How to Make Astral Travel? Astral Travel Techniques

How to Make Astral Travel

-Astral Travel Technique and Application-

Yes, if you’re ready. You can adapt this application from different angles and adapt it to your own subject.

Lie on your back and release your whole body.

Take a deep breath from your nose (be at the breath of your breath when you take your breath). Wait a few seconds and give your breath through your mouth. Repeat this 5 times. (Also can do 10 times)

When you take your last breath, hold on and tighten your whole body. Tighten all the muscles you can squeeze in your body. (5-6 seconds) Loosen your muscles while giving your breath. (With this technique, your body will be discharged and the energy channels will be opened.

Take a deep breath and squeeze your feet with your fingers. Loosen your feet while giving your breath.

follow the same procedure. Apply the same for your hips, abdomen, chest, hands, arms, neck, face, and finally your whole body. Make sure that there are no muscles in your body that you don’t squeeze.

Don’t be intrusive

Release yourself completely after the last stage. Monitor the vibrations, energy flow and appearing images in your body. Do not interfere with anything. Do not try to direct anything in mind. Experience the feeling that you are hanging in a space. Pay attention to the energy and vibrations that flow more than your body, and only watch. (This stage can cause sleep with melatonin, which is usually exacerbated by excessive relaxation, do not sleep.

Apply this technique for a while. However, do not force yourself when applying the technique you should pay attention to, do not tighten your muscles. You are not doing sport, you are doing a spiritual work and act with this consciousness. Just think and try to find directions with your thoughts.

Considerations for Applying Technique

Everything is shaped by thinking while in trans. Do not try to move your body with physical reflexes while applying your technique. Do not interfere with unaccompanied movements.

Excessive vibrations may occur in your body before, during and after applying your technique. You can hear voices and see excessive glare. Keep in mind that these are the reactions of your body (relaxation of the muscles, relaxation, excessive oxygen flow to the brain, discharge of negative energy). Do not enter into an expectation or worry.

Repeat the same operation regularly every day. Do not focus yourself on a specific time. Do not go into conditions as this should happen at this time. The moment of readiness cannot be determined conditionally. Leave everything to time for a smooth exit and enjoy what you will get after your work.

At the time of the exit, it will bring with extreme excitement, your heart will beat faster. Think of this moment from time to time and consider it to be a very natural process. Remember that you are living in an unconscious way when you fall asleep.

Feelings and Unresponsiveness

You may experience the feeling of falling from the high near the exit moment. There could be tingling around your whole body. Do not intervene is temporary.

You may experience visual, sensual and affective moments before the exits and during work, which cannot be grasped in a very short main compressed normal time period. Don’t get stuck with them, they’ll come back to you as moments when you say “I remember this moment”. (Open consciousness cannot solve these packages in the normal time period, such as dreams in 3-5 seconds, because the time concept in the dream works differently)

Very rare, all the floors are ready for the first run. But for the great majority, there is a process of preparation for physical and physical exits. You should know that this process is a process that should be. It would be like someone who has never used a car to start driving in the city. Take your time and leave to time.

When you are ready for body and soul, you experience the moment of exit. The duration of time depends on how long the person and the person will be ready. It may take days, weeks, months, or years. Don’t get stuck in time, just enjoy your life.

Things Before and After Astral Travel

Once you have an exit, the next outputs will be easier as the mechanism is solved. Keep track of what you’ve been through during this whole work. In fact, you begin to prepare for this point step by step as you progress in this process that starts with wanting. In 1-2 weeks you will experience awareness in the dream, you know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming and you start to direct your dreams. The conscious dreams, called Lucid Dream, are the first stage of spiritual preparation.

Your sleep becomes deeper and more relaxing. You start to remember your dreams more clearly. In this process, if you start taking notes on your dreams, you realize that you actually see a significant part of your daily life in your dreams.

You start to change your way of life, to stagnate, to live a quieter life. You get a sense of pleasure, changes in your perception of life, you have a more emotional and objective perspective. If you feel vibrations around different parts of your body and your heart, there is no need to worry that these energy channels (Chakra) are beginning to work.

Astral Travel Techniques

How to make astral travel with the right technique? Astral travelers are well aware that the right technique is not a technique made by others and achieved success. The right technique is the technique you are adapting yourself to by studying the appropriate techniques. Adapt the following techniques to yourself. Apply the techniques in the last step after applying what is described under Application.

How to Make Astral Travel with Drop Technique

How to Make Astral Travel with Drop Technique

How to make astral travel with falling technique? If you’ve been working on astral travel for a long time, you should be feeling your energy all the time. At this stage, you can just wave your energy body with thought, and move up, down, right and left. In this phase, all thoughts and feelings are dominant.

