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How is Telepathy Done? How to Improve Telepathy?

How is Telepathy Done? How to Improve Telepathy?

Telepathy: Emotion is the spiritual transmission of thoughts and feelings. In order for this transmission to occur, High Spiritual sensitivities are required between the receiver and the transmitter with emotional intensity and affinity. In order to be able to perform telepathy, it is effective in the regular studies carried out with the knowledge, skills and methods acquired later on as well as the innate tendencies.

Man doesn’t just talk. Talking is just one way of transferring thoughts. Thoughts are transformed into sounds that we call speech. The messages to be transmitted are shaped in the mind and conveyed by voice. In telepathy, spiritual feelings and emotional intensities dominate communication.

Are our thoughts only communicated? Of course no. Every thought in our brain spreads like EEG signals. You can think of it as the waves emitted by a stone thrown into the water. Each thought is dispersed around the waves emitted by the stone thrown into the water. The larger the waves and the waves formed, the larger the circle spreads. “Telepathy” is the spiritual communication mechanism that emerges in the transmission and perception of these waves.

Telepathic Thoughts and Radio Signals

Our thoughts are formed as electrical signals and spread out like waves emitted by a radio transmitter. The resulting waves also transmit messages. This is what makes telepathy possible. The first impressions you get in an environment of people you’ve never met and who you never know, are telepathic impressions, and telepathic thoughts that spread around the time of the first acquaintance give you a glimpse of the environment and what’s in it.

In studies on parapsychology, technology was introduced when everyone realized that they could not use their telepathic skills to the same extent or it would take a long time. Computers and software were developed to interpret EEG signals at both the transmitter and receiver level via electrodes. Today’s technology is able to translate human signals into 45% accuracy messages. It is planned to increase the rate and be used by soldiers carrying electrodes at the beginning of battlefields. In the world where parapsychology is not fully accepted as a real science, telepathy can be combined with technology.

Telepathy in our Daily Life

In fact, we are not aware of many examples of telepathy.

Feelings that are born within us but cannot interpret what it is,

If we can’t describe the events that we love so much,

We can say a thought that comes to our mind or to speak before the person before us,

We can hear our friend together on the phone and find out that he was the caller,

Knowing what the next sentences of the speakers are,

Feelings (good or bad) appearing in a moment about the person we love and many more examples.

These are just a few of our experiences. For many of us, I’m sure this is what we’ve written. Our telepathic communication is stronger than the rest of us, especially with the people who are our spiritual bond (we love, respect, share something) and everything related to them. I don’t want to repeat it because we have already mentioned how this works and how the telepathic mechanism works.

How is Telepathy Done? Applied Technical

As we mentioned the details of how telepathy occurs in a technique previously taken from a genie, how to do telepathy with technical details; explaining what, why and how it occurred; I want to share a simple telepathy technique.

How is Telepathy Done? Preparation and Application

Just lie on your back and relax all your muscles where you can relax. (It is better not to have a pillow under your neck. Do not join your feet, swing your arms together)

Breathe five times. (If your nose is not clogged, take your breath from the nose and give it by mouth)

Stop for a while and try to feel the energy flow in your body. (Heartbeats, vibrations and energy centers)

Breathe 5 times and tighten all the muscles in your body when you take your last breath. (5-6 seconds) Breath your muscles while giving your breath.

Give your full attention to the energy that flows in your body. Stay completely neutral. Just watch and observe. Do not interfere with anything.

Intensify your attention to the third eye (less than two eyebrows.

Think about the person you want to communicate with. It will be more powerful.

Imagine a strong light coming through your forehead and his forehead. (You can light the light as you like, lightning can be a light, it can be colored, it can be a light light. What is important is that there is a light reaching you from it. You can visualize it as if you were seeing it from your eyes, not from the screen or from the outside.)

Don’t Display Yourself and Events on the Stage

Due to the habit of watching TV, animations will be as if you are watching yourself in a movie scene. What you have to do is to visualize the animations that you do as if you were seeing yourself. You should be on the stage, not on the stage.

Imagine what you want him to do now.

You can do what you want to do in two ways.
1- You can think of yourself as He / She by putting yourself in his place.
2- You can think / do what you want.

You can end the task when you are sure that you view it sufficiently or strongly enough that you want it to be said. You don’t have to do breathing exercise all the time. Once you reach that depth and close your eyes, it is necessary to get down to that depth easily. (If you haven’t done it before) In the future, you can increase the power by closing your eyes and repeating the same work.

