonal activity according to the target you set, you need to adjust your diet accordingly.

Tell your surroundings about long-term solitude

The process of playing the door or stealing your phone should not keep your mind busy. It is extremely important not to be disturbed during this process. The phone that you carry with you should only be available to you in case you need it.

Stay Away from Technological Facilities You should not use all the facilities that will keep you busy when you use it, such as Internet and Internet. During the planning phase, remove or note the information you will use on the internet. If you have books you can take advantage of.

How long should loneliness be?

Formerly, the mysticist has lived a process called riyazet¹ for 40 days; During this period, they did not leave the cell or the shrub and were limited to their necessities. Thus, the bond with the substance was restricted and the desired intensity could be achieved in the heart and mental contact. This practice is not only a practice of Islam, but also in all other divine religions and in the developmental process of religious life.

The basic purpose of such practices is to ensure that human beings are integrated into the spirit world by minimizing their ties with the matter.

40 days or longer periods may not be possible in today’s life, or everyone may not be able to find this environment.

Loneliness and Personal Differences in Spiritual Development

Some people cannot tolerate solitude, some spend their lives alone, no matter how crowded places they are. The duration should be determined taking into account personal differences, goals and opportunities.

With high motivation, a person can achieve a depth of 40 days, which can be achieved in 40 days.

Loneliness and Astrological Effects in Spiritual Development

Astrology and Horoscopes, related

– Fortune, in this age!

If you have ideas like Astrology please do not continue this section without reading the topics below.

There are some signs that loneliness is like a spiritual collapse for them. Because they need other people’s assets to sustain their energies. Their sharing, chats and events are the source of energy for them. When you cut this source, you cut off the spiritual energy resources. Especially for twins who have air group signs, scales and Aquarius horoscopes, loneliness in spiritual development can be considered as a process that can be more difficult for those who have influence from these signs and ruling planets in their social lives. With these effects, time can be limited and additional measures can be considered.

Crab, Pisces, and especially Scorpio zodiac signs of loneliness as a group of rests in their spiritual energy. Horoscopes in this group or other signs of influence from home positions can keep the time as long as they can reach their goals. As loneliness is a requirement for these signs in daily life, the longer duration will not be a problem for them.

How long should loneliness continue in spiritual development?

No matter how useful loneliness is, it should not be implemented in a way that will last a lifetime and exclude yourself from other people. When the desired benefits are achieved and the target is reached, it should be terminated and made at certain times if necessary.

Time; It can be planned as Monthly, Weekly, Daily or Hourly in proportion to the needs, goals and opportunities offered by your life.

Points of Attention for Loneliness

The most important point to pay attention to is the implementation of the decisions taken with a strong will. Because if a person is alone when his motivation is not strong enough and cannot use his will in any direction, he may have to give up in a very short time and deal with what he and his subconscious had accumulated.

Spiritual depths can be unsettling and problematic for people who have a sensitive structure or are open to some spiritual characteristics. If loneliness is the same for you, it will be better if you find the cause of these fears and get professional help when necessary. Especially those who have loneliness phobia and those affected by loneliness should not enter into such studies.

Loneliness may become a passion in some people at the addiction point. This process should never be transformed into an application that will adversely affect your everyday life and disrupt the balance. Loneliness is useful as long as it is your requirements and your control. The subject should not be transformed.

When you are alone, try to spend time efficiently and, if possible, to integrate with your soul to a great extent. You can try to evaluate with different methods according to your belief.

Do not pave the way for such activities without knowing exactly what you want and without having enough will. Because every step on your way to your soul can lead to difficult openings. Any loneliness that is not made consciously and planned, has the potential to bring with them even bigger problems. When acting with “Consciousness”, it is a fact that can cause harm in the case of “Must”.

Loneliness and Benefits in Spiritual Development

Consciously, when you are left alone at certain times and intervals for a particular goal, the following benefits may vary from person to person.

  • The concept of time can be handled with different sizes.
  • The substance and matter beyond life can be separated.
  • The mechanisms connected between body and soul can be seen more clearly.
  • Since environmental impacts disappear, mental activities begin to take shape with different dimensions.
  • Spiritual abilities, individual differences, internalization in applied-tested techniques and spiritual dimensions can be seen more clearly.
  • When loneliness is evaluated well, mental and spiritual calm continues in daily life.

The human being has two reset and regeneration points in spiritual development

1- Loneliness: Provides spiritual convergence and cleansing
2- Fasting and Low Eating: Provides physical purification and regeneration.

To get a general idea of what needs to be done to develop spiritual development and spiritual capabilities You can see the Methods and Techniques of Developing Spiritual Forces.

¹ Riyazet (riyazat) In Sufism, spiritual and spiritual development of the body for a period of time away from the desire. Loneliness (riyazat, ordeal as a whole)


Loneliness in Spiritual Development

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