What is Clairvoyance? How does it happen?

What is Clairvoyance? How does it happen?

Clairvoyance” can be defined as “the perception of perception“, “sensory perception” without “sensory organs“. Factors affecting the item size in the realization of the perception are disabled. Distances, substances and time do not impede this perception. A broad plan can also be defined as de transient detection algılama. Clairvoyant ability can come from birth, but it can be developed later.

Perception Center in Clairvoyance

Perceptual perception is the sixth chakra which is called the “third eye“. In the middle of the forehead, this spiritual center of perception is the extension of our body, called the pineal gland.

The most intense period of activity of this center according to the functioning system of the body is that the secretion of melatonin and dmt hormones secreted by the pineal gland is about 02:00 – 03:00.

The Realization of the Perception of Clairvoyance

After the reduction or complete cessation of light in the natural state, the sleep process is initiated by the melatonin hormone secreted by the pineal gland. The level of DMT secreted by the severe sleep stage increases and the level of spiritual perception reaches its highest level. In this phase, we have experienced this spiritual moment in our daily life. Because there are no concepts of time and space in perception of clairvoyance, different spiritual visions are mixed with dreams.

These spiritual manifestations that occur in certain periods of time in the natural process can take place at any time of the day in people with this ability. The process required for the realization of the perception can take place without the sleep phase in those with the ability. Developers of clairvoyance perform this process by concentrating on the region called the 6th chakra.

What is Durugoru? Scope in the Perception of Clairvoyance

In perceptions of clairvoyance, in addition to the perceptions we perceive with our sensory organs, it can occur in perceptions that we cannot perceive with our sensory organs. What can be done with clairvoyance ability as an example

View of a wall behind
With eyes closed
to see the aura surrounding the human body and
We can show how far away sounds are heard.

Although the ability to be similar to preconception, perceived meaning is instantaneous. It is about time, place and time. While preclinical is all about future events, clairvoyance is mostly related to instant perceptions.

Classification of Clairvoyance

The parapsychologists who carried out the study of clairvoyance and made investigations on this field divided the clairvoyant into various classes according to the characteristic of perception. We can sort them out,

Lusality – Confidentiality: The eyes are closed and the vision is realized. All images may not be clear. Visual perception takes place with spiritual perception.

What is Telepathic Impulse? This perception is considered together with telepathy. Perceptions occur with telepathic ie spiritual communication.

Pre-cognitive, Post-Cognitive – What is the transient timekeeper? It is the perception of both past and future.

Alteroscopy, Alloscopy, Otoscopy – What is Medical Delay? As the classification was not done in a single area, I used the term “medical” in general. It is a clairvoyant technique based on the examination of the internal organs, the skeletal system and the aura to be diagnosed by the spiritual healers. Determined disturbances are attempted to be treated remotely or closely with spiritual energy.

Teleoptik – Remote Vision: also referred to as roaming clairvoyant. Detection of distances outside the sensing threshold of sensory organs.

Critical Review of the Article: Walls, structures, live or inanimate solid objects can be seen by removing the sight barriers. The expression expression can also be expanded in terms of sense and perception.

Developing Clairvoyance Capability

Clairvoyance Technique

Relax in the deep trance.
Focus your attention on the third eye in the middle of your forehead.
Focus on the place, person or event you want to see.
Wait until you intervene.
Design images related to the image you want to see in order to make an image connection. Watch and release those images for a while. Don’t be intrusive.

Do not use and maintain the imaging work only for connection. If you don’t have the innate ability in your first trials, it may take time for the images to arrive. Imagination should only be used for the visual connection and not the whole of the technique. When the conscious interventions in clairvoyance techniques are increased, the images coming from the subconscious appear.

In short, follow this path.

Transpose deeply to switch to Alpha and Theta
Set destination
If there is a connection you can establish (emotional, tactile ..)
Release by yourself

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What is Clairvoyance? How does it happen?

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