Ways of Protection from Psychic Attacks


Ways of Protection from Psychic Attacks

Ways of Protection from Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are part of our lives. As long as we live, we will continue to be exposed to these attacks regardless of what kind of person we are. Our quality of life will be determined by the consciousness and actions we will create against these attacks. We can’t stop the rain, but we have to open an umbrella. The consciousness we will create in the face of the positive and negative effects that we take will greatly affect our quality of life.

Prevention and Neutralization of Psychic Attacks

Each entity emits an energy. We can simulate these energies. It spreads around and can accumulate in the environment where it clings, and can be condensed as water particles come together. Negative consciousness-bearing energies, such as steam containing harmful chemicals in the content, while the positive energies have a positive effect. While the environments and beings that we feel relaxation emit a positive energy with positive consciousness, the opposite situation emits negative energy. We do not have the opportunity to protect from the negative energies accumulated on us and if we come from an unknown source, we need to neutralize these energies by preventing them from concentrating on us.

Neutralization is the process of decomposing the energy on us. Negative energy may be insufficient if it concentrates on the negative and continuous repetitive energy. As I stated in the previous article, the mechanism of action of the uncertain energies of the source is difficult to create a counter-consciousness because it does not raise consciousness. However, our energy balance can be maintained by neutralizing the energies that accumulate on our daily lives and concentrate on our spiritual balance.

We can list the measures to be taken and what needs to be done as follows.

Prevention of psychic attacks and strengthening of the aura

The energy, called the Aura, is observed in all living formations. Each process is surrounded by a unique energy. This energy field can be seen in the photographs taken with Kirlian photography techniques. We can think of the aura as a magnetic shield reflected from the inside out.

Energies from another source primarily affect the aura. When the Aura is weak, the rate of negative energies increases. First, the strengthening of the aura which we can see as our defense system will reduce the effects that can be taken from this channel. “What is Aura and how is it strengthened?” link.

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Developing a Positive Perspective

Everything is like a magnet in life. Each idea brings with it a magnet effect. Negative negative thoughts when attracting negative energies; Positive thoughts and positive perspectives attract positive energies. You can find the best example of this in your life. When we look around, we can see that those who emit negative energy and think positive people together with positive people.

Developing a positive outlook on life, events and people will attract the energies that carry positive consciousness. This may not always be possible. But is there any obstacle to our efforts? Avoiding people, writings, images, voices and environments that negatively affect our lives will greatly affect our view.

Using Incense and Odor

Do not rely too much on the air freshener and perfumes we use to change the atmosphere of our living environment. Its contents and energies can cause adverse effects. We should try to choose odors that are as natural as possible. Every scent has a receiver. We don’t know what kind of fragrance you’re taking.

We can use natural rose water to change the atmosphere of the home environment. You will see the relaxing effect. As a bit of incense, sage or bay leaf has a relaxing effect. Basil is one of the plants that distribute negative energy. In our room and in certain places of our house, we grow basil in pots. Basil has both relaxing odor and detrimental effects on negative energy sources.

Relaxing Music and Natural Sounds

We all know the relaxing effect of music. We can listen to them by choosing the music that we feel good about. We should try to choose music created with natural instruments, if possible. Music produced in electronic systems is far from making a natural impact.

Listening to the sounds coming from nature relaxes people. If you can’t find a chance to get out of the city environment, choose the parks. Close your eyes and try to focus only on natural sounds.

Earth, Flowing Water, and Discharge With Salt Water

When you have the opportunity, touch the soil and keep your feet in contact with the soil. Massage yourself with rock salt during bathing. Have some rock salt in your room.

It is comforting to look at a running water. Soak your feet if you can. Integrating with water and monitoring the flow of water will discharge both your physical and spiritual energy.

Doing Positive Imagination Studies

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. As you take your breath, you enter into the whole body with the positive energies of air and cover all your side, revitalizes your aura; breathe the negative energies out of your body while giving your breath. Imagine that positive energy can strengthen your aura by surrounding your whole body. You will feel better with every breath you take.

Smile yourself, imagine yourself as a positive and positive person. Program yourself for the next day before going to bed. The kind of person you are is directly proportional to how you see yourself in your mind.


Utilizing Natural Stones

We can use the stones as well as the environments we live in. In order to mitigate the electromagnetic effects, we may have a large quartz stone in a corner of our room, for example.

Negative energies that may be directed on us

Amethyst, Black Onyx, Obsidian, dark tones such as Quartz, Fluorite and Tiger Eyes can use stones. The priority in the choice of stone is the stones that give you a positive feeling when you look at it, but if you find it difficult to determine, the dark tones have the ability to attract negative energy.

Another important point to know about stones is; we need to ground the stones we use at certain intervals to discharge the energies accumulated on them.

Taking advantage of the power of prayer

Prayer creates a spiritual attraction and directs positive energies to us. What we’re turning to determines what we’re going to get. Studies have shown that patients who have been prayed recover faster.

Dr. San Francisco Genaral Hospital Coronary Care Unit, Dr. The study by Byrd in 393 heart patients and David and Susan Larson in their study of 400 patients with psychological problems in Los Angeles revealed the positive effects of the prayer factor on healing. Those praying for prayer and those who were prayed for themselves showed faster recovery than other patients.

We can say that those who pray are attracting positive energies, and those who pray to patients channel the positive energies on patients. The type and intensity of the energy will alter the other energies and change its effects in the spiritual dimension. Energy changes our feelings, feelings, and our immune system positively or negatively.

Using Frequency Effects of Words

Each word has its equivalent in sound and frequency. We can use the frequencies of the words we see good for ourselves. We can use our words to influence our minds and select words that strengthen our spiritual structure.

Read the prayers to strengthen the aura, use strong words. To give positive suggestions to ourselves, to avoid negative sentences and words. Avoiding people and environments that emit negative energy will positively affect and strengthen our energy field.

To pay attention to wastes belonging to our body like hair nails

Wastes that are part of our body, especially hair and nails, can be used as a transport channel for trans-material assets that try to contact us. In malicious people who want to do magic, they benefit most from these wastes. If possible, collecting and burning these wastes or burying them in the ground will prevent attacks from this point.

Be Careful in Sharing Pictures

The face is the reflection of the soul. The mood is reflected in the face and is used in spiritual telepathic contact. In particular, it is necessary to not open the pictures of young children who are open to all kinds of psychic exchanges. Every picture that creates attention intensity in the gaze creates a spiritual attraction area. Images showing our faces should not have a positive or negative effect for those who see it. A neutral mood should be preferred if it should be used. Should never be used if possible.

Preventing Psychic Attacks and Performing Deep Trans

Deep trans studies; It offers different methods with different names such as meditation, breathing exercises and yoga. Their common point is the capture of spiritual depth by physical discharge. Regular work is useful in ensuring that we maintain our energy balance. For a case study on this subject, “How is Spiritual Depth Provided?” link.



Ways of Protection from Psychic Attacks

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