How to Learn Telekinesis? Overview of the exercises

How to Learn Telekinesis Overview of the exercises

How to learn telekinesis?

Maybe people just have to train their thoughts and concentration to master telekinesis, right? On countless websites you can find instructions: How to take a cube and concentrate intensively on a number. Next you roll 40 times. If at least 15 times the correct number can be seen, “you can assume that you have mastered at least a bit psychokinesis,” it says on one of the pages.

In another experiment, a ball rolling on a slightly sloping surface should be directed in a different direction with the help of the thoughts. However, if you want to hover or fly objects, you must already belong to the “master class“.

How do you train telekinesis?

The most important thing is regular training to achieve fast results. Every day at least 10 minutes should allow first results within a month.

How can I get telekinesis? – Overview of the exercises

How to learn telekinesis? – Beginner

PSi Wheel

PSi Wheel: best-known exercise and also one of the simplest. For this purpose, a folded piece of paper is placed on a needle and tries to turn.

Floating Items: Place a match or toothpick (or other buoyant object) in a bowl of water. It tries to move the match.

floating Items

Coin toss: This is a random experiment and relatively unconscious telekinesis. An attempt is made to favor one side of the coin during the throw.

How to learn telekinesis? – Advanced

Let pendulum swing: A pendulum should be made to oscillate. For this we simply attached an object to a string and hung it up.

Let pendulum swing telekinesis

Fork cork carousel: Two forks are put into a cork, put with a needle on a bottle and tried to turn by thought.

Roll pen: A down pen is placed on a straight surface, now it’s about the pen to roll.

Push small objects: We try to push small scraps of paper over a straight surface.

How to learn telekinesis? – Professional

An increase of the first exercise, this is a glass or plastic hood placed over the arrangement to exclude any contact. It also learns to effect telekinesis through massive things.

Spoon Bending: It’s about bending spoons or forks out of solid steel. A distinction is made in bending with or without contact with the object.

Roll Can: This is an extension of the Exercise Pen Roll, in which we will choose a larger object, for example a can. The task is to get the can rolling again.

Slide Large Objects: This is an extension of the exercise of pushing small objects. We slowly take larger objects to push them over surfaces via telekinesis.

Telekinesis Psi Wheel Study

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How to Learn Telekinesis?

September 4, 2018


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