To contact someone who has died

To contact someone who has died

How to communicate with the dead

Can the Dead be contacted with the Soul Session?

Is it possible to establish contact with the dead through reunion sessions? Those who are seriously investigating this matter know that these sessions should not be done, and in fact, I think that those who come to these sessions are genies. With such sessions, it is not possible to contact the dead and talk with the dead. In this stage, the elves may have great problems.

Is it possible to talk on the phone with someone dead?

Can someone call us dead? Can a dying relative reach us by phone? Talk to the phone with someone who died in the dream!

Communication roles in dreams and dreams

It is neither scientifically nor intellectually possible to believe in the extraordinary events that we do not experience in our daily lives. No scientific explanation can be made of this because it is necessary to conduct data analysis with the existing scientific means at the moment when the event occurs, more than one person should live in the same event.

I often try to explain the issue as much as possible to those living in similar situations, as they often come to me by mail.

The dead people move to a different dimension than the item size, but the spiritual communication between the two dimensions does not completely disappear. In the world that has abandoned matter size, the name of the people who have died and died is realized in different ways. While most of them take place in the awakening phase of sleep called “yakaza”, it can also be communicated through dreams.

The truths of these events can be discussed, but there are some incidents that the people who have died cannot know anyone else. The realization of the warnings made in this kind of communication increases the credibility of the events. However, in such communications, it is useful not to always look at the possibility that different assets are partners.

Can a Dead Man Call on the Phone?

The communication methods used in such events are very similar to the techniques used in communication with image and telepathy. The conversations in the dialogues that have taken place in the scenes of the movie; As in communications under difficult conditions, mechanical, parasitic and often difficult to understand conversations. But you can feel who you are talking to and who you want to say spiritually. In daily life, people who are in touch only hear the voices of the phone.

Psychologically, this seems to be a defense mechanism for the elimination of the longing for the deceased family. You’ve communicated and relaxed. The events that occur in the subconscious are clearly not reflected in the consciousness, but the sense of “reality” becomes clearer.

Spiritual Communication and Tinnitus

In telepathic communication, only the communicating person is aware of this event, and others are not aware of what is happening. Only you see and you hear. In telepathic communication, “tinnitus” is a kind of psychic as a stimulus, “there is someone who is curious about you, talking about you” (not all tinnitus, but about how to do Telepathy). In order to communicate with a person in the dimension of matter he must be warned in a way, attracting his attention and put in a different dimension. A sense of surprise, a feeling of fear, and sudden onset suddenly puts people in a different spiritual dimension.

With telepathy, different voices and images can be triggered by imageinative methods. In this way, we can interpret the phone voices heard. All known sounds and images recorded in our brain can be used by those who know it. When you call a person who is under hypnosis “your phone is stealing”, that person actually hears that sound and he can have a conversation by taking the phone which he believes to exist and believing he exists. Can you hear the phone? Or the bilateral conversation? Reality goes on between you and that person in a very different dimension.

We can say that these mechanisms can be used in phone calls with a dead person. Is it possible to prove and validate scientifically? As long as you’re not alive, it’s never possible. All spiritual realities are only your own realities.

To contact someone who has died?

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