Easy and Effective Technique for Astral Travel

Easy and Effective Technique for Astral Travel

Easy and Effective Technique for Astral Travel

How easy can astral travel be? How can effective and easy output be achieved?

One of the biggest problems for those who want to experience an astral travel is that they cannot find an easy and applicable technique. Even if a technique exists, not every technique gives the same results for everyone due to individual differences. It is not difficult to travel unconscious astrally, but experiencing a conscious exit may require months and years of experience in a normal working process.

Basic Mechanism of Technique

The technique is based on “biological clock” and “conditioning” with the most precise timing in the world. We experience the technique in moments when we wake up before the alarm we set when we need to get up early the next day in our daily life. Technical summary, “I must wake up now, very important for me, I should not miss” in the form of high intensity and realistic suggestions to enter the desired time zone is related to the activation of a mechanism to activate our consciousness. When that moment comes, we suddenly awaken by opening our consciousness. This waking often occurs before the alarms are set.

The biological clock does not skip any timing action that we care enough to commit to our Subconscious and works more precisely than all clocks. The more severe the conditioning, the more severe our biological alarm system will awaken us. There is no meaning and obligation for you to wake up; Since the suggestions that you repeat will not make sense, you will continue to sleep by waking – not waking, which will stimulate our biological clock consciousness less severely, often choosing not to “wake up“.

Stimulus Violence Is An Important Factor

Differences between the day you awaken to an exam that does not affect your GPA and the day you awaken to the University exam are about how seriously you take and how intense you are in the condition. The main factor that affects how you wake up to these two days is the severity of conditioning. The function that ensures the functioning of the system is the sincerity, need and high motivation of the action in the request.

The difference between conducting an experiment and I must do it, determines the intensity of your stimulus, that is, the intensity of your biological clock waking you up. This is one of the important factors affecting success in astral travel and other paranormal studies. It is about how long you work regularly and patiently, what you want and how much you want.

Easy and Effective Technique for Astral Travel

Application Phase

You can apply the technique in two ways.

1- If you are sure of your dream time zone, then programming it to wake up.

2- Programming to wake yourself when you start dreaming.

Since our topic is related to the second technique, let me continue to explain this technique with additional methods.

During the time periods that you specify during the day; Say you will wake yourself when you start dreaming at night. You can also write these words on paper to consolidate. (It is more effective to apply suggestions in deep trance)

Imagine how to wake yourself when you dream to enhance the effect (imagination techniques)

Do activities that aggravate your sleep all day long. Take a walk, meet friends, walk barefoot in parks or on the beach …

Before you fall asleep, strongly express that you will awaken yourself when you dream.

Wake Yourself at the Set Time

If you have done this work with a really strong desire, you may have difficulty falling asleep with a semi-open consciousness. When the melatonin secreted by the heavyness of darkness and the need to sleep drag you to sleep and your consciousness warns you in your first dream, awaken yourself as planned. The first awakenings can end with a real awakening, but when sleep gets heavier you will suddenly find yourself in the dream, the conscious dream phase, the first phase of astral travel.

Opening your consciousness in a dream may not give you a real astral journey in your first attempts, but if you continue your work, it is easier to advance in this phase (Alfa-Theta) than it is in our daily life (Beta) and will give you amazing experiences for real exits.

Note: Those with congenital precognitive ability (including those who have not yet emerged) and those with high mental sensitivity may also encounter real fictions at this stage.

Since other details and things to do about Astral Travel have already been addressed in the Astral Travel Category, I recommend that you read them carefully.

If you would like more details on how to do astral travel, you can browse through the most detailed article on astral travel so far, along with astral travel techniques, prior preparations and considerations. How to Astral Travel?

The technique is expressed in different ways in Oliver Fox‘s book “Astral Projection“. You can also use the book to gain different perspectives on the topic.


Easy and Effective Technique for Astral Travel

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