How do you make Telephaty? Chapter 5

How do you make Telephaty Chapter 5

How do you make Telephaty? Chapter 5

Step 4- Determine specific colors on a map.

Make a card from a large poster board. This card should contain at least five colors. They should not be advertised, but actually presented. Draw a painted circle in each color with a magic pen. The sender then places a psi symbol on one or more colors. The recipient writes down which colors he thinks are tagged.

Step 5- Try a card game.

Take five random cards. Look at what they are without showing them to another person. Focus on one alone. Put a psi symbol on it. Turn them over and lay them flat on the table, separated from each other. Concentrate further and visualize the map. Ask the recipient to pick the card.

How to make telephaty? – Chapter 5

Some Tips

Exchange perspectives with another person. If you have been the transmitter all the time, you might also want to try and be the recipient.

# Carry and maintain a telepathy diary. Log every time you have tried telepathy, what it entailed, and how successful it was.

# Always practice and slowly build up your skill. It is not equal. You need some time to practice, meditate properly, focus on the energy, and believe in what you are doing.

# Stay in a cozy room. The light should be muted, sounds should be off and you should sit on comfortable chairs. Your body should not be distracted from the actual telepathy itself.

Important Warnings

Never involve an unwilling or unconscious participant. You should not change the feelings and / or behavior of someone who does not know what you are doing.

There is no guarantee that telepathy works. It has not been scientifically proven and is based solely on the beliefs of the participants.

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How do you make Telephaty? Chapter 5

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