What is Astral Travel?

What is Astral Travel?

What is Astral Travel?

What is Astral Travel? Is Astral travel real? Can a man go out of his body and travel?

Astral travel has been handled separately in parapsychology and metapsychics. In parapsychology, astral travel is defined as “out-of-body experience” or “out-of-body travel“; In the metapisis, it is expressed as “consciousness projection“. What we know is the closest parapsychological approach to the definition of out-of-body travel because the concept of consciousness projection is not enough to define precisely the extracellular travel. The projection relates to the transmission of an image to another point, which will be more clearly understood when diversifying the astral journey below.

The travel of the material which is made up of two basic parts as matter and substance beyond the material body by going beyond the material body is defined as Astral travel, ie non-physical travels. However, until this point, the different layers in the human cause fallacies and the images in the unconscious and the mind can be confused with a real astral travel experience.

What is Astral Travel? Is It Really Possible?

What is Astral Travel for item-based science? The answer to the question will always be “never possible“. Because the criteria for the evaluation of substance science are material. He cannot accept anything that exists beyond substance. For astral travel science, because reality acquisitions are based solely on sense organs; it cannot be proved, observed or evaluated. To question the reality of phenomena such as astral travel, you need to go beyond the criteria of existing science. You can start with dreams about the reality of astral travel. Perhaps it will be simple, but dreams are among the greatest evidences of the soul and the supra-life. It has no bond with the substance. We do not perceive anything that we perceive in the dream with our sense organs.

In your dream, when you cut your hand with a knife, you will feel burned, you feel the pain, but in fact your hand has not been cut. When you enter the environment for the first time, you remember that environment you have seen before, a moment in your life, you’ve seen the feelings you’ve seen before. Examples can be increased, but I do not want to extend too much because our subject is not the reality and proof of the soul.

In short, if you believe in the existence of the Spirit (Energy body), you know that the extra-physical journey is possible even if you believe that there is a boundless spirit within the boundaries of certain divine rules in time and space. Because a substance without a substance can be bonded with the substance but cannot be convicted. Only the substance can limit her ties.

Is sstral travel real

What is Astral Travel? Astral Travel Floors (Astral Travel Types)

It is the astral travel floors that lead to questioning the reality of the astral journey. Each image is not real. The human brain is like a small copy of the universe and has a tremendous viewing capacity. This is the main reason for the misconceptions about Astral travel. Most of the Astral travelers are engaged in images such as images created by the subconscious after each command under hypnosis without experiencing a real exit experience. How can we understand the reality of the spiritual journeys called astral travel? Let’s discuss this subject by seeing the types of astral travel.

1- First Phase in Astral Travel:

What is astral travel in the first phase? In fact, no real astral travel is made at this stage. All the images that appear are revealed by the acquisitions of the subconscious. Just like someone under hypnosis, “What have you been to Istanbul now?” in response to the images he has acquired and information he has acquired in his mind. The person does not actually go mentally anywhere but just follows the images that occur in his mind.

Most of those who claim to be traveling in the Astral are at this point and are actually roaming in their own inner world. Similar images occur under hypnosis, in the post-meditation trance and when we dive into our inner world. Most of the dreams are related to this stage. A conscious dream can be seen, but it occurs with the effect of the subconscious on the resulting images. Very short periods of sudden exits and the return of consciousness that leads to the return.

How can we understand the reality of Astral travel?

If you are curious about the reality of your journey, you can do a simple experiment. Before you start working, open the pages of a book randomly in another room. Do not look at the page numbers. During the run, scroll to the page and look at the page numbers and the pages. Compare the information after the study.

2- Second Phase in Astral Travel:

What is astral travel in the second stage? It is a real travel beyond the article. The matter is the fact that the body is fully out of the body and that appear. The majority of those who were stuck in the previous phase actually stopped working before they could come to this point by emphasizing that astral travel is not real.

Due to the work carried out, it is easy to move from astonishing dream to astral travel very easily. According to the first stage, it takes longer to reach, and it is also necessary to dress the body which we can call a delicious dressage. Because it is necessary to destroy the supremacy of matter over the soul, in order to be able to establish a full contact with the soul from the substance body. To do this in a modern way of dieting, working through the chakras, natural and animal foods away from the vegetarian weight gain of food. We can also explain.

Dreams are intertwined with the realm of mana and dreams are often displayed consciously, and future images can be captured several times. However, because these images take place in variable fate, life should not be shaped accordingly. It is frequently experienced in the pure and clean phase of human contamination, which is not contaminated with matter, in childhood (close to the recall phase). As the human being integrates with the world and moves away from his soul, that is to say, he moves away from this phase as he becomes integrated with the substance body.

3- Third Phase in Astral Travel:

What is astral travel in the third phase? Former expression Tayy-i Mekan. The place is a journey that can be made physically in places that are very different from the item size. It is a travel which is not possible with normal everyday and worldly life. In order to transcend the matter and to be able to navigate both levels on the spiritual floors, it is necessary to pass through the stages of Materialization and Dematerialization. There are those who come to this point both in the Islamic world and in eastern and western cultures through living outside the worldly life. Life is treated in its entirety, the real reality is seen. As all life is fully explored, it is possible to go back and forth.

Astral Traveling Classification

When the consciousness of the astral trip is included, we can classify as astral travelers in general, those who think that they are doing astral travel, and those who experience experience between them. Astral travel is a concept that is always referred to with question marks for those who have not done it consciously, because it is not possible to make sure of its reality unless the second phase is passed.

The unconscious travels experienced at different times; Long-term coma experiences can be categorized as astral travels, long-term astral travel experience, astral travel experience and long-term astral travel experience. In these cases, the consciousness is usually closed. However, they experience the environments in which they exist as well as the different environments while the bodies remain motionless. Everything they tell is verified and recorded.

One of these events happened in the hospital where he was treated in the UK by Tom Kennard, 60, and published in the Daily Mail. When Kennard stayed in the hospital room for 3 hours in a coma, it was later confirmed. Source

Can Anyone Make Astral Travel?

Can Astral make every traveler want?

Every man with a soul can do astral travel. The criterion is “the difference in the duration of success“. If a person with a psychic sensibility can achieve it in a month, this period may be longer for those who have low sensitivity, but it will be successful if it works.

The main problem is the difficulties in the destruction of spiritual laziness caused by the human brain in the realization of everything due to the simplicity of technology.


What is Astral Travel?

March 16, 2017

Astral Projection Travel

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