What is Suggested? How does it affect?

What is Suggested? How does it affect? Subconscious and Mechanism of Action

What is Suggested? How does it affect? Subconscious and Mechanism of Action

This word, which is familiar to most of us, is of Arabic origin and means to instill an emotion, a thought through an unconscious process, to realize a thought about a person’s spiritual or physiological process. What is Subliminal Suggestion? Sublimal suggestion is not given by subliminal suggestion, subliminal suggestion is the submission of the message in a different way. The person is unaware that the message has been given. It is enough to get a picture, a film frame, or a suggestion. In subliminal suggestions, the message is usually added to sounds and visuals.

If we want to open these concepts a little more Influence, Psychological aspects of thinking and behavior, to change the direction of a certain target to be affected by the person. As in our daily life, suggestions in parapsychological studies are used to reach the target consciously or unconsciously. Before going into the use of suggestion in parapsychological studies, let me consider in detail the issue of suggestion on articles that I have previously published on different platforms.

What is Suggested? How does it affect?

The human brain has a fascinating mechanism that is very broad and difficult to understand. If you include a sub-mechanism that is as subconscious as it is subconscious and has extremely powerful effects in human life, then a great control mechanism emerges when it is (or can be) controlled. The risky part, unfortunately, is a mechanism open to both internal and external conscious and unconscious effects.

Man perceives the world as the basis of four main sense organs. See, Hear, Smells and Touches. It shapes the life of the outside world by analyzing the information collected through these organs through the brain. One of our perceptions which are of great concern to us in terms of suggestion is affective perception. Affective perception is more effective than visual. Because of a small detail!

Visual action is carried out by us; we open our eyes, we see when we want to see. No one can stop us from closing our eyes when we don’t want to. But I hear outside. In other words, there are effects created by someone else. Always uncontrollable. The voices below and below the range of sensation continue to influence us unconsciously.

Friends who are interested in hypnosis know well. What is important in the classical hypnosis hypnotizer whispering to the subject is. So shake the pendulum in front of the subject’s eyes as much as you want, and take care of the objects of interest; Hypnosis session will not do anything even if the subject is not given the necessary indoctrination with different tones. Words must be used to express the meaning of sound and certain meanings in order to affect the subject and make the desired ones.

Subliminal, Suggestive and Mechanism of Action

Another important factor in suggestion is the subconscious mechanism. How is subconscious affected? What is the source? Let’s explain with an example ….

Night You slept too late. When you wake up, it’s late, you’re almost late. You dressed up, took your belongings and left home to meet your friends to meet. Just when you’re on the go, your phone rang. You took care of the phone,

-Where have you been. Come on, hurry up.

Your brain that senses them is a chemical secretion to make you more active, to remove sleep and looseness, and you suddenly feel the heat of the blood in your veins.

You’ve stepped up. With the effect of insomnia you couldn’t complete your attention and you hit someone passing by.

– Look at the front!

You were nervous when you heard that. Your brain secreted Adrenaline to cover a possible attack and turned your full attention to the individual. Your hard attitude in the face of saying that the way went on. When you leaned over to pick up the phone, your nerves would come across the landscape you saw. Your phone’s window was broken. In order to calm your nerves, you took a deep breath and continued to your way by pulling offff.

Once things started to go wrong, the next one came. While walking down the sidewalk, the car passing by the road paved a puddle of water on the sidewalk. For a moment,

-You will continue on the road as if nothing had happened, wipe it off or shout at the driver of the fast-moving car.

While you were experiencing this indecisiveness, your mobile phone broke down and started playing again.

-What! I’m coming to you.

You threw the phone in your pocket, you’ve gone away from the car and the ministers after you have been told and you tried to clean your head with your hand trying to clean your hand no longer in a hurry because your mind, and your brain is engaged in trying to relieve the nerves. When your friends see you from a distance,

– Well, that’s how it happened.

You started to hear the sounds of style. When you go with them, laughter comes in a row, because you live the summer of the mudguard. You hear a bunch of laughter and words about how much you look terrible.

Propulsion Mechanism

Those who read the text above are more or less likely to have negative thoughts because they experience similar situations, or because they think that what is happening is not good at all. What is this effect? Letters or words you see?

This effect, all Hypnosis, Trans and similar applications that make real, what your reading of your mind, you realize or do not notice that unconscious images. These images let you experience deeper and more realistic feelings. One aspect makes yourself the head protagonist of those images. This mechanism is a mechanism that connects you to the real world even in dreams and dreams.

Suggestions are like Magic Words that will reflect our senses to the real world by influencing consciousness gold. We can also use these words in the fields of telekinesia, telepathy, astral travel, vision and other parapsychology to achieve what we want successfully.

What is Suggested? How does it affect? Subconscious and Mechanism of Action

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