What we can do to remember our dreams

What we can do to remember our dreams

What we can do to remember our dreams

What do we have to do to remember our dreams? How can we remember a dream we had?

Those with mental sensitivity and precognition ability; they realize that their dreams give clues about unexplored events. Our lives are stuck between the past and the future, on the line between matter and matter, in the time period when our consciousness is open. Those who are out of line remember a lot of their dreams. What should those who do not remember their dreams?

Our Dreams and Level of Consciousness

Since our dreams are seen in the rem stage called heavy sleep phase, the activities and dreams seen in this phase of unconsciousness are mostly not remembered. The function of remembering our dreams is made possible by communication between consciousness and long-term memory. In the case of heavy sleep, the information is stored in short-term memory. When we wake up, a short-term memory, such as a restarted computer, is free. In order to remember our dreams, all we need to do is to link the dream with consciousness at the time of the dream or after the dream.

Why Don’t We Remember Our Dreams?

Are the dreams completely erased? Of course it wasn’t erased, but what was seen remained at levels that are hard to reach, which can be remembered again when an affinity occurs. Even though years have passed, when you enter an environment or meet someone, you will remember that you have seen, felt and experienced that moment, feeling and emotion before. However, this moment of recollection is very short-term and you will have difficulty reconnecting. Even if you focus on the images and feelings you remember in a short moment, you won’t be able to bring them back. Because dreams, with the spiritual level; our consciousness is related to the level of matter. When the bond between the two breaks, access becomes difficult due to the size difference.

What we can do to remember our dreams

How can we remember our dreams?

Think about the dreams you remember, most of which are moments when you wake up or are awakened by someone. While images are still alive, your consciousness transfers that information to nonvolatile memory.

Consciousness has an important function in the long-term memory of dreams to be remembered. Information and feelings at the spiritual levels are transferred to the level of consciousness by neurological ties. However, in order for dreams to be remembered and this connection can be established; it must either be established at the level of consciousness or consciousness should be opened at the time of dream.

What should we do to remember our dreams?

Remembering our dreams may not be as easy as you think, but if you act consciously, you can simplify the process of remembering your dreams. We know the effectiveness of consciousness in remembering our dreams. What we need to do is to focus on activities that activate our consciousness. Dream recall techniques can be categorized under two main headings, namely, to open consciousness instantly in dream and to save it after waking. You can apply the following techniques to remember your dream.

Before you go to bed, give yourself some kind of suggestion. These suggestions will give you a stimulating effect against dreams.

You can use stimuli within your dream to instantly wake up. When I dream, wake me up. in the form of stimulus.

If you set your alarm to a heavy sleep phase, you can remember the dreams you had when you woke up. However, these recalls are short-lived and must be recorded quickly.

You can always have a notepad where you can write the dream you have, or a recorder and a mobile phone that you can use to record.

Save up your saved dreams and periodically read them from the first page.

Recording dreams will enable our consciousness to open and create consciousness in this direction.

This conscious movement will keep your dreams alive. In this way, you will see how much of your life you have lived in your dreams before.

If you can descend to the theta wavelength, you can watch all your dreams in one way, direct them and move in that size. To descend to this wavelength, you need to develop yourself in the Deep Trans study.

dream remembering technique

Why is it important to remember our dreams?

In fact, we live or see most of the life we ​​live in part (maybe more) in our dreams before. We can see through our dreams that our lives are not only three dimensions with our spiritual side. Precognitions, premonitions and paranormals that use these features at advanced levels; they can take every step they will take by establishing a continuous bridge between the past and the future, taking into consideration the options offered to them.

As the number of dreams recalled increases, it will be easier to grasp and solve what they are related to.

The Problem of Not Remembering Dreams

Why do some people don’t remember their dreams or think they haven’t? There are frequent complaints; I can’t remember my dreams, I can’t remember my dreams, I don’t dream, I don’t dream at all, I don’t dream anymore, why I can’t dream, and so on.

While everyone is telling the details of the dreams he has seen, not having any dreams or thinking about it can cause a feeling of incompetence.

Why do some people not dream or remember their dreams? There could be several reasons for this.

First, the position of the heavy sleep phase may be constantly changing due to imbalances in sleep patterns. In this case, since consciousness cannot be stabilized, the transfer of information from spiritual levels to consciousness may be problematic.

Dreams may not be remembered when a large part of the potential is devoted to the rest of the body. This can be observed frequently, especially in tired days and in hard work. Dreams remain in the background as metabolic priority is devoted to bringing the body’s energy to an adequate level.

Some people have less emotional sensitivity than physical sensitivity. When closer to the substance level, information from the spiritual levels may not be transferred to the level of consciousness.

The drugs used may have an effect. Dreams may not be recalled if some medication causes unconsciousness.

Dreams will be remembered once the sleep order is restored, the body is rested sufficiently, and the heavy sleep phase is passed in a healthy way.

The most important point to remember in order to remember our dreams is to live a quiet life free from stress and tension. However, if the necessities do not provide this situation, not being able to dream or remember dreams should not be complicated.


What we can do to remember our dreams

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