How to prepare a subliminal message?

How to prepare a subliminal message? How to Write?

How to prepare a subliminal message? How to Write?

What Are the Points to Consider When Preparing Subliminal Messages?

I would like to emphasize a topic before we start the subliminal message. Although the subliminal message promises a lot for us, it is definitely an issue that should not be underestimated for the drafters and listeners. Because if the statement is subliminal message, we are playing on your operating system.

The mistakes we make can do more harm than good. In our time, we have the most complex, unquestionable world’s most complex, subliminal puzzles like fingerprints. Subliminal messages may cause the subconscious mind to be mistakenly affected or mistakes can be caused to disrupt the person’s mental and social balance.

Before starting to prepare subliminal messages, it would be more appropriate to have knowledge about the subject, at least to conduct subliminal message studies by conducting research on the subconscious and behaviors.

How to prepare a subliminal message How to write?

Preliminary Information

There are many subliminal messages on the Internet that produce, distribute and commercially use the site. I’m sure their number will increase. But the question of how secure the subliminal messages are will be the question that applies to all mp3’s. Specifically, those who listen to these mp3s, especially those containing artificial alpha, theta and delta waves, will not be subjected to a detailed analysis. Most of them do not even hear the word “epilepsy and the like should not listen” to mp3s containing artificial brain waves. The easiest way to overcome these and similar problems is to prepare your own subliminal messages after research. Thus, it will be easier to overcome the resistance resistance of your subconscious.

No subliminal message can never be 100% effective for anyone no matter how good it is. Because each person’s characteristics and types of perception are different. My goal is to make sure that everyone can prepare their own subliminal messages according to their needs and expectations. After my studies in this area, I do not intend to publish deep subliminal messages, techniques that provide direct effect on the subconscious, and methods of enhancing the effect of the subject due to the sensitivity of the subject.

I would like to point out that friends who develop subliminal messages by being influenced by these articles should know that the situations that may occur after subliminal messages are within their own responsibility.

How Effective and Required is a Subliminal Message?

Due to the human condition, we always prefer the easiest, waiting for everything to happen spontaneously, as the magic wand expectation. Never subliminal message; must not be considered as a must-have concept. Although it is very effective and useful, it should be used only when it is necessary, because it is a motive for being lazy and waiting for something to happen spontaneously. As a result, the subliminal message has an artificial effect.

Most also to become ordinary people can not afford the artificiality complex, variable and require long repeats. Whenever possible, it is necessary to experience everything as natural as possible, but subliminal messages should be consulted when there is insufficient action to evaluate the potentials and potentials.

To a student,

to gain the habit of studying,
mitigating fears,
to increase attention and concentration, parapsychological studies can not go down to the alpha, theta and delta phases and can be used to strengthen the image studies.

In fact, things that do not exist, which are not possible to be acquired by subliminal messages should not be attempted. This may disrupt the person’s balance or cause the patient to lose their ties with reality after a while.

Subliminal Message Preparation and Writing

Preparation stage

What exactly is it you want?

What are the shortcomings you want to complete?

What is your purpose?

These kinds of questions must have clear answers to the mind. The subliminal message to be prepared is like a building to be built. You must have already decided which materials to use.

If you are going to prepare the subliminal message yourself, you must try words and phrases on your own mind before preparing the subliminal message MP3. Start by creating your subliminal messages by observing which words and phrases are effective in which words, what phrases and phrases do you have.

Don’t try to sit down and write a subliminal message at a time, let the sentences mature in literary terms. In a few days or several weeks

-Yeah, okay, I put all the stones in their place.

and start to move on to other stages.

Take time for the right words and sentences. Observe yourself and other people. The sound tones, the fluctuations in the sounds, the current psychological situation all leave a certain effect. Try to use words and phrases that will affect you and those around you faster.

Visual Effects in Subliminal Messages

The foundations that shape human behavior are directly proportional to the images formed in the mind. The way a person views himself in his mind, the outside world. Without being aware of it, the subconscious constantly programs itself with these images and reflects this to the outside world.

Someone who sees himself / herself constantly unhappy, will be unhappy. The person who constantly sees things that will make him happy will be happy.

This is the basis of the subliminal message and similar elements. It is tried to change behaviors positively by affecting the subconscious verbally or visually. If you focus on the images that will occur in the mind in your subliminal messages, your subliminal message will have a greater chance of success.

Pay attention to the images that your words will create in your mind.

Try to select words by testing what words form what kind of visuals.

The words evoked by words should have images that will take you to your goal.

