Receiver Properties and Telepathic Receptor Effect in Telepathy


Receiver Properties and Telepathic Receptor Effect in Telepathy

Receiver Properties and Telepathic Receptor Effect in Telepathy

Telepathy is not a one-sided spiritual communication. The characteristics of the receiver to which the messages are to be transmitted must also be considered. In telepathy, the transceiver relationship can be compared to the frequency matching of the transmitters and transmitters in electronic devices. The importance of telepathy is also important if the band, signal strength and frequency ranges are important in electronic devices.

With Telepati you can also communicate with people you don’t know at all. But telepathic shopping with someone you don’t know is like discovering a place you’ve never been before. You may need to explore the entire island to get the results you want.

Know the Telepathic Receiver

How well do you know the recipient you want to send a message to? What kind of a person is in the spiritual sense? What is the energy density? If you don’t have a family bond or a mutual emotional bond, you need to know who you want to connect to. At this stage you can pay attention to the following points,

Is there a spiritual fit between you?

So what is the rate of negative – positive energy when you see each other. There are some people you don’t want to be with them, some of them are happy to be with them, you will feel very good next to them. If your energy purchase is not positive, you should try to change this situation. The data transmission happens in both cases, but please note that the data sent is also negatively charged.

Telepathic Receiver How emotional?

If the person you want to communicate telepathic is in an emotional state, it is likely that emotions and feelings are more important than logic. You should also edit your telepathic communication accordingly (emotional data in imagination). The receivers in this case are more open to telepathic communication. If you are acting with logic and reason rather than emotions and feelings, you should do this (Logical data) considering this situation.

Telepatik Alıcı What Like

The defense mechanisms in telepathy were mentioned earlier. These mechanisms are of great importance in order for life to live in a normal way and to prevent all thoughts from flowing into our consciousness. Otherwise, all the data becomes clear that the life becomes unbearable.

Receiver features in telepathy, getting to know the receiver you want to telepathic communication is important to overcome this defense system. If you know what you like, what you like and what you don’t like, you can use this data in your image studies to overcome this defense system. (You can use these visuals and fragrances for someone who likes flowers very much) You can use this situation in the opposite direction. Some people tend to do the opposite of what you call “do.” You can try to take an adverse effect by sending data of things that people do not like. (The color that her favorite color doesn’t like will be more attractive)

Telepathic Receiver How strong is the spiritual?

If the receiver is stronger and more powerful than you in the spiritual sense, the data you send should be more intense and powerful. In this case, even if the data you send will exceed the defense system for the other party what can not be understood what can be considered as insignificant whispering (the addressee should be worth taking). At this point, your data should be like a sound that starts with whisper, but echoes in the mountains, to be effective. On the subject, we can say that the same glass can be broken with a big stone, with a small coin.

You can duplicate these items for the recipient you want to contact telepathic. Your multi-dimensional thinking will help you to succeed.

Receiver Properties and Telepathic Receptor Effect in Telepathy

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Receiver Properties and Telepathic Receptor Effect in Telepathy

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