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Telekinesis and Imagination Studies

Telekinesis and Imagination Studies

“If you can’t visualize what you want to do in your mind, you cannot fully reflect your wishes to the three-dimensional material world”. In the previous article, we talked about the importance and effect of a telepathy and image, and the same effects are valid in telekinesis. Since the effect of image in our sample is carried out by scientists in a laboratory environment, you can do your imagination studies without any doubt.

Imagination, Power, Energy and Telekinesis

When you visualize anything in your mind, each image is a result of intense mental activity and spiritual bonding. Requests trigger internal mechanisms through mental and spiritual levels before reflecting on real life. There is energy to affect the center, but this energy is uncontrolled and ineffective because it is not directed. The energy needs to be programmed and targeted in order for the energy to be effective. Just before building a building, the plan and project of the building, such as the preparation of telekinesis studies to be done in the mind should be prepared and illustrated in the preliminary preparation.

I’m sure to see the house you will receive in a project that is finished when you want to buy a house. The same applies to telekinesis studies. Nothing that you do not believe and that you do not plan in your mind will not have enough effect on the matter. Faith; means power and energy. This duality is the two essential elements for effect. Without believing it is not possible to create this duo. In order to believe, you need to show yourself what you want to do by painting and animating.

Image and Target Energy

As we mentioned above, energy needs to be programmed and targeted. Unscheduled and untargeted energy is very broad, like the phrase “I want to do telekinesis” and distributes energy. Just request is not enough. Anyone who has anything to do with telekinesis has done the work called Psi Wheel – Telekinesis and Psi Wheel – how much effect did the paper just want to turn? How much has your inner energy focused? How could the unattached and unscheduled energy cause a return to the paper? Can we say that thought and mental images will not affect the protons at a time when it is mentioned that the protons react to the voice and the wishes?

imageinative Telekinesis Study and Practice

Let me try to explain the effect of the imagination with an application without stretching the subject too much and making it boring with technical details. If you do not practice before you start practicing meditation, breathing exercises or something similar if you are not preparing yourself internally Spiritual Depth How is it provided? Open your energy channels by making the application described in the title and make yourself ready for application.

For example, I am telling you through Psi Wheel because it is well known. Make all your preparations in a quiet and quiet room of the house. Get the materials and media ready to work. You must make sure no one will bother you.

When you relax in a deep way, in your mind, first of all, it is the easiest way to get an image. It can be numbers, it can be a mountain view. Could be the interior of your room. You can always use a pen on your desk.

The important point is “to go as far as possible”.

For example, if you are going to paint the numbers, the fog above the number 1 is a cool mountain where the wind sweeps from there; 2 on the lake shore near the sunset (attention to color and light tones); On the banks of a flowing river where you can even hear the number 3; Visualize the colors, indentations and protrusions on the pen as if you were just looking through a magnifying glass.

Penetrate the substance, enter into, try to smell. You can also do this work regularly to improve your imagination and progress in clairvoyance work.

Do the following in your mind. “You are a very rested, self-confident person, and you emerge as an energy surgeons all over you. or take a deep breath in your posture. You take a deep breath, while breathing through your nose, the energy that is called prana and filled in the atmosphere increases your energy.

Imaging must be from your own eye, follow yourself for a short period of time when necessary.

You direct energy to your hands (if you are working with eye contact), your hands begin to warm up and become tingling from the intensity of the energy.
You can feel the intensity and effect of energy in your hands.
You put your hands on both sides of the Psi Wheel.
The energy in your hands is so intense that sparks fly to the Psi Wheel paper.
The energy in your right hand is moving forward from the right side of the paper, the energy in your left hand moving strongly backwards from the left side of the paper. Thus, the paper starts to rotate from right to left. (Turn in any direction)
You can adjust the rotational speed of the paper as desired.

Visualization and Telekinesis Studies “Points to Consider”

Develop and implement this example according to your own internal characteristics. Do not start working without visualizing the image in your mind as clearly as possible.
Always work in the same environment. Energy and mental studies have the ability to penetrate and settle.
Do not go into any expectation. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t let your ego take you prisoner.
The action of targeting and releasing energy requires a certain process and the result is different for everyone. As you study, you will see your shortcomings, you will learn over time which steps are taking the energy free mold when you take the steps.

Take the molds out of your mind like “I couldn’t”, “I didn’t”, “I didn’t succeed”, “I’ve succeeded”, “Just happened”. Every pattern will create expectations that will require you to run after it. Just make the process fun and enjoy what you get.
Do not tighten your muscles during imagination studies, just use your mind. Imagine and animate. Minimize the impact of your substance body.
++ Involuntary effects can occur in your muscles, pupils or on your hands during the visualization. This is like the stage in which you start to talk in a trance, without talking to your lips.
Imagination studies can trigger conscious dreams or cause you to remember dreams more clearly.

Telekinesis and imagination Success and Stability

Remember that each person has different characteristics. Imagination is not necessary for any work but can be used as an accelerator. Due to phyto-differences, image studies may require more practice, especially in those who do not have visual intelligence. Remember that only every person has different characteristics and abilities. Be patient and determined. If you’re on your way to success, don’t give up.

Be persistent. Do not use the word impossible for paranormal work, what is important is the gains you will get. The internal achievements you will have with your work cannot be given to you in any educational institution, website or book. Every human being is a separate world and you can discover this world only by discovering you.

Telekinesis and Imagination Studies


Original Article:

5 July 2017

Bukra Tarık Dora

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