What is telekinesis and how does it work?

What is telekinesis and how does it work

What is telekinesis and how does it work?

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without physical contact, mentally, with the power of thought. Telekinesis is a special form of psychokinesis. In this article, we will talk about the telekinesis and some things about  it. If you wonder what is telekinesis and how does it work? Get ready to learn, let’s start it.

What is behind the telekinesis?

Books float around, spoons bend, lamps go on and off – all controlled solely by the power of thought. But is telekinesis really possible, and if so, is it possible to learn the skill?

Master Yoda measures 66 centimeters. But “size means nothing,” he explains to his student Luke Skywalker. No wonder, because he has a special gift. Only with the power of his thoughts, he immediately lifts an X-Wing fighter from the swamps. What Yoda can do is dominate all Yedis in the “Star Wars” blockbusters: The ability belongs to their “power“.

Can humans use telekinesis?

For many people this is a fascinating idea: objects can only be transported from one place to another through spiritual powers. This is sometimes called psychokinesis, but mostly telekinesis. The term consists of the ancient Greek words for “fern” and for “movement“.

What is behind th telekinesis

But there are also related phenomena, such as pyrokinesis and kyokinesis, the ability to ignite fire through thoughts, or to freeze water to ice. Also known is macropsychokinesis, in which objects can be deformed from a distance. Mostly the same word is used for everyone, just telekinesis.

Is it possible to move things with your mind by using telekinesis?

All around the world, some people who interested with telekinesis wonder how to move the objects with thinking power but a few of them know the realities and we tried to give you some basic information in this article. According to experts, if you work daily, you can move the object within a couple months. Who knows, maybe they are right, thanks for reading. For more article, do not forget to check out our web site.

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What is telekinesis and how does it work?

August 20, 2018


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