To contact someone who has died

To contact someone who has died

To contact someone who has died

Can he contact the dead? How to contact the dead? How to talk to the dead? Can we communicate with our deceased relatives? Is it possible to contact someone who has died? Can a dead man call us?

I’m sure many of you have been in the mood. Of course, it is not possible to contact with sessions of cups and letters known to most of us.

When a person dies, that is to say, when you leave the body with the body, you stay in the house where you will live for the rest of the day. Because of the walls and obstacles in between, it is not possible to see the material. The reason for this is not one-sided. In the first dimension, the status of the person who wants to see and in the other dimension is important. But it is not impossible. Consider the issue with different aspects.

Why can’t we contact the dead?

This is what should be in normal life form. This is necessary to make life more bearable and sustainable. Imagine for a moment that there are dead people everywhere. Or think about how long we’ve been in contact with all the people who have died in the house of everyone. It may seem like an attractive thought for those who are separated from their loved ones, but make sure the world becomes an uninhabitable place. In order for normal living standards to continue, the two dimensions need to be bearish.

The inhabitants of the material size have an organism which can only see the substance form with their material bodies (few paranormal talent owners and the ones who develop themselves are exceptions). The deceased have abandoned the matter body and continue to live in the spiritual dimension. Even if you cross the wall of interiors, passing to the dimension where the souls are is not an experience that can be lived by everyone in the 3 dimensional life limits.

Why is it possible to contact the dead?

Both the dead and those who continue their life have the spirit from the same source. The temporal is the body, the soul is not subject to any restriction. Souls leave a telepathic sign in the people they contact with each other (especially family and love ties). This allows the transmitter position to be maintained. Think of it as a radio transmitter placed anywhere in the world. The radiating waves never disappear and the entire universe. Just like our thoughts. And the bond established on the spiritual floor is so strong that communication is possible even when they leave the item size.

When viewed from a material level, it can be seen as impossible, but when it is the soul in question, the boundaries disappear. However, this bond diminishes with time and the rest of the world is bound to the dimensions of those who remain in the spiritual dimension. In very rare cases, there are cases where the bond continues, especially those who lose their spouses and children can not break this bond and continue their lifelong bond. However, most of the time it is necessary for the normal course of life to continue, and the bond is broken.

Why are the dead and half awake?

Contact with the dead is more likely to happen when we move from the material dimension to the spiritual level and sleep and half awake (so-called Yakaza). Those who see the reality of these dreams can distinguish very well. As the spirit is free during sleep, spiritual contact is easier at this stage. The person who is alive can see that the substance cannot be seen in the form of life.

Mental communication with the dead is always possible?

Is it always possible to contact a dead person?

There are certain days and times when spiritual floors are opened or communicated more easily. Since it is not possible to examine this subject scientifically or to make experiments and observations, we can only produce theories. Probably transitions between spiritual dimensions are possible at certain time intervals, or for those who are alive, certain time periods may be more appropriate for liaison. This type of contact usually takes place in the morning. For those living in substance size at that time, the mental situations in which they exist may be more favorable. Because they’re half awake to wake up. It is a transition phase between two dimensions.

What can be done to contact the dead?

Two-dimensional transition times. Sleep awakening stages and hours before morning awakening.

Why are these phases to contact the dead? Because it is difficult to remember what is seen in the heavy sleep stage, the dreams that are remembered are nearing the morning we are about to wake up, in which the consciousness slowly opens. Simultaneous communication with both the spiritual layers and the world becomes possible at the same time. It is a suitable period of time for the transfer of those from the spiritual levels to the item level. If there is no obstacle for the soul of the deceased, it creates a suitable environment for contact with the deceased person at any moment between sleep and wakefulness.

There are many cases of contact during sleep during the day. This situation can be deliberately created and contacted, but it can discuss the health of the connection because the demons can be contacted at this point.

When a certain trance is reached, when our consciousness is opened in the dream, in the conscious dream phase, remembering the person you want to contact, animating it in your mind, it will activate its telepathic and spiritual connection between your mind and memory. Spiritual contact can be achieved if there is no obstacle. However, as mentioned above, it will be difficult to be confident that when the spiritual sensitivity increases, it can be the theme of other assets. Although spiritual sensation is possible to some extent, it is difficult to be sure of the reality of the contact. How is Transa passed? You can review the article.


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