This technique is among the most effective methods of telepathy. You can develop it with imaginative methods, adapt it to yourself and increase the effect of telepathy by combining it with other techniques described under telepathy.

Why didn’t telepathy? What is the reason for not being successful?

Telepathic Frequencies. In fact, the signal reaches anywhere and anybody you want, but not every receiver can get it at the same power. If you have tried your spiritual connection on someone who is not strong enough, or if you have not been able to generate a strong enough signal, the signal can be eliminated by the other side without being turned into action (ie, the will is activated, and so on). This mechanism is a vital mechanism, otherwise everyone can easily control someone else, even a great telepathic noise would be unbearable. If telepathy is really important for you, repeat the study. (You can do it continuously during the day)

The other party may have come up with the idea, but it may have been rejected. Like whispers telling us to do something inside us (you know the source, the same telepathic communication or methods). We don’t do it all. Your telepathic thinking may have been evaluated in the same way. Persons who are mentally weak or vulnerable are more prone to telepathic stimulation.

You may not have fully enacted the actions you want. You may need to work on it. It may be useful to investigate the techniques of imaging.

When is Telepathy? When to do?

How to make telepathy in which time period?

The optimal time frame for telepathy in natural conditions is between 02:30 and 03:30 at night, where pineal gland activity and Dmt secretion are most intense. However, this situation may vary from person to person. We can describe this briefly as follows: The stages in which your sleep is most severe are the dmt ratio is the most intense. These time zones are the most intense of spiritual communication and spiritual connections. If possible, do telepathies during these hours.

Another important time interval for telepathy is the early morning hours, when the air is not yet enlightened, known as the awakening phase of sleep. This time period is the phase in which both consciousness and spiritual consciousness are active. You can read more about the topic “Strengthening Telepathic Messages and Advanced Techniques”.

Is it possible to do with Telepath?

With Telepathy, having someone else do what they want depends on the sender of the message and the recipient of the message. The success rate of those who support their telepathy or who support their spiritual position is higher, but those who are strong and conscious will be able to control all future messages without reaching the level of consciousness. it is not possible for the recipient to be successful without solving all control mechanisms. When viewed from the spiritual dimension, the messages sent must have an exact identification of the destination, or the message must contain a high level of consciousness.

How to Make Telepath?

Anyone who develops his psychic abilities can gain telepathy, but congenital telepathic abilities can be said to be more advantageous in this regard. Spiritual Ability on the Birth Chart Examine your positions carefully, and it will be easier for you to progress if you have positions that give your telepathy priority to your birth chart.

In addition, you should have a good understanding of the studies of the image and the deep trance entry mentioned in other subjects including “How to do Telepathy”. Most of the spiritual work has two important elements.

1 – Alpha-theta level to be trans-deep trans

2- To be able to use the image to be used to mobilize the spiritual mechanisms.

If you can make these two studies successfully, you need to work patiently. However, there is one important point that should not be forgotten. What do you plan to do when you’re a good telepath? If you don’t have a reasonable and logical answer to this question, I would recommend that you review your goals once more if you just want something for your ego.

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Man is limited to things he cannot do unless he loses his soul. The AMA is so selfish, lazy and egoistic that it cannot abandon what it must give up to reach the limit.

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  • To connect with someone's mind, you need a reference point. It has to be a piece of connection with the person, even a stranger that can locate and identify a person. Sometimes just a name is enough, if the person identifies strongly with that name. However the amount of information you can see varies from person to person.

    Also the context of the information is not often clear. You can see a red pickup truck for example, but you have no idea how it relates to the subject. People often can confuse images from other people's minds with their own imagination. It takes some practice to separate the two.

    As for emotional state etc. The subject has to be willing most of the time. Trying to read someone who is closed is very difficult, especially someone who is skeptical. However connecting with someone emotionally is actually empathy, and while related to telepathy, is not the same thing. You can stay emotionally detached and still read a person's mind.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment.

      But I disagree with your comment on the emotional connection. Epmati is to put ourselves in someone else's place. Choosing someone with whom we have an emotional connection to communicate with telepathy results in more effective results.

      - a telepathic connection is made easier with a person we love and fall in love with.
      - telepathic connections are also easier with people who have family emotional connections.

      Because emotions are like references in spiritual connection. People with whom we will communicate with telepathy can easily accept their connections to people with emotional intimacy. People who are not close to us are rejected in the first place.

      Those who wonder about the difference can test.

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