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Programs Used in Subliminal Message Preparation

Programs Used in Subliminal Message Preparation

After completing the suggestion, which is the first phase of subliminal suggestion messages, we can turn our subliminal suggestions into three stages. However, before proceeding with the registration process, it is useful to make rehearsals with your suggestions. If you cannot make the registration you want during the day, continue on the next day. The tension that will be reflected in your tone of voice will be reflected in you while listening to your subliminal message suggestions.

Subliminal Message Programs

There are many programs that can be used to create subliminal message suggestions. Most of these programs are programs for the music industry. Their main purpose is not to create subliminal message suggestions. You may have seen most of them when you call the program to record your voice or make adjustments to the music files. There are also programs produced specifically for this subject, but you can do your work for free during the demo period.

The programs used in subliminal message preparation allow us to make changes to digital sounds and record them in the formats we want. The main areas of use are related to the music world. We will analyze the programs we will use to create subliminal message suggestions by dividing them into 3 pages under three main headings.

1- Audio Recording Program
2- Audio Processing-Editing Program
3- Compilation-Merge Program

1- Voice Recording Program for Subliminal Suggestion Message

You can choose the program you want to have a lot of alternatives about it. I used Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio for getting very good results when I started filming. I couldn’t see the program on Sony’s software site. You can download and install from the link below.

Note: Some information about the programs (trial times and content) may have changed due to updates when you download them.

Sony Forge Audio Studio 12 Download Link

When you download the download tool, it is also available in the selection-ready utilities that you want to install additionally. If you choose only the recording program 177 Mb. If you select all, the total size is over 1 Gb.

When the Sony Forge Audio Studio 12 installation is complete, the screen comes up asking how to use the program. If you do not intend to do a long-term study, the trial version is sufficient. Trial version allows use for 30 days.

File / New or CTRL + N to start a new audio recording

After you specify the settings for the recording quality, select “Arrow” and “Record” or CTRL + R

Since the microphone is not currently connected to the PC, the image may be different. If you are ready to record, you can record by pressing “Record” button.

When you complete and confirm the recording, the sound wave as shown below will be displayed in full detail. I opened a video file to be a sample.

The best part of this kind of programs is to easily remove unwanted parts. Just scan and clean the part you want to cut. This allows you to easily start and end recording before and after recording.

You can apply different effects on the sound if you want. You can add different tones to your voice according to telkine and music.

When all the operations on the sound are complete, we are going to File / Save As to determine the recording format. In this section, we determine which audio format and file format. The Wav format is the format (or at least) without audio loss, but its size is larger than the mp3 format. Depending on the length of suggestions you will create an average of 5 minutes of audio recording will be around 50 mb.

3.20 sec period sample audio file wav format is 33 mb while the same file is covered by 320 kb with 7 mb space. 320 kb would be enough for us. If you do not record at the same time with artificial brain waves, 256 kb or even less is enough.

We confirm the features and save our audio file with “Save“.

It is more logical to record this audio file in wav format if you are going to process sound in other programs. When you finalize the audio file, save it by compressing it with mp3. It is a good idea to store the wav file to combine it with music files by adding Binaural effects on other programs. Because you have a sound recording with dozens of different arrangements may need to prepare subliminal suggestion. If you want to add different music or artificial brainwaves in the background, you will always have the opportunity to work on the original recording.

Subliminal Message Sound and Music to Shuffle Your Files in the Future

Suggestions (folder)
Background Music (folder)
Original Sound Recordings (folder)
Astral Travel (folder)

Audio recording – Astral Travel 1 Original

Audio recording – Astral Travel 1
Audio recording – Astral Travel 1 track
Audio recording – Astral Travel 1 binarual effect
Sound recording – Astral Travel 1 eco + binarual + theta 7 hz

You can also save.

Note: Don’t make any changes to your original initial recordings and you won’t know when to use them again. Make all the changes on copies. Do not touch your original recording file. If you want to reduce or increase the effects, you will continue with a copy of the same original file. You don’t have to do it again every time.

If you haven’t recorded your own voice before and didn’t do similar work, you probably want to record every word you read and listen again and again when you listen to your own voice. It can reduce your motivation by trying hard and trying trial and error on your original file and starting from the beginning.

Considerations for the Voice of Subilimanal Message Suggestions

The more important the suggestion you write, the more important it is to voice that suggestion. Always rehearse before recording the suggestion. Where will you emphasize? Where you will raise your voice or shorten, where you will stop; Setting them up will make your work easier before you start recording. If you have already set it, listening to background music from the headphones during recording will improve the effect of music based on music.

When you register, make sure your mood is good, because the voices cannot be distinguished in everyday life, but they also have traces from our mental state. The subconscious is powerful enough not to miss the different tone and analysis. Remember that every moment you listen to your current mood will be reflected in your subconscious. The moment you feel yourself in a good mood, when you discard your negative energies, the record will also affect you positively when listening to suggestion.

Use strong or light tones. Auto hypnosis or transa if you have prepared a suggestion that requires a soft tone of voice; Choose strong and accentuated shades for reassuring suggestions.

Programs Used in Subliminal Message Preparation

2- Audio Processing – Editing Program

The first program we will use is Cool Edit, which is the new name “Adobe Audition“. The free trial version of the program is available at Adobe Audition. “Creative Cloud” will be installed after installing the boot program. Creative Cloud We can say that Adobe offers all of its programs and controls updates.

We are installing the trial version by finding “Audition” on Cloud.

Cloud will open the program after downloading and installing the program.

The program hosts most of the tools you will need for sound. From the Effects section you can make any changes you want on the details on the sound. As you develop yourself in the preparation of the suggestion, you will see where the details on the program will work. Explore the program and make detailed previews on sound and music, and the details you discover will be interesting.

The program is available in voice recorder vehicles. If desired, you can make recordings from different channels on any audio file.

Do not forget to make changes to this program as well as the first issue on the copies of the original files.

Audio Compilation on Other Page – Merge Program

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