The reason for feeling the presence of someone else in the bathroom?

The reason for feeling the presence of someone else in the bathroom?

The reason for feeling the presence of someone else in the bathroom?

We all get the feeling that there is a creature that we cannot see at home or in a different place from time to time, but we feel that we are there. Most of the time, “Feeling the presence of someone else in the bathroom” is expressed as the source of the feeling that we can not see and wonder about the source of concern. Most while in the bathroom; You may want to get out of the bathroom immediately by feeling that there is a different person inside, bathing without closing the bathroom door or bathing by locking the bathroom door.

Some people even this fear because of the fear of going to the doctor ” I feel like someone and I’m very scared, I can never stand alone, ” by trying to find a solution to the problem.

The good news: Experts are aware of this situation!

According to the news published in the BBC Turkish, Swedish Federal Institute of Technology. Giulio Rognini describes this feeling in the direction of their research and information; people feel someone else, but they can’t focus on the person in the place or in the whole room, where he is and who he is. However, he says that they can definitely be sure that there is a person in the room.

From the Swedish Federal Institute of Technology Giulio Rognini, in his research on 48 healthy and 12 sick people, states that most of the people who feel this way actually represent their brains perceptually and that the source of this problem is because the brain perceives the person as a different person. According to Rognini, the main reason for this problem is that we perceive the human body as a bey different representative person insan in our brain.

Experiment with Volunteer Participants

In the experiment, blindfolded participants were asked to move a robot with their hands. Every move they made was repeated at the same time as another robot behind them. At this stage, there was no problem, but the movement of the robot behind them was delayed for a while and they felt the presence of others. This feeling has made some participants so anxious that they wanted to quit the experiment.

Causes of Follow-up

On the basis of this work, the basis of feelings such as “the feeling that others are spying on themselves“; we can say that the fears that lie in the subconscious and the frames in the films being watched trigger these feelings. Because most of those who live in these feelings do not have this feeling when someone else comes to them, or even if they are lonely when age progresses, these feelings do not recur. Briefly, we can say that experiences learned and not yet learned.

In some cases, there are some events that science has yet to prove as the basis of these feelings and fears; Since human psychology is capable of realizing everything that it has acquired and heard, I do not find it appropriate to address these issues without proof.

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The reason for feeling the presence of someone else in the bathroom?

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