Subliminal Words Must Have Reason For Reasons

If you are preparing a subliminal message to alleviate your fears, you should find sounds that will alleviate your fear. Words like dir comfortable eler eri strong güçlü kel brave ”are words with strong effects. However, the issue that needs attention here is to answer the question of why.

  • Comfortable, but why comfortable?
  • Strong but why strong?
  • Brave, but why brave?

Subliminal messages that are given without fulfilling the reasons are either unsuccessful or ineffective by the subconscious or their effects are very artificial and lose their effects in a very short time.

I’m happy because I’m losing weight,
my determination to lose weight makes me happy.
And I know that I can make a trip, and my determination makes me happy.

sentences such as cause and effect should be preferred.

The reasons must be precise and clear. If the open door remains, the subconscious mind enters into a sterile loop or rejects the subliminal message or returns as a side effect. Subliminal messages should be developed until unconscious and all details should be included if necessary. The most appropriate example message is given below.

The subconscious must answer the following questions.
You’re happy, but how do you know you’re losing weight?
Why and how do you lose weight?

According to these questions should be the most appropriate message

I am happy because I see that I lose weight by eating less and healthier every day and this makes me more healthy and fit.

should be in the form of. Messages should be finalized by listening to the person, taking into account any questions or gaps that may occur when a message is read.

Negative and Negative Subliminal Effect Hunting

In your daily life you try to catch the sentences that affect you quickly and strongly, and when you are told, try to find the words that have a positive effect on you. Any positive or negative words will be useful. You can take the positives as they are or change them according to the subject of subliminal message, and try to eliminate the effects on you with words that will neutralize the negatives.

Cowardly = Old
Brave = New

Time Concept in Subliminal Messages

It is very important to use the concept of time correctly in subliminal messages. As in the example above, the sentences you will build in the past, the future and the present form one of the main points in the subliminal message to pass through the narrow filters of the subconscious.

For example, in the above example, we relate the word -Force, subconsciously, to demolish its effects in the past. The subconscious will perceive this as an existing phenomenon.

You can reinforce the continuation of this sentence in the form of

Brave = Now“,

Brave = Always“.

Why is the concept of time in subliminal message important?

But at the time. Is it now, always or in the future? It is very important to set the timing for a good subliminal message. Perhaps you may have a certain time in your mind, but the subconscious will never forgive your mistakes when you do.

I want to study. or – I will study

sentences will keep you busy at an uncertain time.

“I want to study” but when?

The right sentence to prevent time chaos
every day I am always working on a regular basis.

can be in the form of. Subliminal message within

To be successful in the exams, to come to better places, to be more cultured and knowledgeable every day to be a regular course I’m studying and I’m getting a great pleasure to know that I’ll be successful.

Can be used in the form. Such sentences, as a result, do not cause disappointment and to avoid the side effects of subliminal message

I am very happy with the information I have acquired.

Can be finished in the form.

Subliminal Message and Time Stages

Subliminal messages consisting of several stages should be created in order to achieve the most ideal and lasting effect.

In the first stage, the subject should be prepared as “I want“, in the second stage “I’m getting ready for the best“, in the third stage “I’m ready” and in other stages, I’m doing “current, broad and future time“.

Personal Properties in Time Concept

The point is that the effect of time can vary from person to person. The reason for this is the difference of personal savings. Readings, personal differences, differences in perception types, and environmental impacts can have a different effect on the concept of time. Some focus on the present, while others are broad and can focus on the future. To use these differences in a positive way,

Use the word in the sentence in a sentence.
Write the sentence in the past, present, future, and wide time format.
The most effective sentence for you will be the most appropriate sentence for you.
However, do not forget to check the extent to which such differences change the results.

Strong Effects and Accents in Subliminal Messages

In subliminal messages, be careful to use the words that increase the power of sentences in the right places.

in no way,

words will increase the severity of subliminal messages. These words will vary from person to person, living environment and culture must not be stuck to certain words. Effective words for others should not be expected to have the same effect for everyone. The important thing is how effective words are on you.

Emphasizes during voiceover are important as words to increase the effect


such extensions can be used according to personal characteristics and phrases.


It doesn’t matter how long or short the subliminal messages are. What is important is that you can create a subliminal message that satisfies your needs. If you believe that you have placed all the stones in place, read the article again and again before proceeding to voice. Test even the most ideal one for a few weeks.

Every time you read in the first subliminal messages you create, you will see that there are many errors and shortcomings. When all the question marks are removed and all the question marks are removed, you can switch to voice the subliminal message when the wisdom is cleared.


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