Psychic Attack Types and Effects

Psychic Attack Types and Effects

I would like to take this issue as an anti-matter psychic attack in order to narrow the scope of the article and as a gruesome attack in the matter plan. The response to the unknown is different with the response of the receiver to the known and default. If you know where the sound comes from, your movements will have a consciousness. The actions against the source of uncertain sound are for finding / searching the source. Unfortunately, uncertainty prevails in this direction. The main problem of the actions defined as psychic attacks is the species that causes the source uncertainty.

Your life can change at a time as you progress through the normal course. Unhappiness, energy loss, sleep problems, difficulty in decision making, not being able to do what you want, difficulty in focusing on your thoughts, wince, fear, anger and many situations we can name as negative. Everything happens suddenly and you can’t find the cause.

Doctors, counsels, suggestions, friendly conversations, a little strolling, sports, fun … Short term recovery … But the result is unchanged. You can’t taste what you do. You try to find the cause of the change, apply to known and unknown ways, and the remedies you find always have temporary consequences. What is the reason? Why is that? How? Who? For what? Many questions can be asked. However, since we depend on the size of the article, many of them can be solved by the practices which we do not know which are beneficial before we find them, or if we accept everything and accept it without knowing it, we accumulate it in our body and continue our life.

Impact on Known and Unknown Energies

The response to the energy of an asset in the source matter plan is different with the response to the energy beyond substance. If we exemplify this from the matter plan.

You know how to react to your acquaintances when you enter an environment. Their energies are defined in you. You have a spoonful of what you do and do. You can feel the changes in your energy. You’ll be away from what you don’t know. You feel it, but if you can’t integrate your energies and behaviors, you shouldn’t break the distance. The incoming energies can be reconciled with the results, comparable to their reflections in the body. In such cases, because you have the opportunity to compare consciousness, you can guess the reasons for taking effect.

You go to a place you have never been before. The senses that you’re not familiar with, you’ve got. You have a spiritual anxiety, you will not feel well. But you cannot find a criterion, behavior, shape, body and resource that you can compare this situation at the item level. Because the source of feelings cannot be identified, you want to get away. Every energy that creates a negative and positive effect on human leaves. How much of these traces affects you, you can learn this over time.

Psychic Effects in Environment

Meet someone you have not met before in a friend environment. You sit and chat together. His looks are focused on you and persistently persist. You’ll be uncomfortable, but you don’t say it in order not to spoil the environment. You feel uncomfortable, uneasy, overwhelmed and exhausted in the evening and next days. You think it’s a temporary discomfort, but your discomfort doesn’t go away. You can’t sleep, thoughts attack your mind back. After having enough trouble, you can remember the gaze that insistently focuses on you …

The energies that we can think about the source can be rendered ineffective with the frequencies that will disrupt the structure of these energies. Part of the unknown energies (those with low energy) we become unintentionally ineffective with grounding and positive energies. Because the strong energies cannot be deactivated, they can damage our soul and energy balance and cause damage.

Item Dimensional Psychic Attacks

These energies can be listed as follows,

Negative energies coming from people,
Energies from other living things. Bored animals, plants ..
Intense signals generated by simulating frequencies produced by the human brain,
Energies left by those with mental problems (passive),
Negative energies left in places where ancient tribes lived,
Effects on pictures and photographs,
Negative energies accumulated on food, beverages and clothing,
Anger, violence and energies after the fight.

Examples can be increased. These energies occur in matter size and have an effect on substance size. The energies directed by humans are called the evil eye.

Mental Attacks

The most dangerous type of energy. It may not always be possible to determine its source. Even worse, it may not be known that there is negative energy. If the accumulation of negative energies and long-term discharges are reflected in the body as a disease, the operation of the cycle may prolong the healing process.

The psychic attacks of transboundary beings after the damage caused to themselves and their relatives,
The impacts and psychic attacks of the transcendent material assigned by magic;
Influences and psychic attacks,
Don’t call! psychic attacks during her sessions,
In case of sleep awakening, the effects and psychic attacks taken between two dimensions,
The well-meaning psychic effects made between the dreamer and the sleep-wakefulness,
Psychic attacks by trans-material entities during searching and extracting
Negative energies left behind in the substance dimension of transboundary beings,

Psychic attack types. Some of the substances I add to psychic attacks can be considered passive. Because of its similarities with the energies used for attack purposes, I evaluated the results in this category. Because all the energetically charged energies have arisen when they first came into being, regardless of time, place and addressee. The energy may be left by the area receiving the effect (sadness, fear, anxiety) but these energies may be integrated or combined with the energy generated for the purpose of attack.

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Psychic Attack Types and Effects

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