Precognition and Premonition

What is Postcognition? What is Retrocognition?

What is Postcognition?

Also known as retrocognition. The Latin word. Backward cognition, perception of past events “means. It has been in the past and has remained in its past time; learning of events that cannot be learned by normal means through spiritual perception.

Can we return to any event in the past? Can an event happen in the past? In short, can the past? This is not possible (known) for the time being. However, considering the fact that the concepts of time and space work in a different way from the level of matter in spiritual events, a spiritual journey is possible.

Postcognition as a Scope and Theory

Time is an abstract and repetitive concept. However, we know that the concept of time is variable and relative. A movie we like to finish in a short time, pre-film ads like not to end. Here, which causes us to perceive the time differently, is the fact that time is variable in terms of our spiritual structure. Can we say that time is flowing at the same speed for everyone? This can only be achieved if everyone is connected to the same spiritual frequency.

If we think of the time as a whole, it seems like a return to the size of our dimension and its forward going, ie, a concept that cannot be possible. When perception is realized with our sensory organs, we cannot argue otherwise. However, to get a different perspective, let’s think like this; This sentence was here again before you came to this sentence. Before I publish on the site, I’m writing these sentences right now. This article is for you from now on, it exists for me at the time I wrote it, it was waiting to be compiled as information before it, before the meanings were expressed in words. As far as I’m writing de

Is it possible to go back?

Can it be returned to the past? Can we go back in time?

When I was talking about telepathy, I noticed a statement that çık thought occurs as signals of energy and spread around, never disappear y. Each occurrence creates an image and never disappears. The scope of postcognition or Retroquatulation begins from this point. Everything that has existed in the past is now turned into a black hole, and we continue to fluctuate in different places, such as seeing the lights of the stars that are millions of light years away from us.

Technologically, it is not possible to obtain such images and make them data, but it is always possible for the soul that has no material boundaries in time and space. The exact opposite can be seen in past events when we can see the events of precognition that have not been experienced in the past. I have touched on the different aspects of past energies, while talking about the types of psychic attacks.

Application to go past history Postcognition Technique

To be able to do this and similar applications, you must be able to reach a certain spiritual depth. I would like to talk briefly about the technique in order not to extend the subject here. If you wish, you can do the study after you have reached a certain stage by detailing how the transa is passed.

Take a position where you can feel comfortable. Whether you lie on your back or cross-country, do not interrupt your flow of energy.
Deepen with spiritual deepening work. If you do not know briefly; Breathe deeply 10 times. Wait a while. Breathe deeply 10 times again. Take your last breath deeper and tighten all the muscles in your body. Release all your muscles while giving your breath. Watch the flow of spiritual energy.
 After this stage, continue with Imagination. Imagine that your energy is united with the energy that surrounds the world and spreads around the center of the earth. Soak up this intense energy.
Focus on your third eye in the middle of your forehead. Continue when you feel vibrating.

Note: For advanced levels, you must be sufficiently experienced in the image and in the third eye.

Imagine opening a channel outward into a ring.
At the first attempt, go to the moment you live, leaving a spiritual and emotional mark to make it easy.
You must be in a complete trance to live with that reality of the moment and your third eye should be open.
After experiencing enough, re-surround the world and return the energy you have taken inside and close your third eye.
Take a deep breath and go back to the normal size step by step.

Remember that you can remain completely vulnerable to external dimensions in trans. Make sure your aura and your spiritual structure are strong enough before you do such practices.

Postcognition – What can be done with back to life?

Can be used to remember an event that you forgot.
Can be used to find the items you lost.
Can be used for information on an event that needs to be illuminated.
Can be used to connect to the future.


What is Postcognition?

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