Telekinesis things in real life

Telekinesis things in real life

Telekinesis things in real life The spook of Rosenheim and Bent spoons

Welcome back. Today’s subject is telekinesis things in real life. There are millions of people on the world who believe the telekinesis however is this possible in real life? As is so often the case with parapsychological phenomena, esoterics and scientists are not in agreement. Some alleged cases have made headlines: In the 1970s and 1980s, the Swiss Uri Geller stunned millions of television viewers: He bent the silverware with the power of his thoughts – and showed that in countless shows. By his own admission, he had been struck by a bright flash of lightning as a child, since then he managed to get spoons out of shape.

Telekinesis events

In 1967, newspapers referred to the possible telekinetic abilities of 19-year-old Annemarie S. as the “haunt of Rosenheim“. Inexplicably, the fluorescent tubes went out in a Bavarian law firm. They were 2.50 meters high mounted on the ceiling, and apparently had been turned out of the holder, without it there were traces. From the office’s office the time announcement was called several times without anyone using one of the four phones. A liquid suddenly spurted out of a copier.

The lawyers were temporarily unable to work, the police was a mystery. Later, drawers and a cabinet moved without anyone crazy. Even pictures turned on the wall. More than 40 witnesses observed the strange phenomena, including policemen and doctors.

Telekinesis is a supernatural ability or dizziness?

Parapsychologists found that the phenomena only occurred when the trainee Annemarie S. was nearby. When she quit the firm in 1968, the haunting stopped suddenly. Rumor has it that strange things happened to the new employer. But the young woman repeatedly stated that she has no supernatural abilities. Or was everything just a hoax? A magician later discovered gossamer threads on the very objects that had allegedly moved through thought.

You may believe or not, but you should agree that telekinesis things are really interesting and just therefore we want to read the things’details all the time. Wish you paranoid days. So long.


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Telekinesis things in real life The spook of Rosenheim and Bent spoons

August 22, 2018


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