Telekinesis, the facts about mind over matter

Telekinesis, the facts about mind over matter

Telekinesis, the facts about mind over matter 

As by a spiritualistic medium the definition of telekinesis is the production of motion in objects, which is also done without contact or some other physical means. It is also known as psychokinesis.

It is the eternal appealing idea of remotely moving an object using psychic powers only. Most of the scientists believe that any experiences that are reported have been the result of wishful thinking, naturally explainable events, or fraud.

The keys to learning telekinesis

For the person who is trying to learn telekinesis then the utmost important key is concentration. You can develop the abilities of telekinetic if you can concentrate deeper.

You must be relaxed whenever you are doing this act. To clear your mind the one way that you can do is by meditation. It will definitely help you to strengthen and relax your concentration.

You must believe that it is true. To achieving anything false beliefs are one of the well known obstacles. So you have to convince your mind that this is real so it can be done.

You need to feel the object and make that object a part of you. Try to connect yourself with the object. Visualize it just like an extra arm of yours. Practice can make anything perfect so to improve your concentration as well as telekinetic powers practice it for 5-15 mins a day.

How does it work?

There are some theories which can help you to understand that how it actually works.

Quantum connection: There are some researchers who do believe that our minds are really capable of directing energies and subatomic particles in objects. This actually enables us to move them that is also without touching them physically.

Magnetic field: Some experts believe that when a human is in control of the magnetic field just around their body then it can occur and can be able to push the field into that object which causes it to move.

Sound of Heat Waves: There are few psychics who believe that the sound or heat waves can form energy which can be directed toward the object and forces it to move.


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Telekinesis, the facts about mind over matter

August 21, 2018

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