Spiritual Deepening and Benefits

Spiritual Deepening and Benefits

In the previous article we tried to explain how the spiritual deepening would be achieved and the importance of paranormal work with a short technique. In this article, I would like to talk about the benefits of transa transition. Whether you are meditating or using different methods, you will start to see your benefits when you continue to work on the transition. You will witness that it is not only a matter of paranormal work, but also an important work to sustain your life in a healthier and more seamless way.

Material Life and Spiritual Breaks

Our daily life in the vicious circle, hectic, endless and new added responsibilities, preparation for exams, work anxiety, disappointments, extreme expectations, dissatisfaction, bills that need to be paid or delayed, imposed adverts and more winning requirements for us to receive something continuously, noise pollution all these pressures that surround our soul and the lack of clean oxygen in the line phase bring the depression and the mental breakdown of the energy collapse.

There is so much burden imposed on people and asked to overcome bankruptcy is inevitable. The accumulated material pressures need to be eliminated in some way, but the system also offers a solution and teaches to displace all pressures. Anti-Depressants against depression. However, the Anti-Depressants are one of the biggest factors that severed the spiritual link. No pain felt, no depression experienced is not without reason. Pain and depression are a warning for salvation. When these warnings are closed, human happiness ties with the hormones of virtual happiness also breaks off the spiritual ties in the future over the future to prepare the next crisis itself.

Natural Discharge and Improvement Functions

The material is placed inside the body, and all the hardware necessary for adaptation with the soul trapped inside the body. Printing can also be eliminated or minimized without taking any material. In summary terms, the communication between the two bodies should be optimized without interrupting the matter with the body. You can see the best example of this in children. Their spiritual communication is so healthy that they can fight and cry and laugh at the same day. His dreams are very clear and his positive energies never end. They can turn everything into a game.

As it grows, the human body resembles a tree that thickens and leaves its essence. Material life and struggle remove people from their essence as age progresses and makes the attacks coming from the level of the substance cannot be discharged into games. Getting rid of a stressful life cannot take steps to take a peaceful life.

Spiritual Deepening and Benefits

Since it is not possible to include all of the methods that can be listed in order to be able to strengthen the mental contact and maintain a healthy life in this article, let’s consider the aspect facing the subject as Deep Transa Transition and its Benefits. What kind of benefits does deep transa transition help us in terms of our spiritual development in paranormal studies?

You can stop the flow of life without stopping for a moment, resting mentally, physically and spiritually.
You don’t let the whole burden of problems thrown into the subconscious and analyzed and solved only in sleep.
Your sleep becomes more efficient. You start the day energetically and vigorously.
You can remove the negative energies accumulated in your muscles and relax your body.

With your muscles relaxing and discharging, your energy channels are opened and your energy flow is strengthened.
You get rid of the pain and attacks caused by clogging your energy channels.
Since the negative energies that destroy your aura will be discarded, your aura will go into the process and you will feel better. These negative energies can include negative thoughts, negative effects transmitted by others.
You will feel stronger and more secure because the connection between the soul and the body will become stronger. With these suggestions, you can prepare yourself for life better and have a more positive perspective.

Spiritually and Physically Better

You can start the day with more rest and strength.
You can do your imagination work more effectively.
You have the opportunity to capture the details that you have missed in your life with a calm mind.
Your feelings are strengthened You will minimize the possibility of errors as the pressures that cause you to make wrong decisions will disappear.
Your nerves will settle down and you will have a more calm, positive life.
You will live a more peaceful life because the stress caused by external factors will decrease.

Increases your life energy and efficiency.
Because the pressure on it will decrease, your point of view develops positively and you start to look at events more objectively.
You’re starting to be less impacted.
You experience situations called inspiration more often.
You start to use your equipment much better.
These and similar substances can be increased. Unfortunately, only a few of those who read this article and the like from a person who is expected to have a magic wand will be patient enough to be able to take the results.

How long does it begin to show its effect?

The effects of the reflections of the study are close to the effect of the subconscious on an average of two weeks. However, differences will be observed starting from the first study. Once you get down to the alpha theta level, you start to get more effective results in a shorter time. Because the mental and mental learning mechanisms do not forget to learn and begins to automate. You can go directly to the level of alpha theta with the triggers you will create to get to the same levels (words, sentences, numbers, shapes, dreams).

Spiritual Deepening and Benefits

Spiritual Development

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Man is limited to things he cannot do unless he loses his soul. The AMA is so selfish, lazy and egoistic that it cannot abandon what it must give up to reach the limit.

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