Precognition Ability on The Birth Map

Precognition Ability on The Birth Map

Precognition Ability on The Birth Map

Precognition Ability

What are the positions on the birth map that give the Precognition ability? Before an event, people with Foresight ability to foresee what is going to happen, from which positions do they influence?

Precognition is largely under the influence of Neptune and Jupiter planets and Pisces. These locations are accompanied by the Scorpio, Moon, Chiron, Pluto and Saturn.

People who are known as prophets are people who have great influence on their position. Everyone who has predictive ability on the birth chart does not have great predictions. The effects on birth maps may not be sufficient.

Precognition Ability Locations on Birth Map

Month 3. Predictive Location Ability At Home: This position is both a forehead and foresight. Telepathic abilities may also come to the fore due to their effects.

Chiron 12. At Home: It is a position that brings congenital psychic ability. They will be able to see the events in their dreams.

Saturn 12. At Home: They will be able to see events in their dreams. If they have the ability to influence dreams, they can consciously monitor the future images in their dreams.

Neptune 1. At home: Neptune can present visual feasts to the hallucination. It may affect reality. Those who are at home in Neptune can also have the ability to Precognition with their imagination abilities.

Neptune In the 9th House: It is an extremely powerful position that can also give psychic properties. Neptune in the 9th house can also be seen in the future events can be seen.

Neptune in the 12th House: It is one of the locations that bring the psychic feature. They can see the future events in their dreams. They have strong intuitions.

Pluto 8. House: Deep, with the ability of psychic analysis, is a position that gives the ability to Precognition.

Jupiter in Scorpio: There are strong predictive abilities in the Jupiter scorpio. High impacts can cause problems.

Jupiter in Pisces: This location, telepathy and imagination with the ability to see the future events.

11. Pisces in the House: It is a position that gives the ability of Precognition with its hunch ability.


Precognition Ability on The Birth Map

May 18, 2019

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