As soon as you believe you’re deep enough, think you’re pulling down.
You can diversify this withdrawal action with different image techniques. Flow in the form of water, splitting down into atoms, high gravity, etc.
Ensure that the downward movement is continuously aggravated.
If you are in deep trance after a certain point, you will have a high vibration with your whole body coming out of this control of withdrawal.
Do not involuntarily interfere in this phase.
When the output is first experienced, it may occur with buzzing, ringing and different rupture sounds. If you are working for a long time the output will be much easier and quieter.

Astral Travel with Evaporation Technique

Astral Travel with Evaporation Technique

How is astral travel done by evaporation technique? Apply in the application and fall technique taking into consideration the stages mentioned.

When you get to the last stage, imagine that you’re starting to evaporate like water.
Imagine yourself stepping upwards by evaporating yourself by repeating the stages mentioned in the falling technique.
If you have reached a certain stage in the studies of imagination, imagine that your energy body as a whole is pulled upwards.

How to Make Astral Travel with Sudden Break Technique

How to Make Astral Travel with Sudden Break Technique

How is astral travel done with sudden break? For this technique, you should have thought of yourself in different environments. For example, when you are in a trance, you are in another room of the house, you are examining the door handle, you must have gone to the outer door of the house, the street and similar places. Before starting the application, you should have determined the easiest place to project yourself.

When you reach the final stage, think that you are pulled down from your body to the point where you are pulled down and after a while.
Imagine that a great gravitational force is pulling you down.
When the traction reaches the end point, imagine that the rope that pulls you down has broken and you go through the walls to the point you set. (you can use different scenes.)
The important thing in this technique is to use a trigger in a way that you have designed to get out of your body. If you’re ready enough, you’ll see that you’re easily out.

Why Astral Travel?

Why is Astral travel done? Astral travel is absolutely unusual for those who meet life in the middle and leave themselves to the rules and flow of life. In order to be able to carry out an activity, there must be a clear “cause”. The reasons for the spiritual activities are the elements that require the overflow of the substance wall.

Exploring, researching, interested in unusual subjects, going beyond their boundaries, being able to do what they can not do with existing means, to prove itself … On the basis of reasons, the curiosity of discovering the dimensions that cannot be perceived by sensory organs is above the egosal reasons.

Astral Travel Losses

Each study may be detrimental by inappropriate conditions, insufficient knowledge and experience, incorrect techniques, and extreme greed. We can list the damages that may occur with the wrong applications as follows:

Sleep disorders (not seen in a healthy development)
Fear and panic
Heart problems with extreme excitement
Problems in social life
Changes in the sense of reality
Problems with other assets

The subjects we can list in the Astral travel losses category can be applied in almost all paranormal studies. To minimize these damages,

How is astral travel done through a healthy process?

To have sufficient knowledge
Not to be in a hurry for a healthy development and to spread the development over time
Create a healthy interaction by recognizing our own spiritual characteristics for the right technique and practice
is required.

Is Every Astral Exit Real?

Most of those who say “I’ve done an astral trip” are only at the first stage of astral travel. You can check the following items to see if the Astral trip is real.

Unclear views
Unable to move comfortably
Unreadable articles

In addition, those who say that they are doing astral travel, but can not pass the first stage of the troublesome catalepsy (muscle movement control problems) may experience problems.

How do we know if you’re doing a real astral trip? Open and drop a random book on the table before you start working to see if we are experiencing a real exit. Check this book first when traveling. Check the page numbers and what you are typing on the pages when you return. If you haven’t had a real exit, you may not be able to read the book, or you may see the text blurry.

Astral Travelers and Exit Moment.

They cannot be described in the category of can not be described. If you have worked regularly for a long time and have entered a healthy spiritual phase, you may not understand how you like. In this case, the symptoms of the output moment, rather than live in the previous work. Astral travelers describe the output moments as follows (You can adapt the technical according to these definitions),

Experiences and experiences of Astral travelers;

A sudden fall
A moment of lack of absence
Clattering, ringing and crackling with bright light, finally silence.
A heavy drop with a heavy tingling and vibration
Suddenly, when you’re looking at him from the outside
Sudden numbness
The feeling of stripping
Suction feeling
Transition through a ring where other places appear when opened
Finding itself elsewhere
Every astral exit person and his work is ill. Is Astral travel real? I wish you a healthy astral output in the form of studies without going into a form of inquiry.


How to Make Astral Travel? Astral Travel Techniques

Astral Projection Travel

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