How can we do Telephaty? Chapter 3

How can we do Telephaty Chapter 3

How can we do telephaty? Chapter 3

Step 3- Connect your mind with your partner.

The transmitter should visualize in his mind a silver tube. This tube connects the mind of the receiver with that of the sender. The tube is full of energy and transmits the message you want to deliver. It’s important to focus your mind on the tube and only on the tube. You have to believe that the message is sent through this tube and that it is in a sense real.

Step 4- Visualize the message you want to send.

This could be an apple, a bag, a crayon, etc. You should visualize it in all its details. What color is it, what is it used for and where is it located? Another important aspect of this is to inject feeling into the object. How do you feel when you taste an apple? When you draw with crayons? Emotions and emotion help to convey your message more efficiently and clearly.

How do I make telephaty? Chapter 3

Step 5- Deliver your message.

After charging, direct your mental image through the silver tube. You have to believe that the message is transmitted through and reaches the recipient. It could take up to 15 minutes for the message to reach the recipient.

If it takes too long, it could be that this transmission experiment has failed. If so, stop and meditate. Finally come back to it and try the transfer again with another image.

Step 6- Write down what comes to the receiver’s mind.

During the process of communicating a message via telepathy, the receiver should focus on collecting signals. The receiver should also visualize the silver tube and the energy that flows through it. The recipient then writes down whatever comes to his mind. That could be a feeling, a picture or both. Every detail


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September 8, 2018


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