How can you do Telephaty? Chapter 4

How can you do Telephaty Chapter 4

How can you do Telephaty? Chapter 4

Step 7- Compare the results with each other.

Look at the recipient’s hand and see if it’s the message you were trying to send. If it is, you can move to heavier levels of telepathy. If not, do not try again immediately. Your mind must be rested and completely relaxed. Take time to meditate and try again with another picture.

Method 3- Try higher levels of Telepathy

Step 1- Send a push.

Put a bowl of water in front of you. Sit upright and with your eyes closed on a chair. Imagine the bowl of water in all its details. Imagine a string that connects your mind to the water. You have to believe that it works. Feel a burst of energy at the top of your forehead. Learn how it feels and how much energy he is leading. Finally, send the kick down the edge of the string into the bowl.

If this method is accomplished, the surface of the water should move. This method could take up to ten minutes.

Build up the energy rush properly. You have to have it completely under control. Keep it for a long time before releasing it down the line and into the water.

How can you make Telephaty? Chapter 4

Step 2- Draw attention to yourself with your mind.

If you’re in a restaurant, close your eyes. Visualize the cellar / waitress. Imagine her smile, her clothes and the food they hold. Then remember how they turn around and notice that you are waiting for them. Wait until they come over. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the ability of your mind to attract attention and draw another willing recipient closer.

Step 3- Search the horizon for psi symbols.

Let a person be the transmitter. This person is looking for a group of people. While doing this, the transmitter places psi symbols (fixed packets of energy) in the realm of selected persons. After this person finishes placing these symbols, the other one tries to catch up with the symbols. This person also searches for where he has left the symbols. The catching is best done with closed eyes.


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