How can I do Telephaty? Chapter 2

How can I do Telephaty Chapter 2

How can I do telephaty? Chapter 2

Step 4- Stretch your muscles and do sports

This step is designed to help you relax your mind and focus more effectively. Yoga is the best exercise program you can do because it is spiritual and not so intense. Grab a soft mat or lie down on the floor. One of the best common yoga moves is to sit on your butt, close your eyes and slowly raise your hands.

Remember, the goal is to relax, so do not get too worked up.

Step 5- Meditate and calm your mind.

Relaxation is very important in decoupling different forms of energy. Close your eyes while sitting upright in a chair. Concentrate on what thoughts are clear in your mind. Separate these from the “static” buzz in your head. By separating these two forms of energy, you are able to distinguish your own thoughts from possible external disturbances.

Step 6- Decide who the receiver and who the sender should be.

Each of these positions has different responsibilities in the telepathic process. If you do not decide before you start, you could get involved in sending mixed messages to each other. The boundaries should be clearly defined at the beginning. Choose someone you know and trust.

How can I do telephaty?

How I do telephaty? Chapter 2

Method 2- Submit a telepathic message

Step 1- Sitting opposite each other.

After you have decided who the receiver and who the transmitter is, sit in an upright position opposite each other. Your bodies should point to each other and your eyes should be closed. Spend a few minutes clearing your mind and settling in your position.

Although telepathy can be technically remote, it is best to start close to each other and personally. It is also best to limit the amount of time you spend on a session. Otherwise, you could get mentally tired.

Step 2- Visualize a picture of the receiver.

The transmitter should introduce the receiver as clearly as possible (with eyes closed). That should be as detailed as possible. Make details of the eye color, weight, size of hair length, personal characteristics, etc. of the person in your mind. If you are transmitting from far away, feel as if the person were sitting right in front of you.

If you are far from the receiver, have a picture with you that reminds you what it looks like before you start telepathy.

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